Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson dish on 'Incredibles 2'

The "Incredibles 2" stars join "The View."
6:59 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson dish on 'Incredibles 2'
Nelson. ?????? Hi. Craig has the same effect on me. The two of you are perfect for that. Now we were just chatting actually about the incredible careers you have had. Some of our favorites. You're in "Book club" which is out now, and you were also in "Poltergeist" in 1982. You were coach. People like myself are still not over "Parenthood." But before you made it big, you played a true icon in the snacking world. Yeah. I was Mr. Peanut, but I was -- That's a big deal. I was 16, and I was the grocery boy in Spokane, and E costume fit, and it was a fiberglass outfit so when you put it on you're about 7 feet tall, and you weighed 300 pounds. Big monocle with a screen in it, and I had a cane and the little kids would take my cane and poke it through the monocle. No. And then we would go out and wave cars with planter's peanut handkerchief -- Announcer: This is an ABC news special report. And good morning. For those of you just joining us, I'm Tom llamas with breaking news regarding Paul manafort, president trump's former campaign chairman. Here's what we just learned. A joke has revoked his bond. He has been on house arrest. The reason he violated the terms of his release, by witness tampering. This is a major event, all of this happening under the umbrella of the special counsel's investigation into collusion with Russia in the trump campaign. Manafort ran the campaign just before and just after the nomining convention. This stems before his time with the campaign, and we want to make that very clear. He was brought in by trump's children who wanted a change from Lewandowski. Manafort is one of the highest ranking campaign aides to face charges. He is facing charges related to money laundering, bank fraud and others. He is pleading not guilty. I want to go to Pierre Thomas in Washington for the very latest, and Pierre, judge Amy Berman Jackson is making it clear she does not trust Paul manafort to follow the guidelines of his house arrest, and this may be one of the biggest developments so far in this case. Reporter: She took the allegations of obstruction of justice seriously. The notion that he was reaching out to witnesses and that is what the prosecution, and the special counsel's office is he was reaching out to witnesses trying to influence their testimony. One of the witnesses according to the prosetion said that manafort was trying to sub born perjury. The judge took that seriously. She said he will be detained, pending trial. She said it was a very difficult decision, but she basically said that manafort had not been treating the case seriously enough, and that she has reason to believe that he has been committing crimes and would continue to do so, Tom. And Pierre, many of manafort's friends said they believe this entire case because it predates the campaign is about putting pressure on manafort to give up what could be potentially damaging information on the president. Reporter: They are playing hardball, putting pressure on manafort through the myriad of charges filed against him, but it's important to point out to our viewers that these charges stem from allegations of actions that took place after a superseding indictment was levied against manafort. They claimed that after those charges were filed, manafort reached out to at least two witnesses, tried to contact them, did communicate with them, and then tried to get them -- according to the government -- to change their potential testimony. I want to go to our chief legal analyst, Dan Abrams. We understand he will be detained pending trial, and that could lead us to believe that he is possibly on his way to jail? Yeah. I mean, meaning that when this decision is made in all likelihood, it means he won't leave the courtroom a free man, and, you know, remember though, when it. Co -- comes to the purposes of bail or bond, you know, there are two things you're trying to do. Number one, you're trying to make sure a person shows up, and number two, you're trying to make sure that the terms of their release are abided by, and the focus here is really on number two. There is no indication thus far that manafort is going to flee. The concern is that simply he has not been abiding by the terms of his bail, and so that means that now he is going to be held. They can appeal this. They can try to get the judge to change hurt mind down the road, but, you know, it doesn't look good. For now, this means that Paul manafort is going to jail. I want to read you quotes from the judge's decision. She said, I struggle with this decision, and I have no appetite for this in the end. I can't turn a blind eye to these allegations. Clearly the special counsel's evidence that he had violated the house arrest and possibly had done some witness tampering was very clear. And I think it's important to note. You hear a lot of people saying, you know, how much pressure manafort is being put on by the special counsel, that people are trying to get him to flip or to talk. You know, I think it's simpler than that, which is I think this is the special counsel going by the letter of the law and saying, look. One of the terms of your release was that you wouldn't reach out to any other potential witnesses, and not only did you do that, you tried to influence, according to the special counsel's office, that witness. Now I think that this is not about trying to get manafort to flip as much as it is to simply forcing manafort to abide by what were the terms of his release. Thank you for your analysis. Pierre Thomas has new reporting. Let's go back to him. Reporter: We have some color from the courtroom. The marshals led manafort away from the court, and he returned

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"The \"Incredibles 2\" stars join \"The View.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55925756","title":"Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson dish on 'Incredibles 2'","url":"/theview/video/holly-hunter-craig-nelson-dish-incredibles-55925756"}