Michael Cohen heads to federal prison

The president's former attorney will serve his three-year federal prison sentence in the same prison as Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino and the Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland.
3:53 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for Michael Cohen heads to federal prison
Now this form of face some might call it is headed to prison this week as we speak. To start his three year sentence for bank fraud at some version of campaign finance but I always have a lot of west. Yeah. You know reserve and a Hough at the same prison as my decision laziness or NG now and thrive Fastenal found our. Billy with Marla it. He says he can't wait to get out and tell his story. What else is didn't tell management I don't know he's got some more information beat Alex is this something ironic about the fact that trump. It at it was at Trump's behest. That all these things happened to Michael Conn I'm not defending him he committed the crimes but trump is making Google wise at Putin while this guy's going into reality show with the situation finished. Minnesota prison some. Where you imagine this is an unsparing Sutton yeah there's a man's latest putting a camera in the spring and in this would be the best watched and I watch it reality show with. The other guy had the fire bellied bald guy a violent unbelievable almost ten years I think this situation is awesome effort for Ajax brought attack it months yet I mean that's a big and he did you know guilty to I think five counts of tax evasion and so Michael calling. Just it was does not trump related natural great isn't he did do some as you know he committed some crime. But I do think it's fascinating that we saw him testify in front of congress and bring those receipts rating at the checks of the added Donald Trump junior signed the Donald chump signed. Pay him back for the host money. And yet he's going to Belmont and resident when asked what goes out of it also is fine he could go the jail that's why he's gonna fight tooth and helped him win yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't want going to jail life into the porn star and capital or is that not sit and why am I the one going to jail announcement that a porn DROs are you sent wire home got Gephardt and one point. Michael Cohen I think he hoped that his cooperation would lead to a lesser I have nothing he now getting has more information claims maybe he'll negotiate from prison. To get out early I don't think this I don't take us a lot of folks have gone to prison. Lot of people seem to be doing time I am and I wonder. How is Alex that they ever what do you around seems to be going to happen and I. This could be the president is above the laws apparently Hartmann of justice policy that you can't really indict a sitting president and you have. The attorney general is the one who's committing these lies now so when the treats law enforcer. Also committing crimes who was supposed to indict the chief law and for Asa. It's like it's like when the cops are crooked you know there's nobody left it's really I. Arrow and no Angel I mean he whiz I remember he had on the bet on cable news during the election it. I think it weighs Capel dewine. CNN said what what polls are you believing and she said all of that you have to -- palsy was like. Very nasty to journal lancet and Harry's sort as a his like the ultimate legs are. For president trap so I do think that the idea that he just he would know what he was doing he was trumps henchman for you house. Yeah I knows what he how Grubman is not likely won't hire lawyers so it can be sorted that. Person in between. The crimes that are possibly being committed as well as a lawyer than that get in trouble not the personal and I you don't hire lawyers you that the lawyer can commit crimes on the no I did not. Yeah. Climb out of the case is I don't know that just a layer of man aren't you sad no I'm just saying no hostile mindless idiot if this is if you are. Wanted to get away with things many want sorted that barrier protection and you have that second may Canada Debra hurston Wright whenever I worry about a deadly drive by former alcohol. Com who was a murderer went to jail for tax a vision and we look at that struck the Tribe's tax returns pretty sound. So let's see how much invasion he's responsible fought.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The president's former attorney will serve his three-year federal prison sentence in the same prison as Michael \"The Situation\" Sorrentino and the Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62857367","title":"Michael Cohen heads to federal prison","url":"/theview/video/michael-cohen-heads-federal-prison-62857367"}