Jon Stewart calls Trump’s 2020 campaign ‘single most divisive’ Americans have seen

The former host of “The Daily Show” and New Jersey native discusses his support for former Vice President Joe Biden and some people’s continued refusal to wear face masks.
7:46 | 06/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jon Stewart calls Trump’s 2020 campaign ‘single most divisive’ Americans have seen
Please welcome Jon Stewart. Good morning, Jon Stewart. It's been awhile since we have seen you. Good morning. Very nice to see you guys. How are you? Good, and, you know, we're going to get into your movie in a second, but we wanted to ask you to weigh in on some things we have been talking about. Can we just talk about you know whose retweet of the video of his supporters yelling white power? Just out of curiosity, you think he couldn't hear or didn't hear what was being said? Maybe he had, you know, wax in his ear or something. No. I think just white power is playing in his head all the time. So he hears it from somewhere else, I think it's just like playing in his head all the time so he doesn't really listen to it, and listen. That's the villages in Florida. I've got to tell you, that reminded me of a lot of places I have been to. Let's celebrate our freedom, and then you guys can curse at each other. I've got relatives that are to the right of genghis Kahn. I have been to that party. It's not a fun party. So Jon, it's joy here. According to the latest polls, trump is trailing by 14 points, but people seem to be hopeful, including me, but are you worried like I am that Republicans will try to steal the election by either impeding mail-in voting or outright voter suppression and voter fraud all over the place? What do you think? I mean, I think in any election the main thing is to protect the vote, to make sure that it's secure and safe, and then more people who are eligible to vote, vote, can vote, have access to the polls. This isn't the first election that's been an issue. I think absolutely the resources and energy at this point have to go into -- have to go into protecting and expanding the voting rights to all eligible citizens. That has been an issue in the country for years and years and Jon, you've said you were more of a Bernie bro or an Elizabeth Warren kind of guy, but you've come around on Biden, and now you say he's exactly the type of person this country needs right now. What do you mean by that? Well, I just feel like we're in such -- we're in such pain. It's -- there's so much anguish, and I think it's clear in this election, look. What's Donald Trump going to run on? His record? That's not going to happen. So this is going to be -- he's going to go, like, this is going to be the single most divisive campaign we've ever faced. It's going to be southern strategy, all fear mongering. You see it right now. It's just -- he's basically just sitting in his basement tweeting out the fear-based trolling videos. This is what it's going to be, and the main characteristic I think that I have always really been impressed with badin is he's a guy who has faced grief in his life. Least lost wife, a young child and his oldest son to brain cancer. I think that grief humbles a person in a way that can't be -- there's no faking that. I think we need a leader right now of humility. We certainly have the antithesis of that. We have a president who professes he loves America, but hates about 53% of the people living in it. I think -- I think we need a break. This guy's exhausting. He's, you know, when you talk about the pandemic and all the challenges we face, I think the greatest chaos today is the president. Yeah. I think -- When you look at -- Yeah, go ahead. I was going to say, like, on Friday "The -- the U.S. Reported its highest number of cases surging in the U.S. States, and you have people out there who are still refusing to wear masks. We saw that Desantis, you know, almost with tears in his eyes, not saying, hey. We made a mistake, by saying, well, no. It's not because of this, or the guy in Texas was, like, oh, yeah. We should have been wearing masks, and well you saw the vice president standing over the weekend, this choir. He finally has on a mask, but the choir has nothing on their face. What the hell is it going on? Sit me or -- I mean, when did wearing a -- I'll just put it to pause we have the same thought, and so what do you think is going on? I think they're, you know, look. There has been an increased campaign to discredit expertise or to tribalize or to politicize expert -- expertise. There's something going around that this is a power grab. We don't realize, like, this is real, and it's brutal. The idea that wearing a mask is somehow government overreach, I would just say, have you been in operating rooms? Surgeons wear masks, not because they listen to NPR and drive volvos. They wear masks because that's more sanitary. I would say to the people who don't want to wear masks, the next time you get an operation, you take that mask off and you don't wash your hands because that's for liberals, and I want you coughing into my open wounds for America. Yeah. It just -- and honestly -- we're so dysfunctional. It's beyond maddening how -- this is a tame where this is so crucial. People are truly suffering. Not just for the illness, but economically, and you need leadership that the humility to know that we are facing something we haven't faced yet, and this isn't just about re-election politics. This is a strategy on their part because they believe the more fear they gen up, the better chance they have to get elected. It's cynical. It's so cynical, and it's going to hurt people.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"The former host of “The Daily Show” and New Jersey native discusses his support for former Vice President Joe Biden and some people’s continued refusal to wear face masks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71516302","title":"Jon Stewart calls Trump’s 2020 campaign ‘single most divisive’ Americans have seen","url":"/theview/video/jon-stewart-calls-trumps-2020-campaign-single-divisive-71516302"}