'If I get impeached, it's your fault,' Trump says at rally

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's comments.
5:15 | 09/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'If I get impeached, it's your fault,' Trump says at rally
Very ope the white housent last nht rallying supporters Monta. And he brought up T subject calls F his impeachment. Take -- take a look. If the opposite bec president, every time it even starts, before you even F out whether or not he is going to do great job, thl say, want to impeach him! D you'll impeach him. It so ridiculous. But, W about THA if it ever happens. But, if it does en, it' your fault, because you didn't go outvote. Okay? So, wh'sng about "It's your fault" he's basicallyaying to you is that ill be your obstructedjustice.asked Comey torop the investion. It will be youault in regards to voting campaign finance it will B you fault, a campaign violation and violations, it wie your falationsf foreign emolumentsuse. But that's the genius of theman. He's lik an evil genius. Plause ] He goes out the he says to them, if I'm peached, Y're fault. He creates blames them. They say, it's bru Yant. It's brilliant. He's like a mens character all of a sudden. Of way. E's campaigning, right? Thsonajehat he does. Is is that wt he does? Becausi don't remember folks campaigning quites??a,early? Well. We haven't seen like Donald Trump beforeeither we haven't seen anyone quite him before. Ar,go Nev applause ] He's also thinking about 2020. He's also thinking about 20. Bou know, as we have be,2020 is not your now. Not the American issueightnow. No, butalkingbout- he's talking about the midterms are eryone shod be thinking about it's not -- he's trying to get Yo sa no, no, think Abou -- years from no dot think about this. Maybe I gaveim too much credit. I thought what he W saying. In trospect, I'miving H O muchcredit. Ihought he was saying, people, need to G out to vote. If a be wave in 2018 thementeidterms, iould ibly gimpeached. You have to gethere and you have got to vote. Yeah,'s giving themeason to get off theirts and vote side, the blues reason to get off their butts and time. Bigl se ] Itl come more energized.'s what H he's trying to -- he's trying energize that base.and -hey LE Thi he loves TRE and -- Yes, he do he loves talking about the media. He loves talkingbout him at the rallies. He does. And the crowd loves it. Inking about 2020, he's ING them of why they voted him the fir time. Even though it'sor the midterms. If the Democrats wan win they hav to rally their people. Thave goto give them a reason tout and Vo. And make surehat all of the -- all of the -- all O the folks who have been tampering oulection system, all that F is out there, too. See, I, I - I'm a big proponent , we had O electi problem T hanging Chad. I WOU rathe G back to the hangingbe nobody can sit at home and screwith M vote. See. Home -- You can get on your computer right now S with mystuff. Don't wan to be worriedbout otople having their fingers in there. If it'soing to be fight, it's going to fight. I was speaking a when away at college, and election day comes up you not in your hometo. So those college kids going lose that vote, unleshey do an absentee ballot I'm heo tell you. Taket now.because you will lose your te. You don't Vo I'm so glad Y brought that up. I think one of the bigst th we face goingorward is people tryundermine the democracy. It can come from here at home. Eople are doingit. They'rerobably gngo do it in the midterms. Yes. And hashis admintration done enough? No. They've done nothing. I think that's real problem. They like it, think, because it works for them. I think youwhen you say adminira there are people in the administon who Tak very, very riously. Who should we talk about?lican leadership? Mitc Mcconnell? Paul Ryan. They do thing. They're an embarrassment to T country.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57682470","title":"'If I get impeached, it's your fault,' Trump says at rally","url":"/theview/video/impeached-fault-trump-rally-57682470"}