‘Downton Abbey’ cast talks royal family

Actors Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Allen Leech discuss their movie.
7:57 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for ‘Downton Abbey’ cast talks royal family
So let's start with you, Hugh. The movie takes place in 1927. We saw it the other day. It's terrific, and it revolves around the crawley family and the staff preparing for a royal visit from none other than the king and queen. In the time of 1927, how big a deal would that have been? As big a deal as now? Probably even more so because it was the beginning -- it was the beginning of the period when the Royals really realized they had to start reaching out if you like to the populous because what had happened in 1916 and 1917 in Russia, there was a wakeup call, you know? If you are out of touch with the people, the people can turn on you, and so the royal progress around the country had become a real necessity, and so this idea of the Royals coming to yorkshire to a house like "Downton abbey" was becoming quite, not common, but it was an important part of the royal Like Beyonce and Jay-Z saying, we're coming over. I'm so glad you guys are you were such an escape for all of us when we all needed it. It is again by the way. The movie is an escape right now with what we're dealing with in this country. Go ahead. Have you seen the miss weary? They're starting to make us look good. We have our own problems. It's been a few years since you were lady Mary. You have been busy since. You were nominated for an Emmy from what I hear. Is it hard to slip back into the role of lady Mary when you are playing such different characters? Well, I didn't -- it wasn't -- it wasn't difficult at all, but because I have been playing Americans for over those three years, I was -- I sort of had to remind myself a little, like, of her accent and quite how posh she is. So, you know, in shows like "The crown," that's a very sort of even posher kind of accent, and I found myself at the beginning even at the readthrough saying, I think I'm going a little bit too far, but it wasn't it was like we never left, and we all just kind of slipped back into it. You seemed like watching it together, you seem like family, all great friends. You play lady Edith, and I heard you and Michelle are particularly fond of the great Maggie Smith. Yeah. Who who played the dowager countess. She has all the funny lines. Yes. She knows how to deliver them, boy. How did you entertain her because she's entertaining herself? She is. We discovered one day she enjoyed looking at cat memes. Really? Yeah. It was just, like, a funny picture I had seen on Twitter or something and I was showing Michelle, and we showed Maggie, and she thought it was hysterical, and then it sort of became a thing that whenever she was feeling a bit tired or fed up with E day, she would go, show me the cat again. She loved it. Like all of us though. We love the cats. Allen, you have all been busy, but you were great as Freddie Mercury's love interest on "Bohemian rhapsody." He didn't get the ending that you thought he deserved, and I think a lot of us thought he deserved finding love. I think at the end of the season six, I wanted closure for Bronson to see he would have been happy, and I think he was finding hi feet by tend of the show, and looking off when the movie came about, Julian has given him a great story line that I remember being really delighted he has a little more closure by the end of the movie. Now Jim, you play -- You're pretty quiet over there, sir. You are a basically, a very big fan favorite. People just love you, and he's the butler in it. You preside over the downstairs staff. Now one of the new characters in the movie I was happy to see I'm just a big fan of your wife, Imelda staun ton who now appears in the movie and is married to Carson. How do you like that? Yeah. Imelda plays an upstairs lady. She's the higher rank, and you're, you know, you're the lowly downstairs guy. I was furious, yeah. How did that work out with her? I was sitting at home and she came into the kitchen. I can paint this little domestic scene if I may. She said, I have just been off, and I what CHED that. It's "Downton abbey." I read the script and I thought Mrs. Patmore doesn't have a new assistant. She was the queen's lady in I was furious. I thought, I hope she doesn't expect me to wait on her at home. Although, I did pour the wine quite often at home. Do you? But unfortunately I mean we met on stage in "Guys and dolls," the musz kal. How many years ago? We have been married 35 Good for you. Round of applause for stamina. They say marry up, so you did well. They recognize the show, and they recognize you guys here in the U.S., and in the uk, but all over the world. India, Indonesia, what is it about this show and the nostalgia that we have for this period in history? Do we wish we lived back then? I think if we wished it, you know, be careful what you wish for because let's face it. Times were a lot harder then for 99% of the population, and we're looking at a tiny proportion who live in the upstairs bit of this house. I can only put it down to -- one of our interviews the other day. We turned it on them, what do you like about the show? Simple. It's about family. It's both up and downstairs. The house is the principle character in which this big family exists, and all the interplay between those characters. Michelle, the real life royal family has admitted that they are fans of the show. Yes, apparently. Happy to hear that, and Kate, the duchess of Cambridge once visited the set weeks before giving birth to princess Charlotte. She watched the film? She was there for hours, wasn't she? She met every single person involved in "Downton," and it was a really, really special day, and she came in and watched us rehearse, and we were so nervous performing. She's a princess. She's so lovely. It was wonderful. Speaking of royalty, Jim, you had quite the honor. Right? Recently, earlier this year when prince Charles awarded you with the obe, or order of the British empire for services to drama. It's a huge deal. What did that mean to you? I was very honored and delighted. I was pleased. My mom who just turned 100 was alive to see me get that. There's exhale -- we have a photograph of prince Charles pinning the honor on my chest, and he said, I gathered you made a film, and I said, yes, and he said, your staff treated us abominably. I said, that's a spoiler. Don't tell anyone. There's another picture of him laughing like a drain. They have so much fun at the royal castle.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"Actors Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Allen Leech discuss their movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65725908","title":"‘Downton Abbey’ cast talks royal family","url":"/theview/video/downton-abbey-cast-talks-royal-family-65725908"}