Joel McHale confronted by Nancy Grace, talks Hot Topics

Nancy Grace finally gets justice for McHale's jokes about her on "The Soup" -- and McHale weighs in on some of "The View's" entertainment Hot Topics.
8:44 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for Joel McHale confronted by Nancy Grace, talks Hot Topics
You all know the funny Joel Mchale as the host of the long-running show "The soup" which poked fun at celebrities, pop culture figures and talk shows just like this one. And now he's back to torment us all over again with his new Netflix series, "The Joel Mchale show with Joel Mchale". Oh. Please welcome back the cruelest man in show business, Joel Mchale. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome. Joel, so nice to see you here. I didn't think I was going to be assaulted. Well, well, Nancy has a bone to pick with you but before she does that, I just want to ask you -- Hold on. Nancy, I thank you for all the money you have made me. All right. You don't want -- You put my kids in school. Sorry. I know you want to bring up something. Do the pokey now. Here's the thing. Just because I named Casey Anthony "Tot Mon" and because I said Lindsay lohan was throwing all her money away on booze and hot pants, why me? I don't know. Nancy had a show on HLN 35 years ago. That is not true. I had a radio show where I would make fun of -- no. 45 years ago. Between you and the Kardashians. You really helped my career. So thank you. Thank you Nancy. Your hair is fabulous. And yes. "The view" was a target also of yours. You bet. Yes. Again, thank you for the money. It really helped put us on the map. So we were talking before about Kim Kardashian having her 4-year-old take a nude picture of her and what do you think about that? Thank god I'm returning to television. Because it's time. Or streaming. But this is -- I mean, we talk about these things endlessly and everyone knows -- Answer the question. I mean it's news. My kids have seen me topless a lot. Okay. I don't know why that guy is clapping for it. But I think it's cool that a 4-year-old knows how to operate a camera. So there shows some skill. Was it saint, west or Chicago? I believe it was north west. It was north west. You do not want to answer this question. I need to get the kids straight. Do I approve of it? Yeah. Well, sure. Okay. No. It seems fine. I did not see that coming. I don't know. It seems -- when I hear news like this -- Taking pictures of her mom's boobies. Was it her back or the front boobs? It's inappropriate and she should be stopped. Okay? Okay. We all loved the soup. I used to watch it all the time. God bless you. Yes. I really love that show. I was sad when you decided to leave but now you have a new Joel Mchale show with Joel Mchale. Is it going to be anything like the soup? It's nothing like the soup except we're going to make fun of reality shows on a green screen. Don't tell E it's the same. But we are going to make fun of everything now. We're going to open it up to the world. I don't know -- I know that obviously our current president, no matter what you're affiliation is politically, takes up 90% of all entertainment and all time. I want you to know that there are still a lot of stupid shows out there that need to be made fun of. So yes. Nancy has a new show. As soon as I heard Nancy had a new show I did a Lucy sketch to grab my phone and like get me back on TV. I'm very, very excited. Okay. And Netflix has been very god about it. All right. That's it. Are we done? No. No. No. No. Well, you have but of the snark game for a little while. Two years. We have missed you. Thank you. I'm going to ask for some quick takes on the following. Okay. Kylie Jenner -- Pass! Kylie Jenner giving birth to baby girl and naming her stormy. Uh-huh. With an I. I don't know. I mean, yes. It sounds like she's a lawyer from 1980s drama. But it's -- again, I think we need to step away. I mean, it's good for me. But again, I can't keep track of which Kardashians are which. How about this. Trump's alleged affair with porn star stormy Daniels. Right. Are they connected? Is it a conspiracy? I think stormy called kylie Jenner and was like name that kid after me. And I'll send you $130,000. Possible. Possible. All ri we figured that out. All right. Justin Timberlake's super bowl performance? Did he name any Kardashian babies during it? We are not sure. Okay. Well, I thought it was great. You did? I don't understand -- I mean we're still talking about it? True. Congrats. We're only talking about it because you're here. That's true. I thought, you know, he's incredibly talented. Did you not like it? I feel like I was at a party instead of at a super bowl performance but that's just me. I was at a party while I was watching the super bowl. So was she. Again, it shows you America, we have good problems if we're like that Justin Timberlake, that leathery jacket he was wearing, how dare he? It was an indoor game. You don't need a jacket there. Good point. What about your community costar Chevy chase. Is it true you came to blows on the set? Oh, we were at it all the time, yes. Wrestle? Not like the assaults that occurred here. No witnesses to that. It didn't happen. Were you friendly with Chevy? I worked with him for four years. I didn't ask you that. Right. I mean, it's like are you -- you guys wouldn't allow whoopi on stage today. I don't know where she is. She takes Friday -- I don't know why she can't do a Friday show, joy? You know, he's deflecting because he can't probably stand Chevy chase. You play in a new movie. Chevy and I wrestled a lot and he definitely did not like the hours of -- I'm trying to help you, man. The gesture and it's on Netflix again. I am owned by them. I have a Netflix bar code on my back now. And stupid gesture. How did he feel you about playing him? I called him to warn him. No. I let him know and he was very happy because this guy named Doug Kenny who started the national lampoon who wrote animal house wrote and produced "Caddyshack" and died in his early 30s was Chevy's best friend and no one knew he was like Hamilton where people until it took a musical for people to go that guy did a lot. And this guy changed American comedy forever and Chevy was very happy this guy is finally getting his due played by will Forte and directed by David Wayne. I think for those of you that aren't familiar with that history, it's a very interesting movie and possibly the best movie ever been made. Chevy chase talking about. Pardon? Chevy chase. Did he want you to portray him? Was it flattering? We are the same -- this is why the HLN show went away. But I think he was happy. I think that he -- look, we got to wrap this up. Wrap it up. She has one more hair appointment so it stays up the whole time. No. But he -- Chevy and I are the same height and same build. That was significantly larger than most of the other comedians. You know what, it's been fun having you back here. So keep it going. Joy, thank you. I'll be here on Monday co-hosting. Yeah. Yeah. Really? It's not true. It's a total lie. Total lie. Our thanks to Joel Mchale and his show the Joel Mchale show with Joel Mchale next Sunday on Netflix. ???

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{"id":52966454,"title":"Joel McHale confronted by Nancy Grace, talks Hot Topics","duration":"8:44","description":"Nancy Grace finally gets justice for McHale's jokes about her on \"The Soup\" -- and McHale weighs in on some of \"The View's\" entertainment Hot Topics.","url":"/theview/video/joel-mchale-confronted-nancy-grace-talks-hot-topics-52966454","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}