Laila Ali on boxing success, motherhood and Kaepernick's protest

As a part of "The View"'s Celebration of Women Black History Month series, Deborah Roberts sits down with four-time boxing world champ Laila Ali.
32:24 | 02/01/18

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Transcript for Laila Ali on boxing success, motherhood and Kaepernick's protest
You probably don't even need to have her introduce some of you've already seen her today. Eyes she's the youngest daughter up course of the greatest sports figure in history. She's an undefeated boxing champ 24 wins 21 knock outs. She's an actress and entrepreneur nor with the lifestyle brand in a podcast she's a white anemometer cooking enthusiasts with a new book. So much to talk to her about would you please please welcome. The greatest woman in a ring. Wow. So cool did you just get off the red eye. I did it out on it but do not call me back copy may not know RO VW was just on the view when you talked a lot of what you cook Bullock in the so exciting. And of course we'll talk about that little bit but I talk about you first about having you here and the way a lot of things in common. Do you even I know this. We're both one and nine children well I think we both start I started my first job at McDonald's a figure made you want to McDonnell I'm I didn't know that how many know that I look at McDonald's. You're everything you're Leila I have a Lila. My daughter's name is Lila yer momma to momma momma two years step mom on the stat O allowing the media comment but I'm especially the McDonnell. Now and you know nine cent number eight siblings asked for a good idea that they don't I think it ought to have locker room. I thought. Well we have so we should talk about that no matter. You know haven't pushed we want to talk about you to begin with and you celebrated a big birthday I did I just turned forty. Okay. I'm I was so excited about it because I've always been the baby of the family. And not Hamas is like you know you got so maybe I can opt out how our applicant. Hard for me was a heartbeat it wasn't hard for me not starting get in my hand a little bit that I had to check myself about my not so great now did and then maybe two weeks into it. You know your ankle hurts a little bit yeah. The app on the news nothing and oh with because of forwarding and I had to check myself about my own state mind right about Montone people times about a mindset all these things I wouldn't mind doing not kept on attributing everything's an evening forty. So I got out of that really really quickly that you have to actually is that it it and yet but I wouldn't have a problem with aging because I feel like I have a lot of wisdom to go along with that and not just saying that like I'm blogger are young and you don't know nothing you know I'm enough for a good been able to say that and god willing you know before damage is still alive Jamaican in the not want to think fifteen of the things that any. And you're doing so much authority now not no matter how many birthdays you celebrate everybody is always going to be good view as the daughter of the greatest. And I'm just really curious when you've growing up were you aware. Of your father celeb. Pretty. Look. Just like my daughter a photo with oh really yeah unlike that of my daughter would a look at old photos and thanking justice. We are aware that your dad was so famous it's a world fame you know I wasn't aware of quite. You know how famous news because when you're going to so the neighborhood niner and you got a crowd around you. And you're stuck everywhere you go for two hours and my dad welcome that he loved and audience loved the magic tricks or not we but yet about the at a at least a carry black briefcase with them. In and it he had Kris signed autograph pamphlets like these and Islam you know trying to convert people to the village look up he's the Allan like pajamas and yes right an ethos how how. Hollywood like the over the what is it that you they would come to him but the door off. So he would think he was saying you know. That if I find me the priest on a given to people than you know they'll they'll read it that we remember that and then just you know C Yukon and not one that's how special it wasn't until I got older that are really starting to realize why people love and Summers I think it would simply is we use it used to drive around his anti card handout hundred dollar bills to homeless people and implement it sought at a regular basis my father of this but to say I think pullover. We're market we Arnie knew him you know dad about doing it just became the norm thing and that in India and giving person. I have a hundred dollars to do after understandable but sometimes is that your time. Sometimes just listening to a young girl that are open up to you or things like that so. Just that whole idea hating the world thing you know everybody had to give away money to be a good person that's not the case or some other ways as you can give back. But that was his way of giving back to you throughout the privileged life in California. Where you show turned would you say from the certain realities of what it is to be a black person in America. I don't think so I think it definitely. Not I don't have the same experience as some people have. Com because people do treat you differently you know they feel like oh you know your your Mohammed Ali's daughter or when a group even now like when I go shopping you perceive me differently though she a lot of money let me go try to get a commission on the sale which is coming irritating would have some people do treat you differently. But you never not I don't think there's any black person in America that doesn't know they're black we wake up every day knowing. It was black and now we work much harder. Even in everything that I do now even in everything that I do now with you know with my lifestyle brand and just the platforms that I have I know that I have to work harder and we also representing all of us who know one person masses that we're like. Are you know you make. The way and if you're voting in your home video isn't isn't a prisoner yeah yeah as a crime has been yes I know I now I know I'll pay when legally welcome. Yeah but if that's not good but that's it the way that it is Knight was. I think of growing up you said something you're on the view earlier today use something that really surprised me when you're talking about your life in growing up as a woman. You should that you had suffered does sexual assault and as a child I had never heard that. Yeah to be exact I was molested. By two different family members and to another know my father did not know now because latins but what I said on the show you know as a younger I remember being embarrassed. And being afraid. And M one a situations it was like. Never like multiple times of how like I didn't want this person coming around you know I mean wouldn't I'm not totally protected and I told my sister. One day in the Chicago with patent you know and who knows what happened you know. But I remember that you know the family feels ashamed when of the family member bright and anything really I've handled the way I would handle it. And today my daughter I pride or else the whereby that. On the man and a lot in black families to let me all kinds of families but certainly in -- of color we know that these things did happen if people didn't want to speak about. And going on free many years and you know I think we're live in her time now overseeing women are speaking up it's like people you know should men. Should not then we're talking comments and others women who simply because people to must not act like but where it's mainly men and you know we need to let him know it's not okay you know I think it definitely can go we people happen no family members you can't just trust people. I can I go places my kids and we like say if someone's home it's been pummeled the kids are upstairs on one nominee Bob Dickey five on my kids it just never know you know what some might lurking. So now with this reckoning in this whole movement that's happening is that something that you have released we have identified with in terms of seeing women speaking out its. Eating up identify with it for sure you know I think of that. All of us that some kind of way have felt something some sort of discomfort when it comes to our sexuality. You know armament of armor when I say take I went I didn't nails and had a nail salon before sort of box and I you know I. You know did you know everything I ever pay rent. You know reading yes so I had to take the bus across town. It about very independent I live in Malibu. You know sort of flew an area and California not to go way across town into the hood. And go to beauty school in armor being on a bus stop and having grown men coming up to me trying to get me a ride just just you could tell I was only needs 1516. You know I mean such as that. It just sickening you know would you add protective of view how was he as a father was strict he was. I wouldn't you know he was a. Q is just so giving as a dad you know it was always so many people around think god and more didn't happen. Because I grew up and nannies in a group with a staff of people what my parents were actually married. And mud that was always busy you know it's really hard to be. You know Mohammed Ali to the world and father to so many people I'm sort of people look up to mind that went in and really do at all I think that all the time can't be 100% of every single area of your life. I'm but he didn't make sure that we we were okay you know but he he. He was about that would give you anything you wanted it is want us ought to be good with some girls. Don't block the lectures a lot of sitting down while got here we go again and again tonight about. Character in time as those of the things were important to him you know and and in giving back silence out of at a very young age or. Turn kindness I read someplace BC used to record viewing your sister Amy interview year and you the suggesting that it would wouldn't he ask you what kinds of things yes that's so funny some of the questions and then the so wonderful to be able to hear his voice. You know because you can speak. As I became an adult I can really have the type of comes as I would have loved to have had my father. But yet he was just saying wouldn't wanna be when you grow up you know or if meet with us for fighting will what do you mad about eleven what do you mad about content of the comments they you know spills on our mind. So just fun let's just regular family stuff but doesn't really. It's not even so let's listen in myself iconic get caught up and listen to him you know what he was saying. Are you had to share him with the world to your parents split up when you were eight years old. How tough was that on you the divorce it wasn't actually you know I was closer to my mom at the time my sister Honda. She was more affected by the she was daddy's girl a lot of people assume that I'm daddy's girl I want to boxer didn't mean my dad or lack. All the time there was so much alike I'm like the fighter I've been a fighter before a box and so everybody knows the rubble so. I was the one that's on my that I don't wanna be Muslim and about you know eight years though is likely won't even know about let us not car is not what I wanna do it important but when it came in with that. You know I'm humbled and a 1018 and I live with boyfriend guess what I PayPal and bill so wow you don't agree with Hitler and Elliott yes. Let you know I felt like Alice grown I was doing my thing that I became a boxer and I like commercial union that's what I wanted to do and if you don't feel. It's the thing for me to do now. A boxer as a woman now my mother would've seen it girl right are you crazy. I need DB funniest hey did your parents and your dad didn't look this idea didn't. Oh absolutely not my father try to talking out of it and directly. They have the guardian you like I'm not going to be at a go to her and they just don't do it so what he did as he you know here I was training and secrecy. Like for big day you're leaning abiding go to anyone say I'm thinking about becoming a boxer. I wanted to go and see if I actually had what it would take. Com because not a wanna embarrass myself or multifamily his people would look to you is yeah tallies don't and I feel like I can be successful with so many things I have an old salon at the time penalties plan that I let me figure me think this through hostility that now. Now you know that's not form available on. So when and that the gym fell in love with it and then it got the news got around find out what that's part of boxing. I'm the minute they Ali's daughter must be trying to fight and he came in town exciting period gearbox and my aghast as Trinidad. You know and if they wouldn't do the whole whole world will be watching this would be so much pressure on as the gap thought about that and I'm ready to handle is a litigant knocked down you know and you know in the ring asylum again. God is like you do. The heat. He would of those got really frustrated yeah. And finally you're like what you just did the math for you was not for women and you know it's too it's too hard enough for you to do and they you know. I expected him to Zane Adam as young as hearings old saying you know we're taught to protect women you know and it was new to meet even. Baathist but I that I would do it if you supported me though it came to my fights and you won your first fight. Well my heart slump tell. I. Contract under the just there and you're our children know that they won your post by there's knock out and your dad since some yes you have to them fight where he came you is it's a well. Well it wasn't probably what your bills that what you're saying what they were private but after that fight but finally did come to me after a fight and say you know I was wrong you know you can't fight and women can buy it and not change his mind which was being it was a big deal because there's a lot of things within agree on but that went for it for him into. Show me that respect really touched me. Because I had this tough exterior like why don't care what he thinks I would do it anyway and what you know that I wrote about a lot of the things I went through my book reach finding strength spirit of personal power wrote that book when I was twenty very. And I recently to PR 23 because people like a why should not intimately understands by the talk about the challenges I've been through. United does have a silver spoon in my mouth. You know but I had I had this armor that I don't really care and when my father showed me that respect just fighter to fighter men did. Dad to daughter. You know me if I'm working just as hard as you mean here taking these bodies shot phenom. I'm spot what these men and that's all I ask Clark wit and it was hard as Ruffin is Dorian is grinding you know announced faith in the world. At a young age trying to prove to them like no this is just not wanted to stop telling them to pretty. And that's what people say that you were two pretty now is thinking to myself which Britain against your tank knocked out diverted by getting your I have that saying with a funny comments asked that you know when those with Q did you can to the Ryder became too. And now this think like I like you were too pretty to fight ending right. I wasn't worried about that honest with the like you can't be a fighter mean word about your looks so I also look at the question how do you. You know find a balance of you know fighters have been a lady a soldering and Marcus is what I am when you're gonna to fight. You know you know what what time was going be where's the vehicle you're fighting you have you know your your focus on. Bet but when I come mountain of course I want to be cute you know tabulating so that's that's who I am and then as other women who are not that way there rough in the ring and their rough outside the ring. Would having a style is whatever floats your boat. But this is before women were really known to be fighters and it was not an Olympic sport at that time it is now so you basically opening the doors for women. Yeah I would like to say though I never like to make it seem like I was the first because a lot because of the fact that people aren't aware of women's boxing and they don't know much about ARRIS thousands of women that were. Fighting before me and talented fighters I mean when I. Was introduced the world women's bathroom and I got a hold of tapes and video and all these girls are well fight her when them take her title when they're looking out like come reform. Oh yes the bears a lot of of women but didn't AM as well it. Kind of put it over the top to have Mohammed Ali's not obvious that's gonna bring attention and then of course when I put behind that name. If you don't realize there was other daughters that came behind me I inspired by fiat Joseph Fraser is doctor George Foreman daughter. If Archie Moore has daughter Billie no boxing you know some of these people England Margaret Hanson starter Roberto Duran's granddaughter Paula did you know that these girls were fighters. Some admitting they then continue on with in the same way and I did but I was like. This is what I'm here to stay yeah. And you feel when you were in the ring and he will listen about fighting that you like. I think that it's hard to explain I would I would love to attributed to some of the things I've been through and I think that that like. In order to talk about being molested and just some of the pain in the though we're on. That was there. I knew how to turn that in and we shouldn't somebody in the ring so with a nice outlet for me. I don't know what it is ever since I was younger I always like we like to be tough and I like to show that I was strong I'm a big girl you know I'm like I'm eleven. I'm big hands on strong you know like a nice to be like proud of that I was never that liked him and mom you. Helping move back to pick it up to my without regard to the way to get back I don't like the right. Now there's an avid Vienna and knows me would tell you that like Alice always enamored with my strengths to be a little like I saw when the Boston for the first time because I did not side. On television with a women's boxing wasn't the man what I I bet. Most it would assume that you know discuss my dad but that was not something to in my mind it was available for me to do that's why I've really pay attention to. My image because are they don't how people see me if I remember seeing women's block for the first time going oh my god. I want to do that. Yeah I want to you know and that it wasn't about who was in the ring just the idea. And that's when I said oh my goodness I got I gotta look into this in the took me a year before actually got the nerve. To go inch rain because I had planned I had my nail salon I was going to university Southern California and open salons around the world and I'm a planner strategically. So first I had to get over that and then I didn't really want to live my life publicly. I always was against that I was kind of anti celebrity you can I'm it had put my dad hit out I don't want that I really had this inner struggle that I had to deal with and to be. Thinking about all that at that age of eighteen and I I look back. Now -- well after a cool night and a half an hour chronicle I've I've read my book now if you amazing you know it's probably hard for you to believe I looked at people in television set while I want to be a journalist but not nearly as tough as what you this could have have in common with your dad. Are you a U. Similar usage you are like this in a personality. I think we both bear or both maybe if you're in astrology both cap accordance we like. Account for the body about they know like if anyone than that I mean we're very little leaders. Tom Ennis like you know I mean I get my mind on something I'd go forward and I'm and you know I've really stand behind what I believe. We'll take a stand and I'm very confident. But I'm willing to put in the hard work that it takes you know for whatever it is and I'm doing and I wanna take others along with me so I'm also very loyal sewing and you know so I think that. My father dire alike in that way like I just had a different half obviously than he did but of the same thing McCarthyism and wanna do not go forward and allies and stop me so really in my mind. I really just feel like all I have to do the five what I want to do. And that's very powerful feeling to feel like I'm just gonna do it does have the this I what I want to do not I don't think about what's going to be in my way it was gonna stop me when I can't do. It's like first I have to want to do it and I have to be able to envision. The success in the end Mike and I can't even if you can be with an idea. If I can't see it being successful and I can't have visited then I'm not going to be feeling that if that's what I do in order like I saw my flight I saw me win in the balance on happen. So you know and and people wouldn't believe that but I know I can say it now Midland no reason to make that you know I. So you had gut feeling was so many people look at your father somebody who had such principles. Long before you were born of course he stood up and and declined to go to the Vietnam War declined the draft he paint for that he paid a big penalty for that. And confirm those if you let me there lot of you in the audience who are obviously old enough to know about that for some of you who are young enough. But somebody was saying yesterday it's almost like Michael Jordan having a top of his game. Just decides he's going to take a stand and he's going them. Honor his conscience and he's not going to do something he's going to refuse. You know his country air. And you're dead didn't fight for four years PT years when he was embroiled in all of this turmoil and eventually of course came out on top is a winner but he stood up. For what he really believed in and I think that's what so many of us think about when we think about your father and his legacy. Right and he and he didn't know all was gonna happen you know in the beginning but he's is that person that I'm going to do what's right period. And when you can really have faith in Phil strong and that and you don't worry about you know what's gonna happen. Before saying not everybody is strong enough to be able to do that you know because it does take a certain amount of courage and that it doesn't even if you're not. Celebrity or an athlete you know just average person's people oftentimes a judge and ask us where on the stage many many you were you willing to put your lot your job on the line. And you have kids the feeding you have a family take care of me of a mortgage to pay. You know. And especially if people feel like you know they're gonna make a comment of him to take a stand and is not gonna make a change. So you what you have to really believing what you're doing and see the vision MB to one is willing to be courageous enough to take the fall. You know what I mean that you may not even really see you know the gains from an in your lifetime. You know but it to be a catalyst for change and thank god we do have those people so and I think we think your father for that to thank you for his exam plays in some. And I. Today Colin Capra nick is known as the guy who's taken Indian has you know sort of set this whole thing in motion with the NFL. What do you think your dad would've done this would have made of common camping. I think you'd be so impressed with him you know because how can he not. See how people to comparing the two it's a different time definitely been then when my father was you know taken a stand. And we've come so much further. You know and in our world that we have so much further that we need to go and Colin cabinet cats such a big platform like a see why some people are upset because you're not only reps and yourself. You know reps in the NFL but sometimes people just have this and eight. Something in them that they just have to do something you know and it's not aim may not all agree with the way people go about doing things but. You know I supported it from the beginning out of like and I truly believe about who that man fell to do. Then that's what you should do you know but at the end of the day like that there's going to be both sides but what I love about column cap and it. Is that he's continued on like if you feel following him he has made this is life's mission even though he is no longer. Playing now he's gone yet and thank god you know he had that hopefully enough money in investors' money might we be taken care but at the end of the day this was more important to him. So you know many people will be football players will be successful and make millions of dollars but you know he probably. Just like people seeing at the fighter now and is new to you like I've always been a fighter the Rondo so he probably has always been that guy. You know this taken stands and do certain things in school and elementary and all these things like talking on been around. The principles off. Up I don't drink kicked out of high schools OK something tells me out of Myanmar allows the U I think you know they Herrera and my daughter in and I think I do know what to some teachers you know I'm like that's just not right you know under the loan principals office didn't episode got. Back. Oh water. Now why you know this is like that wasn't lights and you know is on the Gonzaga fan. And not to see him being methane lakes I was all for my mile has a little bit of the spot now I can't really kinda understand that. You married ten years ago you married. NFL player and Curtis Conway remarried remarried when I'm sorry I say yeah that makes sense right now remarried both literally we mayor wasn't married twice in the second mayor is your second area well and given a second I was just say I'm not marry an answer to reveal whether they we have two children. And the student together have made a family would -- becoming a mom and a wife and having that homeless but that changed. Always change means so much for first ball I am just a different person. Now that enough funding and I think that. Curtis had a lot to do with me calming down. Because my first marriage. You know we will keep my at southern with a fighter to. No we just be friction sometimes you know and I mean somebody you know let me be the fiery warning you you know come down and they've enabled me check sometimes okay is that a mile hold on I'll can't you know. But I'm not so it's a nice balance occurred as it's just such a kind he want to some was my father so warm and Scott this quiet confidence. And then when I had children must send may have occurred hasn't occurred at the there's like my bad my little courtesy really dies it's amazing. But I think that Dade they are they are alike. Everything I do now is for them and I had to become more patient. Because I'm not actually a patient person like I'm Mike very snapping like what about that time we'll move might not go after I would expect everyone's. Like they might actually become wasn't doing anything crazy -- do that with the kids 5% myself my daughter some time because I'm like trying to get her get lots get a grip hardening Harris. And Malcolm come down as hot follow us up I need to give myself a little more time and not make my children we imminently be offense that made him just like that I knew I guess I can't protect yourself by the site. You know that's what my kids do their just teaching the every day to be better you know and I love it. We talked about you know no matter what your station in life is you're still black woman in America. You raising children were black children in America. And so many of us with this climate that is in the country now let me I have had. That talk with my son who is fifteen about how to give comport himself when he's now in the world and should you come up against. An aggressive police officer or somebody who could possibly leave you feeling unsafe. How how do you what are your thoughts about raising a black boy in America how challenging do you think that is. There's definitely a challenge it's going to be I would say even now I'm in my kids are younger nine's I haven't had a but I'm already are getting variety. I think about it and you know we do have to have that talk with our children it's unfortunate. But you know parents even if you don't have a black child cannot black you can relate it to happen like when among them teach my child about sex and went minorities must now you know about these things and we have to when we gonna teach our children. That don't Wear the world not to be fair to them just because the color of his skin but at the same time not make them feel inferior. You see but the kids you know kids think what why will we not and why do you know why wasn't you know made learn about slavery at a young age and then. You know how would that does their mind how to make some filled and we have that kind of work that out of what happened I'm learn certain things and you know so it's really. A tricky situation and I have to find that balance of my kids because I want them to sit you know know that all people equal you like him and embrace the world yet we want to love themselves and not in album like my daughters that's another day. If they bedtime is when they face certain things to me you know when the TVs. Are often in the live pat and I'm like focus and you know my daughter sitting in my mean I wish my skin was this color ginger hand that lighter side. And I and that's heartening you know 1000 Bible why you know like it why not have that talk with her. I'm but at the same time I don't want to be. No we're better you know I don't wanna do that either may not want to be we're equal. Because you know I don't think that that helps the situation to try to say you know. This really not that way bigger better and they're saying we're not any stock that you know such hot. Top that through the house about restarting this is announcing you have an even me I live in an area where you know there's not a lot of black kids in the schools and a lot of people moved to my area for the public school system. Actually drive my kids twenty minutes away. To private school. Because it's more diverse there's all yet it says that as a school in and it's even if that is a Baptist school and I'm not baptists. You know but I take my kids there because I want that discipline and I want them to learn about god even if it's not exactly the way I'm gonna teach them you know as they get older. But just to be around you know people who are thinking that way you know and you know to have some discipline and just seeing people better their color. Who look like them and we don't think about those always thinking. And know what better way to some much we can talk about gaga gone on my noble no I can't we both can just so much fun it. Talking to you but another thing I had in common when I was reading about you to you lost your father of course to Parkinson's disease almost a couple of years ago. Watching him diminished I lost my mother to dementia in a couple of years ago and watching her. Big diminished like that. How how how how did you cope with losing that strong man that you knew so well. It was hard ms. Hart because I don't know if I felt like he was trapped. Truth he was trapped inside the body. Now with parkinson's. I did when his mind was so there but just couldn't talk or can move. And how's this man you know how the how that must be so. It was just hard to watch but my father felt like everything happens as a supposed to what I felt. Really bad about as he felt like that was like punishment for him for the wrong he didn't know I'm wow. So you know even someone as great Mohammed Ali did all things for the world felt like that was punishment you know for weather was you know adultery or you know whatever the case may BMI really bad. Let you know you never know what each individual we still have to live our life to walk out walk and work out the things that we have to work out during his lifetime so. It really shaped my view of people in the world. So and you said that you felt that he was treated nicer if certainly felt that way about my mom. You know we've we can talk so much about your father and hear your life and so forth that we also have to mention that you have this great cookbook. How do and you are really consider. The hunt is yeah yeah. Moving yeah. And a healthy eating and passionate about healthy living and so forth and I'm just like. You got like southern chicken and near Barrow western southern chicken you know I don't think again that if your dad's burger and you actually dedicate the book. You two yes what you thought was abuse of what you talked about a speech potato pies you know that something about the Susan Dana I haven't in a slice of must lead to a buyout in love the desert and about as high as caked with ice cream on top one oh yes you take its magnitude slackened. Are you a healthy I am only here but I don't. Walk or I don't feel like I'm healthy eater I mean like back in the day OK and when my father. When I was coming up food was just healthier and they have all the pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified food modified food. Saunders talking about home cooked meals that if you're gonna eat out choose and you know healthier options so for example. Obama make a stewed chicken and a starts with a great thing right ladies isn't cooks and then the audience are paying your oil if flowers that it is a regular white bleached flour. With chemicals and it. Company is look at king wallflower interviews what white whole wheat flour you know something different. So this is really about taking certain ingredients and using the healthier ones because we have a big epidemic. You know with heart disease and diabetes and you know all these things we know in their directly correlated to. The way that we eat and a lifestyle choices on this trying to inspire people to be the best they can think of them the my dad did. Have parkinson's that he felt that. He got it from pesticides that's what he personally felt and I remember growing up in him taking his grapes and filling up the sink. And wash your fruit wash your fruit and it was because he felt like you know he was poisoned from the pesticides on the fruit there are studies that show that that could you know cause it. But your fighting he said not only have you been fighting in every major fighting to make sure your kids eat helpfully and so forth to so there's so much. To talk about and and I think that by the way today he still boxing. I've known enough I have a heavy bag and found in my gym so I have a home gym and I loathe working now in there and it's a struggle I mean. Lately it's funny has befallen me also as we have a same with fifteen pounds away 200 pounds right now today. Then I love I guess you're tied up kids how what I mean that I've always weighing more than you would think but I mean I want us fighting arsenals pistols 168. And I was walking around 185. That the didn't wait for me but 200 animals like where had this conflict. And I recently discovered the bus went to the doctor and discover that I have Hashimoto goes. Which is the like autoimmune. I'm disorder I have a thyroid disease but anyway he doesn't read up on him but it talks about just kind of I'm weight gain in all these other things I'm using food now to heal myself and I was like wow like this that challenge to make them honest talk and other people about. You know how food can be your medicine can be your poise and that now I have a real challenge in front of me. Now I'm I can't wait they. Can I thought we look what we will get some inspiration from the book. I'm sure I know we can't go over so we're getting really tight with time here couple things and on the beauty because of rapid fire at things couple rapid fire questions view was that we as being in your purse. In my purse weird. Probably my Mike because I do podcasts are always like that with me because I need to interview somebody worst habit horse habit. Who do not rush to achieve far go to bed five favorite song famous song to sing in the shower. Whitney Houston's I have only. He went to end an off dude just. And I am finally TV pleasure oh god guilty TV pleasure. I don't watch a lot of TV but when I turn my TV on it's easily HGTV. I just our current format that that's your world I know you like to actually the president. Leila this has been so angry is oh my god sends a very I think got to talk to you wouldn't talk a little bit more so you all don't go away. We didn't stay around an answer some questions so if you all have questions and I is not so we're gonna sign off now. From our lives stream and thank you all so much for being here and for watching and we hope you'll tune in next Wednesday. When good morning America's Robin Roberts is going to be here is sit down with Valerie Jarrett so we will see you then. Think so much.

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