2 Los Angeles deputies ambushed in shooting

“The View” co-hosts react to a gunman who walked up to a parked patrol SUV and shot two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies multiple times in what officials described as an ambush-style attack.
10:06 | 09/14/20

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Transcript for 2 Los Angeles deputies ambushed in shooting
So let's start this morning because L.A. Police raised a disturbing -- released a disturbing video because they want to help find this assailant who ambushed two officers this weekend, and you-know-who used it as -- at his rally last night, and there's no proof there's no connection to any demonstrators. So is this going to help people figure out how they feel about this? Is it going to change their perceptions? Should they mix it? What do you think, sunny? You know, unfortunately, whoopi, and I want to say that there's no place for people to go and shoot officers that are sitting in their cars. My heart goes out to their families and their friends. I was so horrified to hear about that. I have so many officers in my family and that are friends of mine, but to your second question, whoopi, you know, my understanding is that according to a new Fox News poll, more people classified blm protests as riots rather than protests and that's scary because it's feeding into the narrative that the trump campaign has been putting out there, and if you really look at the facts, 93% -- 93% of protests are nonviolent, nonviolent. And, in fact, when trump has put in force, has put in federal enforcement, out of those 93%, the violence ratchets up, right, and so more than 5% of the protests that are linked to the black lives matter movement that was met by force by authorities compared to 1% of other sorts of demonstrations like covid protests or protests about being unhappy about not being able to, you know, go to the barbershop. Right. So this is manufactured by the trump campaign, and I just wish that people understood that and knew that, and just looked up the real facts about protests in this country. Well, I want to point out there is no -- there's no proof that this shooter has anything to do with black lives matter. They don't know who it is. Right. That's why they're asking for the public's help. So I don't want to marry those two things when we don't know if they're connected. What's your opinion about all this, Sara? Should people just see how they feel about what's being said and then go from there? Well, you can't conflate the two, and I don't know anybody that would support this sort of black lives matter does not support this. Joe Biden doesn't support it. Kamala Harris doesn't support it. None of us support it. This is never okay, but this is another reminder that we need to bring the temperature down, and what I mean by that is we can have rational conversations of change that has to happen in police and law enforcement across this country, whether police should be the first to respond to issues of mental health, whether -- when and how to use lethal force. These are conversations that need to be had. They definitely do, but as long as this one-note narrative story continues to dominate news cycles everywhere, that all police or most police are racist and all black people should live in fear of those same police officers, I fear it's going to result in more incidents like this, and I think the reality is more nuanced than the conversation we're presently having would suggest. I think you're right. What do you say, joy? Well, to go back to your original point which was, you know, what is really happening out there, it's very hard for us to know who's doing what. I think it depends on what media, you know, what television show or what social media thing you're looking at because it's impossible to know. So if you are watching Fox News, you believe that the protesters are the terrorists or whatever, and if you are watching -- if you are reading "The times," it's the opposite. I mean, for example, NPR reported that at least 50 incidents of cars into protesters have happened by far-right extremists. How many trump supporters do you think are listening to NPR? Exactly my point. Another thing here, I believe the real problem we're having right now in almost every area goes back to the original sin of trump's lying continuously and perpetuating lies, lies, lies. I want to show you a tape of a protester -- a trump supporter at a rally in Michigan on Thursday. Just watch, for an example of what I'm saying. Why are you not wearing a mask? Because there's no covid. It's a fake pandemic, created to destroy the United States of America. Because it doesn't do any good. I wore a mask. I wore a mask for three months, and, you know,o no avail. I don't have any problem with you wearing a mask. I have a problem with you telling me to wear a mask. You know, one of the reasons he might be still alive is because he wore the mask for three months, but to a larger point, here's an example of somebody -- the news is blasting almost 200,000 people are dead from this virus. We heard the tape of trump saying it was extremely dangerous, and then going out and lying to everybody, and yet this man says it doesn't exist. I mean, what can you do? What are you going to do with people like that? He didn't get the virus because everyone else was wearing their mask. That's why that worked. That's the point of the mask. That's what he says. He says to no avail -- Right now. The reason he's not getting it is because we're taking on the responsibility of that group think of wearing our own masks. But you know what? Do you think it's the messaging, Meghan, or is it something else that's involving people in these kinds of discussions when we're talking about, you know, well, we have to say -- we don't know who that monster was that shot those police. We don't know who that person is. Do you think it's better for us to say -- to calm it down so we can figure out who's who and what's what? Well, I have been wishing all summer I think like most Americans that there have been calming down on both sides, and I have been very disappointed by the reaction on the left, and, in fact, I'm not the only person. 27% of Biden supporters, Democrats who support Biden, say he hasn't done enough to condemn the rioting. I think there's an interesting parallel narrative. I agree with what everyone is saying in the sense that people are saying only 7% of the protesting is violent. I wouldn't get on a plane that had a 7% chance of crashing. We're talking about deaths in the country. There has been around 34 deaths as a result of protestg and rioting since this started at the beginning of this summer, and I think the media, particularly CNN has done a real disservice by trying to downplay the violence so much. I mean, the idea of a peaceful protest with a video of a building on fire, people being shot, has been blasted all over social media all summer, and I think when you have a group of people in the media that want to act like nothing is going on -- by the way, I don't blame protesters in this. I don't blame peaceful protesters going out. I think there are radical antifa people in this country, just like there are radical people on the right. Just like I'm held accountable for every trump supporter in this country, I don't understand why the left isn't held accountable as well. It does a disservice to the Biden campaign, and we've seen a lot of poll numbers with the suburban moms in the middle of the country, and I do think the more we downplay it and act like this isn't becoming a real issue, the more disservice it does, and I just -- I think I like everyone else, would just like this to tamp down, but by the way, one of those police officers is a 30-year-old mother of a 6-year-old being shot, and then you see protesters outside of the hospital in California stopping the ambulance from getting in and saying, I hope these police officers die? This is rhetoric run amuck, and here we have the video footage here, and we're living in a country where it never would have been acceptable I think even a year ago screaming that I hope police officers die on the way to getting help in the hospital and it's completely out of control and unacceptable on both sides. I think we all believe there are good law enforcement people, but that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of work to do. I was disgusted when I saw this over the weekend, and do you know what it made me want? More law and order. One of the problems though -- this is trump's America. This is trump's America. Wait a minute. I want somebody to stop painting demonstrators all with one brush because it is impossible to know who those people -- and those guys were carrying ak-47s or giant rifles. I can't see on the -- it's a small screen, but those guys are carrying rifles. Not the cops, other people carrying them. I'm tired of everybody painting, and I feel like we need two things. We need to suck it up and figure out where we stand as a nation. If we want this change, we have to fight for this change. Shooting people is never okay. Killing people randomly is never okay. It doesn't solve a problem. It just creates more issues. That's the first thing, and the second thing is, you know, Americans have one thing over the rest of the world, to protest is our right as Americans. It is not your right to destroy other people's property. It is never your right to do that, ever, but it is our right to demonstrate and for anyone to say that we should not be doing that if we are not happy how things go does a disservice to us as Americans I feel because it's one of the things that makes us different from every other country on the face of the we're going.

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to a gunman who walked up to a parked patrol SUV and shot two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies multiple times in what officials described as an ambush-style attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73005218","title":"2 Los Angeles deputies ambushed in shooting","url":"/theview/video/los-angeles-deputies-ambushed-shooting-73005218"}