Michael Bolton discusses co-hosting ‘The Celebrity Dating Game’

The singer and songwriter shares with "The View" what made him decide to be a part of the reboot and if he'd ever be a contestant on the show.
5:44 | 06/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Bolton discusses co-hosting ‘The Celebrity Dating Game’
The original date. Game I guess ran from 1965. To 1973. And I guess it's had a couple of bibles since then act where you a fan of the show back and. Our we're us. I am a look for a cure it. Com like the Serb. Too young to remember Brett are remembered Cornwell the late sixties and early seventies document as syndication. Well into the night. He's way. That's what about signing I think it's you are no words yeah yeah no less yeah that's what I sure well as could and did a dismal murderers and you're. In our. Community to show our armed was excited about the especially bringing music journey upon. But then I saw I'm Ron Howard his firm. Com Sally shield was long. And it seemed Idearc. Collector good look sharp for a lot of almost superstars of the time Steve Martin was on. We ask for is sort of it and it's so he's got a great show. If that's always been such a great show and and with this this iteration of it not only are you a host along with Zoe Deschanel but you're also an executive producer so what may you want to get involved with this new. Well I didn't. Pitch insurers to ABC's for years. Along. Comedy Jensen you learn the form of the lonely island guys reveals your hero we did. Cold drunk can't just Carl noticed. Improved. Thefts had forced them or lose them. This combustion out of concern hundreds rounded experience. Are trying to do it toppled. And Iran poured down her breast feeding. Laden. I was giving the milk our own. I knew it was going to be funny. I didn't know there is going to be so much work written all the music from I'd love to I laughed at songs worthwhile. And Dong comedy and his addiction problem is a winning combination commitments under house foreign and have the freedom tour. Explore comedy. Bomb and I will always tough beloved American music record your entire album during the I'm done. While eating has changed quite a bit since the seventies people are out typing and sliding indeed EMs for a date. You an instrument in the count and are the object of affection for women all over the world are so I'm told. Went to Michael Bolton EMs look like. Our people sang at Friday. Life fortunately. Do not. Personally. Checked in on Monday owns. Net farm yeah. I think that if it can't identical Europe's lead Tucker crow. If you see and he didn't. This neighborhood I find it shots and that he might have all my assurance there. Did you felt like all why is my spies tell me that you're single. So my question is would you consider being a contestant on euros Schaub. I heard that's not wants. Com and or were rude church. I don't know are currently about hot seat. It's funny because. Some of the contestants. Have been hitting on me during rush hour and about and so we keep saying Michael Bolton has not available way. Like she still fresh from. Are many but it is funny America's some of the questions and just insane and the sort of funny about themselves she slipped up. Contestants can learn being nervous and do their thing and listen Polaris softer you. And I get to chime in every once in while. Well my god. Such a huge fan of yours may failing such a huge fan of yours I'm sure if you do exactly Indiana's. There might be DM for my mind because here her celebrity out of a lot say that she's now Ingalls. Cafe and yeah cats I ask you could pick the good endemic at now sidelined here vigor is touring schedule for the past year and a half. When it came to performing again. I'm we rusty at all after being in quarantine in. Probably shields I still feel a little eruption because I have heard him during. Here two hours mindedness is your hours and shouldn't performing but much you're working with some approaches somewhere during her vocal chorus she zoomed. Daryn and just Chara did everything through the maximum. Harden our house insurers covering up pretty soon. We're I think about a larger little bit nervous who has are want to have my high and arts. Our make sure I got this not an. Oh yeah. Impressive com. Naturally good or it. Ironic humor high seas woman's luncheon. And I'm sure we all realize it's entailed. For increasingly. Yeah. That that I see has tangled many bells. And the world. I'm trying to do my job working. I know you do I know you do in accidents leisure and an honor when you do it. I thanks to Michael Bolton the celeb brits he dating game airs Monday nights here. I'm ABC at 10 PM.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"The singer and songwriter shares with \"The View\" what made him decide to be a part of the reboot and if he'd ever be a contestant on the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78319487","title":"Michael Bolton discusses co-hosting ‘The Celebrity Dating Game’ ","url":"/theview/video/michael-bolton-discusses-hosting-celebrity-dating-game-78319487"}