Nancy Pelosi reclaims House of Representatives speaker role

"The View" co-hosts discussed what role incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will have in uniting the Democratic Party as the 116th Congress convenes Thursday.
7:36 | 01/03/19

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi reclaims House of Representatives speaker role
There are still a lot of people that are happy with this president. There are, that's true. I'm someone that's been very open about my political views. I'm not a full-on trump supporter and have never been. But I always -- Are you a partial trump supporter? No. What I am is -- I'm curious. You want to railroad her and ask her if she is. I want what's best for this country. I've got two brothers as Meghan that are deployed and I've got a dad who's serving the administration and I'm someone that comes from a family of service so I want this family to succeed. Do you think he's done some good things? Yes. In his heart I don't think he wants this country to fail. Does he treat it like a reality show? Yes. Am I frustrated almost every day at tweets and the way that he handles situations, I make that very clear on this show. But that being said, I still come in every day hoping for success for this country. Do I want this shutshutdown, yes, because I want people to be paid and our want our parks to be pretty again and want our men and women who serve to get the treatment they deserve. How about the lie the other day that they were going to get a 10% raise but it's really 2.9, is that respectful to the troops? I always point out the times -- He said horrible things about Mattis, horrible things about Kelly, horrible things about mcchrystal. I would say all of that as well. That "Game of thrones" poster though, anyone that voted for trump, that's not going to be the reason they decide not to vote for trump. He was the same guy when he ran for office as he is now. Maybe that is the problem, maybe he never became presidential and a lot of people were hoping that he would but nothing really surprises me anymore. That's interesting you bring that up because Romney was being interviewed yesterday by Jake tapper and yesterday we took Romney on and said that he was groveling to them for a job even though he said bad things about him first. Jake tapper said how are we going to believe you now? He said I was waiting for him to become presidential, just what you just said. Well, he proved that he wasn't presidential in that "Access Hollywood" tape. He proved that he wasn't presidential when he attacked John McCain. He proved he was unpresidential many, many times over. People who believe he's going to become presidential are delusional in my opinion. My aunt says when somebody tells you who they are, you believe them the first time. I believed him when he was a birther and when he went after the central park five. The sins of trump are not on you'll conservatives and Republicans, and especially for military families. Both of us have brothers who are currently deployed. It is a different feeling when you have someone who's serving overseas and their life is in danger than I think maybe it is for someone else. Maybe it isn't, I don't know. Don't underestimate how popular he is in parts of this country. If the Democrats don't get their you know what together he's definitely going to get re-elected and I'm sorry but some of the options that you have coming up here, if it's going to be a socialist person in the vain of Alexandria ocasio-cortez, you're not going to win over the bust belt voters. There's always a complaint about the electoral process and how it works. Republicans are better at winning over the states that matter in the electoral college. If I were a Democrat I would be looking hard at how to win over the rust belt going forward in the future. I'm sure Nancy Pelosi is taking that under advisement. She's in a leadership position and if I were here I would learn something from the Republicans. No one is going to win over a rust belt voter like Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco. I think Joe Biden knows how to do it. I just want to say, you know, people from San Francisco and California and places, a lot of them came from the rust belt. A lot of them started there. A lot of them started there and moved to places where they felt they could sort of spread out. So I wouldn't discount the fact that some of these folks that we may have heard things about, they might have something going for them. I kind of liked what Nancy's daughter said about her. Alexandra? Yes. She's a very interesting filmmaker by the way, interesting political documentaries. What did she say? She basically said, listen, my mother will cut your head off and you will bleed to death before you know your head is gone. The reason is she's got five kids. She knows how to deal with someone who's kind of like -- And her father was a mayor. There were 16 -- I believe I have my notes here -- 16 people running for president that said they wouldn't support her. There was some controversy in the democratic party if she should become the leader or not. I think a lot of the new Democrats coming in have a lot to learn. Everybody wants too feel like they're going to come in and make a difference but politics as you know, politics you have to learn how to do this because it's a lot of moving and grooving and talking and moving around. So I'm hopeful that everybody who's coming in has a little more at stake because they're coming in elected by their people. You know what I mean? There's disagreement in both parties right now. Republicans are having their issues too. A lot of people are -- I think it's healthy. I actually love it when there's a strong Republican and democratic party because that's when the country is at its best and we can have real disagreements. The problem is both parties are so split up because everyone is playing politics. It's shut down because I man said, a man said to his people, America, you are not going to have to pay for this. This is not your issue. Mexico is going -- that's why the shutdown is happening, because this is a guy who can't say, okay, I overspoke. He also said -- I couldn't make Mexico do what I thought I could make them do. If he had done -- I think had he done that, he might have had a better shot at having people talk to him a different way. Democrats were willing too a year ago. They said they were willing to pay $25 billion for the wall in exchange for -- For border security and DACA, for immigration reform. Border security plus immigration reform. I'm sure they're still willing to do that. They're not going to pay for some physical concrete wall that's not going to work. He also said in a meeting with Nancy and chuck, everybody has seen the clip of him saying to chuck Schumer, I will take responsibility for the shutdown. He said that. And they play it over and over again, so people really -- it's very hard to get over some of the things that he said, and that's one of them. I think so -- It's harder to get over the wall than get over that. Again, I believe that if the senate and congress had to deal with this coming out of their pockets, things would move faster and move differently. You always say that about health care. I do. I've said that about health care. I say it about the shutdowns because I think people think that these are masses. They don't look at individual people. They don't know the folks you know and the folks you know. They're not thinking about them that way. But it was coming out of their pockets -- Politicians are not thinking of people? I'm not following this. If you are personally impacted by this shutdown, if congress and senate were personally affected by this I think things would move a little differently. I think the shutdown should not just come for the people. It should come for the people who are supposed to represent

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discussed what role incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will have in uniting the Democratic Party as the 116th Congress convenes Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60148156","title":"Nancy Pelosi reclaims House of Representatives speaker role","url":"/theview/video/nancy-pelosi-reclaims-house-representatives-speaker-role-60148156"}