Jamie Lee Curtis on her powerful Comic Con 'Halloween' talk

Curtis joins "The View" to discuss her new movie.
8:31 | 10/08/18

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Transcript for Jamie Lee Curtis on her powerful Comic Con 'Halloween' talk
Jamie Lee Curtis is back and she is not fooling with Michael. Not fooling with him in the most anticipated thriller of the season, the sequel to the horror classic "Halloween." Yeah, baby. Please welcome back the fabulous Jamie Lee Curtis. Glad to be here. Glad you're here. Before we get into "Halloween" -- I just want to -- there's a lot of emotion in the room today. There is a lot of emotion in this country right now and what we got to do is link up and we're linking up with you, Meghan and so thank you for that. Thank you for all of that. Thank you. . Now, let's -- You know what, wherever you are in the country, link up. Yeah. Link up. Just hold somebody's hand. Just look -- Look them in the eye -- Tell them you're a human being. I am here. I have struggled. You know. That's it. Testify. We all do. Of course we all have and that's what makes us human and that's why we're all in this together whether we like it or not. That's true. And this is the way it's always been. And it always -- will be because that's what makes it a democracy. You're allowed to have opposing points of view. What a concept. You know. What a concept. So true. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe we should start a country. I love you. You should run for office. Oh. We should run for office. We. And, by the way, we live in America where we are allowed to vote. And so with all the differences and all this swirl, what do we get to do? We go to the voting booth so young people, what camera am I on? Give me a light. Young people, register and vote and let your voice be heard, period. What we're getting from you right now is what you brought to comic-con. I moderated your panel. I know you did. You crushed it. Thank you, Jamie Lee Curtis. But you had a wonderful moment with -- wasn't it amazing? It was church in there. She had a wonderful moment with a fan. Can you tell us about that. Yes, you know, I know it's a slasher movie and it will -- Freaks you out. Oh, boy. But it truly is about something. The movie is about trauma because what happened to Laurie strode when she was 17, it is fiction. I want to make sure everybody understands I'm not saying this happened to me but it happened to Laurie proceed in the movies and here we are having a conversation, a global conversation about trauma and what effect that kind of trauma has on a person and you guys talked about it earlier about someone having it affect them their whole life. Christine Ford said this affected her. Heidi, this affected me so what happened to Laurie strode, 1978 on October 31st was carried forward and was carried forward with trauma and so I tried to explain that to the comic-con crowd and all of a sudden when it was open for questions, the first person in the hall with 5,000 people this man stood up and said that he was in a home invasion robbery -- are we looking at it? You tell it. He was in a home invasion robbery and what he thought of was what happened to me in "Halloween" and that's how he survived and this grown man started sobbing and you know what, it takes all of the sort of movie promotion, here I am hustling, hustle, hustling and it's a slasher film. You may like them, you may not. I can tell you it's about something because Laurie strode just like all those women who stood on that stage at the ESPN awards and said, this happened to us, link up, well, that -- I was going to say a bad word sits in prison today are all those women who Bill Cosby drug the and raped and aggressed linking up saying we are here and you're now eating a prison meal. All of it has something to do with this movie. All of a sudden our movie, which is us scary, freaky -- Iconic incredible series that I adore. Very scary. And the heroine of "Halloween" is a woman. Yes. Who suffered a trauma when she was 17 like Dr. Ford when she was 17. And it changed and shaped her life and now she is taking back the power which is what all of these brave women have done. Let's see a clip. We're showing it. We want to see this. Scary. Michael is here. Get downstairs. Go, baby, go. Yes! I am -- It is about three generations because we also know that generational trauma is real. So it's me, my daughter who was taken from me and my granddaughter. I am so easily scared. I don't watch horror movies but I have a question, because I am -- Let's let whoopi ask a question. We have had 900 million sequels to "Halloween," right. We've seen all kinds of stuff. But this seems to go from the original. Yes, to this. To this. But no one says forget about Josh Hartnett, forget about this one because I kept going, what happened now? Where am I? Wait, wait and so -- In order to tell the story of really trying to honestly explain what happens to someone when they've suffered something like that, we could only connect those two dots because we had a lot of story to tell and we wanted to tell the story Judy Greer, Andy who play my daughter and granddaughter because it is generational, every war hero and your father was a war hero for this country. Yep. Every single person in this country owes him a debt of gratitude for his courage and his service and his strength and he has as you all said passed it right into you. But you see -- I don't even know where I'm going, but I just wanted to let you know -- Go, girl. No, because that is true -- I don't even know what connected it. All of sudden I looked in your eyes and saw your dad and my dad is gone. I wish I had a dad who I could have really -- I didn't know mine. He was a terrific actor, but I was not close to him and I longed for that closeness and that connection. That's all I've ever wanted in my life. It's why I have it with my husband and my children and what you have with your father and it's just powerful and you are an extraordinary representation of that connection. Beautiful. Sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Beautiful girl. How did I connect the dots? Where did I miss the dots? It doesn't matter. You have this ability -- you looked in her eyes and you saw -- I did, right away. But you've been like this forever. I've known her a long time so I feel like I can talk to her like she's family. Well, you know what, I think what you guys have demonstrated is -- I really -- We love you. I mean, to really -- Her book, "Me, myselfie and I," "Halloween" is in theaters October 19th and it'll scare the poo out of you and we'll be right back. God bless you. Ever since Darrell's family started using

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"Curtis joins \"The View\" to discuss her new movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58364467","title":"Jamie Lee Curtis on her powerful Comic Con 'Halloween' talk","url":"/theview/video/jamie-lee-curtis-powerful-comic-con-halloween-talk-58364467"}