Kevin Hart steps down as 2019 Oscars host

"The View" co-hosts discuss the outcry over the comedian's homophobic tweets from 2009.
5:56 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for Kevin Hart steps down as 2019 Oscars host
The Oscars are looking for a deal hosts this morning because just two days after they asked Kevin Hart to do it. He stepped down after anti gay tweets from his past emerged. Here's what he said about it yesterday much. There's gonna call an academy and they're called basis said Kevin apologize to its principal. Or we're gonna have to move more fun. About 22000. Stuff. This is the best investment brings a lot has become a justice summertime because academy I'm thankful and appreciative of the two vehicles away no harmless. Eventually he did apologize and said he's battling out so he's not a distraction on the night that supposed to celebrate artist he said he's sorry for this. Before he has he's apologized before how many times does he need to apologized in thing. Or is it busy. Is he cocked what's the story. Sometimes you gotta eat some crow before you get your dream job. Right he cities why this is like a dream come true for him to do so my biggest issue besides the tweets which we will not read on the show. But if you'd like to go see just how. Terrible and vulgar and homophobic they are. A go right ahead but I would warn you. Might biggest issue was his non apology apology mean why not use this as a platform to go out there. And speak to one of the biggest audiences you have in the here on television right thing you think he shouldn't have gone ahead Alexa look like you did rock music time yeah. That's my opinion look you know the Astros. Not awards show particularly lately since Tom has been president have been a platform for a Hollywood. To criticize this president for discrimination for race is over homophobia so. I do think that they are and they should be held up to a higher standard because if they are going to have. And that standing out then you know playing their anger at others at the same time. I think you that I let people and give people a chance to evolve. In 2009. They match was not legal. Barack Obama Hillary Clinton nobody was pro gay marriage except I think you and me you're on to on the Republican started from homophobic remark ice. Whenever I I but I went up reticent. Week there have been there has been sucked trapped perception changes social change the largest in our lifetime regarding gay rights gay marriage equality LG BTQ is true in the last ten years that we have seen. I think a lot of people have evolved and we tag given the chance to do that. At and he has apologized for before the problems that I have with that is sort of and I think you making you agree. This kind of mob mentality that that week was that we're seeing. He's forced apologies to everybody sort of jumping on the bandwagon not allowing people to leave not allowing people to up. I'll own up to things I think it was so weird to me was he has apologized. For this before now. And for the academy to then. Force him to. Apologize again I just I I don't understand that and there has been this mob now that saying you know he's a horrible person is a horrible person. And and the the tweets word does despicable. But when when it is and what I was old enough like I had you know I just I obviously agree that it's leaves or big star and it's. I'm LG BT advocate that's were you early on and a we saw how what we all are disloyal oh yeah. 'cause no. The Republican Party that was very rare wearing make it and I signed an amicus brief I you know and support of gay marriage. Only under Republicans did so well none of them. Yeah so I. Would get out the way that we all support and club the BT community. I won't say Kevin Hart to huge star I mean he was in night school Jumanji right along its big movie starring now so I never heard these trees before actually didn't know the homophobic. Trees and it's an out before but I also am against mob mentality Stephanie also I'm not sure where the goal post is joy reed who hosts a show on MSNBC. Had blog posts from the same time 2002007. To 2009. Saying homophobic stuff that. Governor Charlie Crist my father Lindsey Graham she still has a show on MSNBC Tracy Morgan went on a homophobic rant 2011 he kept his job on thirty Iraq James Gunn removed from a director guardians of the galaxy after olds we. Or maybe it is an IR AC Oscars is on ABC teen Dave maybe beyond our our network which is a squeaky clean. I network you know that he can't be someone but I taught at analyze data can be Alan that your point that watch is finally ready and it's one of her big fans. And also be part of this mob mentality and be out there Tweety gets canned art people they've all been solid allies frank happy how much time I. Don't know I remember joy Reid's seat coming out and saying that I really call it issued I don't have all contracts in her blog and then they had an island into which they said she did not find but ultimately act I believe and I I could be wrong control room please let me know finance she apologized to the heart and I that I I have you know and evolves to its history on a volume birthday download anything. There's a there's incredible I handle all of this and it's that we are talking about it and we need to continue talking about it people. Because well I mean yeah. The that they hate crimes have jumped up so much the bullying again LG BTQ this suicides by LG BT UK is the sole hi. That is something we need to keep meaning more sends people need to stop making homophobic remarks and yet I think Kevin Hart but if they want somebody news. Banco real hurry I have. Yeah but if you want somebody squeaky clean you're gonna have to get a mind at the Oscars because everybody. Everybody has an especially comedian what's happening is now link your ads are you going to commercial break now guy who is black is there any other in line everybody the past and so while I could still land where they're getting for the White House correspondent Judith Jack. Gonna have historians doing everything I read this is again we said they came to visit another cautionary tale to mothers watch your kids when they go online and what they do on social media when they're running for the Supreme Court did not going to be happy.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the outcry over the comedian's homophobic tweets from 2009.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59685446","title":"Kevin Hart steps down as 2019 Oscars host","url":"/theview/video/kevin-hart-steps-2019-oscars-host-59685446"}