First lady Melania Trump skips Davos trip

The first lady will no longer accompany President Trump to the global summit in Switzerland.
4:55 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for First lady Melania Trump skips Davos trip
The first lady was supposed to accompany her husband to the world economic forum in Davos. But announced that she's not going to go. She's staying home. Now some people are speculating it's because of the recent S involving the porn star. You know, maybe she just doesn't want to go on the plane. Maybe stormy Daniels can go with them. C'mon. I think she's just over it. Like most of us. I mean, I'm over it. She's just over it. It's really possible, right. I mean, you know, if what is in Michael Wolff's book is true they have separate bedrooms which hasn't happened since the Kennedy era and I think she's not immune to all these stories. She must watch the news as well. Even if it's not true, it's painful people are talking about her husband like that. She also has a son in school. She may not not want to get away from her kid. She has the highest approval ratings of any trump members. But we know so little about her. It's like the less we know about you is -- I do think she's in a sort of weird situation because it's very untraditional for a first lady to play this behind the cameras, behind the palace walls role. I don't know that much about her to still. I know she's an immigrant and her platform is cyberbullying and hasn't come out publicly. I would also like more. I do think being a first lady is a job and I think she could be doing more. I agree with you but I feel like you can't force people to be something they're not and her husband became president. That's not necessarily what she wanted. Right. She does -- You have to go along. You do but she has to do what's comfortable for her and I think she's never been that type of person. You think it's fine for her to go four years and just be as little public as possible? I think she could do more but she has to do what she's comfortable with. Have there been first ladies that don't do anything? I can't remember the last one. They're not always -- What? Who was it? Did you say -- did you have -- never mind. Michelle Obama was very active. No. No. But there have been reluctant first ladies. Yeah. Pat Nixon. Pat Nixon was very reluctant and also -- who? Jerry Ford's wife. Betty Ford. Betty Ford was low key and wasn't really out there doing much. And then, you know, she had her issues. She did that interview where -- Yeah. And ended up being -- So maybe it's better for her not to put herself out there. Because, you know, she's very nice lady and she tried and I think it's just -- it must be overwhelming. She was so vocal in the beguning. She gave that speech at the RNC convention. She killed them. She gets killed. So anyone's self esteem it's like after a while I don't want to deal with it. Then there was another speech this week that sounded exactly like Michelle Obama. But she conceded Michelle Obama was one of her role models. Yeah. And the speech writer sort of screwed her over because they used the exact quotations from her. Every time she goes for a cause like cyberbullying people get on her case because her husband is the biggest cyberbully. No, I don't that -- Michelle Obama is comparable to her husband in what an incredible speech maker she is. I think anyone who saw her at the DNC, she's a powerhouse. She wasn't always like that. It took her eight years for her to become -- She didn't want to do it either. I can't imagine. You help him. Doing what you're supposed to do. You help your husband. He becomes president and they go what are you going to do? It's like what? What? Yeah. Huh-uh. She hasn't spoken since January 12th. Well, she spoke to somebody. Not publicly. I would like her to come on this show. If she would like to -- I would love it. I think it would give her a great opportunity. Joy, would you -- I interviewed her. Would you be kind if she came on? Of course. I'm not nasty. I think it's a great opportunity. All women show -- She used to come on quite a bit and of course you know what happened. The interview I did with her, she agreed that Obama was not born in the United States. That he was -- that that was a fake -- That's something they have in common. Her husband, yeah. Just FYI. Just say.

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{"id":52585423,"title":"First lady Melania Trump skips Davos trip","duration":"4:55","description":"The first lady will no longer accompany President Trump to the global summit in Switzerland.","url":"/theview/video/lady-melania-trump-skips-davos-trip-52585423","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}