Marianne Williamson says vaccines must 'balance' public safety and individual freedom

The presidential candidate clarified her position on vaccinations and explains how she stands out among other 2020 hopefuls.
5:32 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Marianne Williamson says vaccines must 'balance' public safety and individual freedom
We needs to be in there. I agree with everything you just said, and here's my question to you. This is a very hard, and you have no political experience just like trump. How do you expect to negotiate your way through congress when you don't have any experience knowing how to do that? I think it's almost the opposite of what you just said. I challenge the idea that people who have had years of a career entrenched in the mindset of those limitations, careers in the system that has not mentioned those things, that has therefore driven us into this ditch, you challenge the idea that the people who took us into this ditch are the only ones qualified to take us out of it. That's what trump said. That's exactly what trump said. It's not going so well for trump. First of all, that's like saying the challenger exploded so we shouldn't do space travel Are you saying that people who have worked hard for years, who have been talking about doing the very things, are you holding them responsible because they couldn't get it done? I'm sorry because I haven't heard this. I actually have not heard anyone in the political establishment talk about millions of chronically traumatized American children in development. Let me point out to you that one of the ways that we got things like headstart and all of these programs that have sort of come through in the last 50 years, are because caring people said, we have to do something. I don't mean to be I just want to say that people have been working on these things, and we do try to bring betterment to the country, and to our children. So how do you plan to do that? Okay. First of all, Franklin Roosevelt said that the primary job of the presidency is not administrative aspect. He said the primary job of the presidency is moral leadership. So even when you talk about something like headstart, if you compare $26 billion given a loan to subsidies to the fossil companies last year, and pretty please for headstart, pretty please for snap, we have such an aristocratic situation. How are you going to change that? You change that by awakening the American people to how corrupt this is. You sound a lot like trump. It sounds a lot like trump just so we're clear. This is his message. It's how much you care about children. You came out as the anti-vaxer candidate. No, I did not. Let my finish. You said, calling a mandate on them would be, quote, draconian and orwellian. What about the kids exposed to measles and all of that, and the people suffering because of the measles outbreak? Millions of Americans -- I am not anti-vax -- Why would you say that? I think I misspoke in that one sentence, but I would like to express myself. The fact that you have a problem -- and this is what I'm talking about here. The fact that you have a problem with the revolving door policy by which big pharma and the CDC and the fda are so cozy so that millions of Americans who are not anti-science and are not anti-vaccine have some deep concerns. The days of blind faith in big pharma are over. The days of blind faith in the idea that our government agencies are doing the proper oversight and proper advocacy for the American people, against the times of overreach against profit-making industries that are putting money before people, that is not an irrational or unreasonable thing. Now you're okay with mandatory vaccines? I haven't changed since yesterday. I misspoke on that one sentence, but I will say this. If I were president of the United States, when I'm president of the United States, there will be a commission of scientists talking about -- learning so that the American people see what's going on with these vaccines who are not paid by big pharma. You have written 14 books. You're an accomplished author, and you speak all over the country. You're at 1% at the polls. What would you say to the people who may think you are doing this as a personal marketing promotion strategy? I kind of know something about marketing having written 14 books. This would be a hard book tour. You don't run for president instead of having a book tour. I could be having a book tour. I think running for president is a great one. You're on cable. Against the trump family. It's like "Dancing with the stars." Ana's right. I don't know that you have answered Meghan's question. Do you support mandatory vaccinations? I think that we have a very -- I understand that public safety must come first, but I also understand that we must have a balance between public safety and the issues of individual freedom. I do not trust the propaganda on either side. This kind of nebulous answer -- I would have to say that there are situations where there are absolute outbreaks and I understand there are epidemics where vaccines are life-saving. I support vaccines.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The presidential candidate clarified her position on vaccinations and explains how she stands out among other 2020 hopefuls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63842397","title":"Marianne Williamson says vaccines must 'balance' public safety and individual freedom","url":"/theview/video/marianne-williamson-vaccines-balance-public-safety-individual-freedom-63842397"}