Felicity Huffman’s cheating defense

After the Oscar-nominated actress wrote a letter in defense of her alleged actions in the college cheating scandal and requested no jail time, “The View” co-hosts respond.
4:17 | 09/09/19

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Transcript for Felicity Huffman’s cheating defense
So felicity Huffman wrote a letter to the court in a bid to avoid prison time for her role in the college admission scandal. She says there's no justification to do it, but she was so afraid of being a bad mom that she believed she was just giving her daughter a fair shot. She said she realizes the irony of her acts. Now, you know, there are, you know, lots of folks that talk about black women who have had the same feeling and used an uncle's address or an aunt's address to get their kids a step up, and so, you know, I don't know how the judge is going to receive that. What do you think? I'll ask you first because you know lots of judges I assume. I know a few. The case that you were referring to, whoopi, was a black woman in Bridgeport, Connecticut who was actually homeless and living in her van. Mm-hmm. She put down an address in Norwalk, Connecticut for her 5-year-old son to attend kindergarten. She was in prison for five years for doing that. Felicity Huffman, the prosecutors are recommending one month and she's saying that that is too much time. That is not too much time I think because she's arguing really that this is a victimless crime, and it isn't because another kid didn't get into that school. Her kid took a seat that another kid deserved, and that's the problem. She, you know, changed the life of someone else that was more deserving of the spot. Mm-hmm. I think that's the problem, and the other problem -- and judges know that, and this judge has to send a message to the community that this is not right. Let's face it. She's rich. She's entitled and she tried to game the system. That's -- them's the facts and this whole wrap that the husband is giving about how hard it was to be a mother, welcome to the club, okay? Who wrote that speech? It's, like, out of "Desperate housewives." Struggling to be a mom doesn't mean you break the law. I don't understand what William H. Macy is talking about. I have fears about becoming a mother. I don't think you bribe someone to break the law. I don't understand the logical connection. They are the poster children for what everyone hates about white privilege and she deserves to go to jail. The other problem that I saw with her husband's letter -- I'm sorry. For a long period of time. For over a month. For over a month. The other problem I saw with his letter is he said the FBI came in, in the morning with guns drawn and how his other daughter can't sleep at night and he makes this argument that we are not that kind of criminal. It's yet again this sort of privilege, like, don't treat us like that. Well, you are a criminal. Yeah. You have pled guilty, and that's not going to ring well for the judge either. I mean, what kind of criminal are you? Shouldn't you be treated the same as any other criminal? By the way, it was her husband that was trying to help defender and he said, motherhood from the very beginning fright ntd felicity. No more William H. Macy stuff with motherhood. That's not good for me. He said she's better than Lori Loughlin. I don't know if we have heard from her yet, but she was shown taking photos and those things. At least felicity said, I made a mistake. This is true. I'm not here to defend her at all, but there's nothing else to say other than, I wanted to help my kid, and it was worse for the kid. Your anxiety is about The other thing is let us all remember that as many of us, when we were children, you didn't do that. You did the work and you got what you got. You didn't -- this was called at one time and call me crazy -- I hope it's not a bad word. At one point, this was called cheating. Not a bad word. I'm just saying, you know? We allow a lot of cheating and that's why a lot of schools are, you know, having trouble now because they can't stem the tide of kids cheating in school, but we have made it okay for them. Maybe it's time to take that back and start, you know, making consequences matter. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"After the Oscar-nominated actress wrote a letter in defense of her alleged actions in the college cheating scandal and requested no jail time, “The View” co-hosts respond.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65488568","title":"Felicity Huffman’s cheating defense","url":"/theview/video/felicity-huffmans-cheating-defense-65488568"}