'Helping Healers' founder Amir Chambers helps first responders manage stress amid pandemic

The 17-year-old shares how he found a way to provide mental health aid to first responders helping with the coronavirus outbreak.
6:31 | 10/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Helping Healers' founder Amir Chambers helps first responders manage stress amid pandemic
I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by celebrating a young man who at just 17 years old found a way to give vital mental health aid to first responders who have been facing unfathomable stress and heart ache on a daily basis. Meet amir chambers. Amir was in a dark place at the beginning of the pandemic when every day life suddenly stopped and the death toll started to rise. Images of exhausted weeping first responders broke his heart. He also knew the emotional toll on him paled in comparison to what his aunt was dealing with. She was a hospital surgeon in one of the hottest spots in the world at the time, Brooklyn, new York. The hospital was at overflow capacity, forced to park refrigerate trucks outside the hospital to use as make-shift morgues. Medical residents would routinely perform grim tasks like coordinating zoom conferences so families could say good-bye to the loved ones they couldn't hug one last time. Amir wanted to help find ways to ease their unimaginable stress and show his appreciation. I want to be able to show you all how much I care, how much we all care. He created helping healers, a 100% donation driven nonprofit organization which uses scientifically researched wellness strategies they can always keep with them. Amir filled backpacks with a variety of stress management and relaxation items like stress balls, essential oils, mindfulness cards, pillows, blankets, tea set and journals and sent them to residents. It was his small gesture of gratitude that had a huge impact on those who truly needed it. It's incredible. Thank you for your time and For such a young person to be thinking about us, it means a lot. The future is so bright. Thank you so much. Thanks so much. Thank you, amir. Please welcome the founder of helping healers amir chambers. So, amir, please tell us about the mission of helping healers and why it matters so much to you. Hi. Well, first of all, thank you for having me on the show. The mission of helping healers is to say thank you to medical and surgical residents by giving them moments of piece and wellness as they cope with the stress and anxiety of caring for covid-19 patients. This cause matters to me because I felt helpless watching the tireless efforts of our health care workers and this cause has continued to be have motivational to a lot of people, but especially for me. This feeling of uncertainty is really why this means so much to me and that's why I started helping healers. Amir, I love your story. It's so inspiring to see someone so selfless. When you were in pain, you went outside yourself. It's beautiful. When you were researching how the pandemic has affected the mental health of health care workers. You found some disturbing research. Tell everyone what you discovered. Right. I was actually shocked to learn that two in five physicians screen positive for depression and mental health issues. One doctor commits suicide every day in the U.S. That's the highest rate of any profession. Health care workers often work under a lot of stress and the mental strain on them during this pandemic has risen due to the surge of covid-19 cases. So, it has been an unprecedented time and so, again, I felt like this was the perfect time to help out these physicians. Now you've been putting these backpacks together all on your own. You're only 17. How are you getting these items for these medical workers? That's a great question. My parents helped me set up this nonprofit organization and due to the generous donations from people all over the country, I have been able to use 100% of those donations to order items online that I believe aid in self-care. Again, these are scientifically researched items that specialize in self-care. Things like blankets, stress balls, meditation journals, meditation cards, tea packets. Each item I truly believes makes a difference. I hope it has already. Well, amir, I know it has not been easy filling these book packs. So for my birthday I wanted to help somehow. Our friends at bed, bath & beyond have a mission to make it easy to feel like at home. They're donating $30,000 worth of products like blankets, pillows, candles, personal electronics to helping healers. The donation is part of bed, bath & beyond's bringing home everywhere program, donating essential items to communities suffering health and economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic. They provide help to frontline workers like you identified across the U.S. And Canada and I'm just so proud. Amir, you have the future. I couldn't be happier to have shared your story with everyone today. I want to thank bed, bath & beyond for their incredible gifts. For more information on how you can get involved with helping healers, check out our website. Thank you so much, amir. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"The 17-year-old shares how he found a way to provide mental health aid to first responders helping with the coronavirus outbreak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73718513","title":"'Helping Healers' founder Amir Chambers helps first responders manage stress amid pandemic","url":"/theview/video/helping-healers-founder-amir-chambers-helps-responders-manage-73718513"}