George Lopez reacts to Biden presidency and discusses ‘No Man's Land’

The comedian said his new movie is a twist on the traditional immigration story and “The View” co-host Ana Navarro helped him make peace with his ex-wife.
8:41 | 01/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Lopez reacts to Biden presidency and discusses ‘No Man's Land’
The very funny George Lopez is taking a dramatic turn in the new com. What is a quote no man's land because my prompter is getting weird. So he plays a Texas ranger tracking down a teen who killed an immigrant boy on the United States Mexican border take a look. Those who do. How dare you changed her sonong next kind of like he from criminal. Congress and mr. walker told him to come home. I told you before Jackson had nothing doing this consultants say about. He's not so you don't do things your lot worse worse. They got chatter so right in front forties with euros this graph. The child credit to. Constitution polls are open for you run out so it's. Please welcome. The very talented George Lopez hi George some isolated here today. I'm our Java Java back good got to put on the 175 pounds to do movies. I I'm not even ask you Robert Janeiro. Yeah did there are dead at night. So here that are you know you I know he was again. Back it up. So I don't it was a funny guy and you get an outspoken critic of the previous president. What are your jokes even landed you in trouble with Secret Service that's that's an honor right there. How do you feel watching him finally leave the White House that this week. Well for blood in big helicopter we're gonna get off the ground buff but it did com. Milk and it is it is refreshing to have a new administration you know let Beatles. We're have been demonized. And usually by family members never somebody in the political aisle the yeah I know that that my pillow that's gonna have to work hard to get my trust back. I think. The net yeah. Hello Jardine on Wednesday we watched Connolly Harris now my president has become the first woman and first one of color to be sworn in as vice president of the United States. And the highest ranking woman ever and elected US history. You say it was her late mob who really impressed you can you please tell us about that. I would work in Oakland at that Paribas breeder and I've met Colin Harrison Mena. Tony western everybody there and compost mother would come to this show. And we would sit back stage I think so maybe 3:30 in the morning whole mess and on this couch just talking about. How to raise a kid and you know when you see a family. That's a good family you know that. The foundation of that bad news strong and I can say that her mother really was everything you value your daughter and more. So ordered so that it was a very surprised time to see somebody flourish enough. In the political arena. George diet I you know we've talked about this so much that I admire you so much for. What having taken on trump and his attacks on Latinos I know it took a cost I know it took a total. But let's and you and I joined forces. During the election to help out. How I get out there Latino vote. And on his first day in office he halted construction of Trump's precious metal wall. He immediately introduced an immigration bill to pre served got trapped. And keep families together he established a path to sit and if that was a pathway to citizenship. For the young documented and he put a bust of Cesar Chavez and the Craig then sat behind the resolute desk. How I'm feeling what the what are you feeling hope. Usually gives somebody's didian and does all of that to somebody that he's interested in your said you know who's mostly it was somebody on the first night but. He's got off of the night. Watch a little question that actually more thorough. Not don't Watkins seemed George kept up. I'm delighted Villa also unlike buckle both shoes that their case you know it's a great it's a great started when the Secret Service comes your house. And tells you everything that you've set also should be a good present you with a dossier had about a dossier. You don't I don't know how dogs go when they get ordered Buehrle got so much energy in the market the house of wanted to come back just kind of you know. You shoes aboard that. I yeah better days. Now I'm Dari. After working with our dear and that during election anger you also credit her with killing another dividing our country actually convincing new. To make peace with your ex wife can you tell us about that. Nor I didn't think it was possible first or you know we were. We've been at odds. And and it's that's been all my fault. And and not talking for almost ten years and meetings differed disrespectful over not appreciate aiding her from. Everything should jump or me. You know its face another upbeat about with a louder voice shooter subcarrier experience and what would look. Bigger stick 20 lead then just. And how hard that was it was chaired the house and I was doing IQ I Wear it with honor and enable cross horses would be in the Miller and as the you don't. I'm begging for forgiveness somebody's job I'm straight I'm happy. Mall. I. Real dilemma do that to you. I think George yeah involved that's well. Hot hot hot. Well he doesn't want to talk about your your new found. No man's land because and we see you win in this. You don't heroic. A serious role why I put to a just fantastic in it. But that the film is about the real life zone along the Texas Mexico border and centers on a white teen. Who flees into Mexico after accidentally killing an immigrant boy on his family's ranch. You say it's a twist on the traditional immigration story what what do you mean by that. Warrior of the twisters is no man's lap on the border very is always. You know people that have branches bear I have people who are undocumented come into the country crossed through their property and sometimes it on purpose is to get through and stubborn. And in this case it's. The family that has lost their tolerance we have people that are crossing empire by an accident at night don't want the kids get shot and the Anglo guy the white guy that brought I'd chase remains a massive go I think this book first chase. Seen ever a movie where he's done it is on a horse and prominent doctor Rangel. And he crosses the river into Mexico now I've got to go into Mexico. And and find him and bring them back to the United States. And if you ever think that your Mexican and you're live in the United States. Go to Mexico and see and hear the rumors have been able speak Spanish and we realized how domesticated we are here. This I. I have not had I haven't learned yet to be in thirteen years since the George Lopez show and it. But Ewing co stars recently recreated the iconic slow Mo opening credits. Anyway and you owed over fifteen million times on tick tock. Does this kind of us sign of media reboot to com. Short always good really popular and you know we stayed friends everybody in the cast and you don't from the world. Generations of young kids you see that they love the show and they watch in the morning and it's. Never been up here and eighteen years so remote is possible but I want to nobody knows. How much is new information I did not take the reborn I took the pardon. Instead. Half. Are needed to keep the weight on for the wall and I will. We're you know Bob I'm down big cubs dozens I don't know about your mumbled back you look good. You know what I guidance what I guidance fatty has to Abu Ziad that is scary you know and and enjoyed so be. And that. You are absolutely right back here guys are you insects he continued to. I say here is C cop right now but above the waterline. Palin's hundred prejudice to have you he enjoyed yourself honey thanks to George Lopez.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"The comedian said his new movie is a twist on the traditional immigration story and “The View” co-host Ana Navarro helped him make peace with his ex-wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75430438","title":"George Lopez reacts to Biden presidency and discusses ‘No Man's Land’","url":"/theview/video/george-lopez-reacts-biden-presidency-discusses-mans-land-75430438"}