Former FBI Director James Comey says he's no longer a Republican

Comey joined "The View" to discuss his new book, "A Higher Loyalty."
9:21 | 04/18/18

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Transcript for Former FBI Director James Comey says he's no longer a Republican
loyalty," is a recordin best seller that is blowing up thternet, making a W lot of people really ssed off, so we obviously have a lot to talk to him about. Please W jamesomey. I got to tell listening -- it's all t,all. He'll be here. Itll right. He's not goingywhere. They don'tay a standing ovation though when aguest comes on, and they did that for you. I'm really -- because I'mlistening T it on automobile because it' easier to absorb books, a to say, I learned so much mor about you, andt just kind of knock me out and ite M want to ask you. What proted the book? Why did you decide to writ now? Thank you for that, andthanks foraving me here. This is the interview that meant the moo my wife, so thanks for that. Anks for letting me on so fa I'm little nervous because I don't want to screw T up B what prompted me to write the book was a feeling that I could be useful if I shared some of the les I have learned throug Abo what leadership should look like, and one he things I have learn from my wife is when something it. Not to make it worthit, because that's your obligation.I didn't love T idea. People yellingame on the street and atnot, B I think I had something useful to S and I hope it's useful to people for a long time, but that's why I wrote it. Direcr Comey, you're not naive to the criticismou got. A big David Axelrod saidave N doubtbout its brilliance when its to Bo sales. Maybe he should have called it higher royalties." Whato you say to people like him and me THA think you're doing this for money and attention? Yeah, the first thing I D is ask him to read the bo,nd no he should agree with me, but if he readshe book, he will see I'm trying T make choices betenad options and doing it in way that I think you would weones rector of the FBI to do it. Ev if you leave the B sti thinng an idiot,ou realiz'm actually kind of an nest iot I'm not on anybody's side. Don't thinybodyot R an idiot. I wo Nev accuse one of at, but maybe J. Edgar Hoover is rolling over in his grave a the things you revealing. Dsn't seem like something director the FBI -- why are you? He is the wrong guy to bring up. He 'T a tell all when he left. Yeah. E say he wa Can I finishy question? So what would you say to that? That I don't think O as a tellll. 'S a whole lot more than the St that are in E last few chapters of the book. 'Sbout mistakes I have made, things I vashamed of, iid when I was younger. It's a story portions of my life to tryo tell a story. It has no classified information or sensitive information I know that because I wrote it andthe FBI reviewed it. Hooverou probably say youfollowed theules. And you did it -- and were transparent. Mean, if he had a number of S, one was that it was all about secretes and I'm trying to tell a that N' reflect well O me tt's open honest. He FBI has to have tr It' huge PARTF the FBI. It's itsbedrock. So they have confidence in us. Ven I your second in cow for living in time. This is where the confusion mesfrom. Mccabe fired for lying mule times the I. Youended his chacter O Twitter. That's okay. Ly is okay internally. No, it's committed to the truth looks . We investigated -- I ordered that stigation. We investigate and hold people countable. Good peoe lie. Lay out, I think I'm a good person, where I have lied. Ill belie Andrew Mccabe I a good person, but the inspe as there should be throughout the goment. His morning you said you're no longer a repubn. There a list of people like that right now I noticed what M you say that? I feel like T republin party left me and people like . I used to think tt at th het of being a conservative, lower ca, "C," was first character matters and that est of all,nd I N't know where that is today in the Republican Y, so I'm just not comfortable B part of it. What brs you ough? The fact theyck by trump no matter what he does and says? T's the sticking bylects in abandonment of what I thought were the core principles. Character mas,uth-tellin matters. Values matter. Defics matter. Policiesome after values. American Val are all whave as acotry, so I used think the Republican party believed thatd then , L's make sure we fight foraluesnd then we'll talk about policies and items like they have decided thf we get these policy wins, it'skay to trade these other gs for at, and that's -- that's a dangerous bargainn my view and I D't nto be apart of it. Wow.and I haveaid this on the show before, when I was with the justice department, and I T it continues. Ur charactas unassaible, and I consider you a patriot. Aninost your use of it so president tmp act Lester holt that H had Russia thing on mind in making the decision to fe you. Hecentlyweeted this morning that actually the rus thing wa a factor. Slippery J Y, the worst FBI director in story, was red because of the phony Russia investigation. He said it. Did say it. We it on tape. He ced his mind, joy. Whi person do you believe? Why do you believe were fired? I don't know. I took him a his word when he told THA to the Russians the next day in the ovafice, so ik at his word. I don'ow. Today's tweet, which I see -- don't follow him on Twitter, be you bot ce true. I think that illustrates part of the problem I'm tg to bring up that itatters the president is not committed to theth a a Central American value, but so I don't know what to make of it. Do you beli him thoug he didn't mn that or sayat? He seems to say the crazy things, an keeps the same base following him and liking him. Whats that I don't know, andlook.I and appreciate people are passiote on theoly front, but what I hope pe the time to realize is, as I said abouthe replican party, there is something that matters first and abththere isdaer. Look, when he tweethould be in jail, myt reaction I a shrug. There is another one ofose. There isanger in my shrug because that means I'm becoming number to thfact that E president of the United States of America is saying THA pratzen should be in jail. That's not okay.ght? Thats T Normal. Right. Er Ith book, you S that trump a for loyty like a mafia boss. People like me F I knowing there were car pple likeou around him to help, even though that might be in your job dcription. When he sought loyalty, is it possible he didn' thinkhat was wrong and you could have said, he Thi isn't how that works? T's a rlly good question. E. Although I think that ho know because he asked M at the beginninof the dinner, and that really caught me by surprise so I justre him, but then before he returned to it Mucher in inner and I interrupted him a a couple of different points to explain the importance of the distance between the inutions of justice the president and why it matters a why it in the prent's interest, and by the time he came around asking for it again, I had already told him why it matter was not close to him. Would dot differently now?eason maybe is, I mit vesaid, Mr. Presidt.d have to interrupt because that's the way itworks. Mr. President, that's not something you can do for the reasons iustxplained T you, and I didn't do , and if I had to dotveragain, I would done it betteragai People say you dn't have the courage to though. Who knows what's happening except me,nd

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{"id":54562916,"title":"Former FBI Director James Comey says he's no longer a Republican","duration":"9:21","description":"Comey joined \"The View\" to discuss his new book, \"A Higher Loyalty.\"","url":"/theview/video/fbi-director-james-comey-longer-republican-54562916","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}