George Papadopoulos tells his side about Trump campaign and Russia

Papadopoulos joins "The View" to discuss his case and sentencing.
8:44 | 09/11/18

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Transcript for George Papadopoulos tells his side about Trump campaign and Russia
Friday the White House's resident former campaign aide just popping up was was sentenced to fourteen days in jail funnel. Lying to investigators about his contact with the individuals tied to Russia during the campaign. His lawyer calls the first domino to fall in Ramallah investigation. And he's joining us at the table right now please welcome joints pop and op. This is set up a little kids and sex are you were. Foreign. Policy advisor to the charm campaign and why you are blind you Matt. I'm Maltese professor Joseph missile and who said he could help sort of a meeting between Putin and shrubs so when you got back to DC. Corn into and out. About about setting up a meeting these yes yes. I mean I'd a told trump himself right you know and told Jeff Sessions and told a whole campaign racked would Joseph Massoud had told me that Rahim meaning you know he has a contact in Russia that had. Potentially host the summit between trump and and code and such as holding campaign that infamous. Photo on March 31 and him. But sessions. Sessions have testified. Before congress he's testified in march of 2016. That they trump campaign meeting that. He said they did that you're referring to that he pushed back against that proposal. Is that true or W flying or is he lying. All I can say is an endless who was not forget this was a meeting from what two years ago my recollection completely differs from mine his recollection of that meeting you don't remember for sure what you told him and try my memory is that I know my memories of course I told the room put my memory is that he was quite enthusiastic about. This potential meeting between trump and that you remember of course if he's saying no no no I was not enthusiastic about it. There it is not denying that you don't know about right. I guess I'm out I'm not sure exactly what he's supportive and testifying to what I'm just giving my version of events and the meeting was to take place before the election. That was the idea or in my in the logic behind us was so for some sort of photo op. Because obviously troubled very vocal about warnings work with food and at some level you played in the geopolitical level so I thought you know be nice photo op. Purely to have foreign policy experience but he kept talking the whole time about working with a rush at some level spice that you know would be great for him to look like a statesman. You know and a photo with potent seed that was LO had all this history with Russia and -- night and I decided I don't know try to note from before you know I met him in March. Well just same professor. I just want to ask Chris Greisen. Are you I mean what made them send you. To find the people should create a meeting I mean was this what you would join in your lab mean. Did you ever experienced what all of us it's pretty young. Thanks very and so what sounds while in Samsung's you know finding Russia's. Operatives to meet with how president is it. If that's kind of a diplomatic thing I would bank and is your head and you act is now that it hadn't been a copy boy that they're now describing to be on the campaign yeah that I went well that's what they say yeah that building was exactly what you know what was she on what was your job. All right so why was I when chosen forget. You can't tell the president's. So my I have no background at all in the US Russia relationship whatsoever actually when I was applying to work for the campaign I didn't. Express any of the you know real interest in Russia whatsoever. I came from an energy background you know all my business was actually done in the Middle East back you know and the one meeting I did settle with trump was with the Egyptian presidents because that's actually where I had real contacts obviously their consent of the meeting between from been put in for two reasons of on the after awhile it's in the the campaigned did not want to actually host this meeting black which is obvious public record now into obviously it and have no connections to Russia black so and but yeah you yeah you're the one they sent. I ate up and I don't know that you and where. Boots or Holland so please go back a second so I'm still living in London at the time right when I meet this professor who are the sky is. You know I had just had my interview to join the campaign. And then I'm son from my old job to go to Rome and a business trip. Which I never understood why they wanted to take me on a business are considering I took told them I'm leaving to go back to the US lacked to join the campaign full time. So I go to this school called wing campus in Rome I don't know exactly what it is at some sort of spice global. I'm ray were. I meet this spy school that's what it's called honor on us like a road with a guy and Italian intelligence lake. Like training base camp for something what happens that so. I meet this guy just admit says that Iraq other I have never heard him before my life I have no idea why this my old company introduced me them. And then all of a sudden he's heard saying oh you work for the campaign I could organize meetings between the campaign and Russia. You know so was occur it was like suspicious I don't know there was it it was like pre planned or whatnot but I was it was very interest we don't know his successor is now flattened. Divorcing his dad the but you know his lawyer actually came our recently inside you know he's not dead and there's somebody over his. Yeah it was at the man. Yeah he's not he's not dead but you didn't see you have we haven't seen a Clinton I don't I don't know what is it about pet stories that you suddenly was sent to Iran and that's what's interest slumped at the lord knows my old company that it is did not answer yeah but let's let's go to Natalie professor. He was supposed to help you set up the trump Putin summit meeting here. He also told you that Russian officials had dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails now. What did you think when you first heard back. All right so if it's this let's get back to how would the context of that meeting raid so I'm still living in London at the time I'm soul transitioning. In my life out of London hopefully going back to the US. And all of a sudden I'm still trying to coordinate this meeting between trump and food and that the time right. And he invites her to that and as hotel by Liverpool street station the professor the professor to beautiful fight several tall London. Is let's get breakfast I had no idea really we want to talk about except that he was returning apparently from Russia. And I'm like okay let's meet and then all of a sudden he drops as a bomb on me. Annie's life you know what I just got back from Russian and I have all this information that the Russians have. Thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails. I mean I I have to make it clear I never heard the word for dust DNC. You know are aware of these emails are never saw these emails I never obviously handled the house so I mean it. Whoa I guess the next question is what was my response from. My response was you know. Yeah I was trying to leveraged this guy a test set up a meeting between trump and food and but I was actually very disappointed in actually who he was. Providing me you know to me what it's just go directly to the FBI with the basic that's the that's the biggest regret I actually you know out of this whole situation was. Instead of you know allegedly did gossiping about it with the Australian dollar which I have no recollection of doing. And I do remember speaking about a with the Greek foreign minister sort of you know gossiping and doing what I was doing a should've just gone directly to the FBI. Where even the CIA or the US embassies will directly to the trump campaign and tell them about that that Hillary. Dirty emails slowly so here here's some birds I've I've been asked this a million times and here's the reality. The same day I was told about dirt from. You know I had a scheduled call with Stephen Miller who's currently in the White House now that call never went through so. Who knows if that call went through I might I would may have told them but in never went the row but. So we're lover told and you don't understand why people have a hard time believing of course Sullivan the strange series event that happened but. This was a golden opportunity for you to lay out on a platter for the campaign of the work you're doing to say I've got this. Huge. Think here d.s Clinton emails the fact that he would tell that some in the Greek ministry about it right you you can't remember what he told Australian who matter not know. But that you wouldn't even trying find a way to contact the campaign. Let them know that someone had Clinton's emails you understand why people. And is that which has family never told and Allen camp to camp out there are no recollection of doing it but let's let me no recollection of not doing it and not doing it are two different things. Oh well. Okay the look. Let's not forget I was living in London at the time rate I wasn't in some sort of headquarters so at that doesn't affect your memory nobody here's what it does affect our we'll. Facts always like how I was transmitting information to the campaign. And it was 99% over email at that time so if it would have been sent to a have been done over email and I and obviously Betty mills ever been discovered. Because I don't remember something. Well how can.

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