Pete Souza on what it would be like to work for Pres. Trump

Souza joins "The View" to discuss his new book, "Shade: A Tale Of Two Presidents."
6:52 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for Pete Souza on what it would be like to work for Pres. Trump
Pete Souza spent eight years as the official white house photographer under president Barack Obama. He is not too thrilled about the job the new guy is doing, so he is using his medium of photography to express his feelings. He made a new book, "Shade: A tale of two presidents." Please welcome Peter Souza. So apparently earlier you were talking about some of trump's tweets and, you know, he has called stormy a rather nasty name. Would you have included that in your book? Because you have -- it's quite great to have his tweets on one side and then the pictures of another presidency on the other, and sort of the balance. I have all kinds of new posts I'm going to make after this. No. I was actually -- just saw that tweet. He called her a horseface. Yes, he did. So I found a picture that I had of president Obama on a horse, and I'm trying to figure out the right words to say. Which I will post right after I do this show. All right. Cool. I mean, the pictures -- one of my favorites I have to tell you is when the new guy talks about how many people were at his inauguration. Yes. And then on the next picture, it says, here's what the real inauguration looks like. The biggest ever what it looks like and then there is a picture of -- Pictures do not lie. No, they don't. No, they don't. It's kind of fabulous. Go ahead. I'm sorry. I'm talking. No. It's so fabulous. I follow you on Twitter. I love your photography, and this book, "Shade" is incredible. You juxtaposed photos of president Obama with tweets of president trump or headlines about things he has done. This one says, president trump insults Germany, shoves a prime minister, draws smirks from world leaders in bizarre nato visit. Here's the photo you paired it with. President Obama is laughing with Angela Merkel and you say, no classified or leaking of intelligence either. This was also at a nato summit in Chicago. Yes. So in comparing and contrasting the two, are you shocked that there seems to be a tweet for every photo you have? It works both ways too. There is a photo for every tweet that he makes. Yes, well, that's true. So president Obama was obviously also subject to a lot of criticism, but you got to see the personal side of him because it's obviously a deeply personal relationship to be the president's official photographer. Do you think that if you were with president trump as his personal photographer -- I know you say you wouldn't do the job anyway, but somehow you were forced to, do you think you would maybe look at him differently? I think I would last about -- I would have lasted about 24 hours. I mean, no. I worked for president Reagan for awhile, and I think he respected the office of the presidency, and I don't think trump does. It's not even the curiosity side of a photographer though to get photos to document what's going on in history? I know a lot of political photographers, David Kennerly who has done so many demonstrations. There wouldn't be a curiosity factor to document what's going on? I mean, there would be a curiosity factor, but I still don't think that under the circumstances I could have done that. Right. Now if Mitt Romney or John McCain had been elected president, I would not be doing what I'm doing on Instagram. I would no be shading them because both of those men would have respected the office of the presidency. Well, one of my favorite, and it's become an iconic photo, after the u.s.-led strikes on Syria in April, president trump tweeted, mission accomplished, which did not go over well with many people. You couple that tweet with one of your most famous photos, truly iconic. The situation room on the night of the Osama bin laden raid. You say, back when a mission was actually accomplished. What was it like to be in that room at that moment? Well, during the 40-plus minutes that we were in that room, it was as tense and anxious a time that I ever saw in the Obama administration. Think about it. You have got the most important people in our executive branch all gathered in that room at the same time. They have already made their decision to send these guys into harm's way, and now they are monitoring the raid in realtime, and there is nothing they can do to affect the outcome, and I think that's why you see the tension etched on their faces. Yeah. It's incredible photo. This is iconic. It's incredible. Over the years, you also took other photos of my father with president Obama. I think we're going to show them. This one right here. So he was speaking up. This one, president Obama had a luncheon with the Democrats on the hill, and senator McCain just, like, accidentally walked into the wrong room, and you see he was going to sneak in without anybody seeing him. They are, like, what's going on? What's he doing here? I love this photo. Did Obama say, where are you going? Come here. He said, no, don't tell him I'm here. I think help said, John, you're in the wrong room. I love that though. That's one of my favorites. The other one that you showed also I guess in their tuxes. The one that was just before. I love this photograph. I don't know where I saw this before, but I adore this. Back when adversaries still got along and were respectful. That was a dinner before the first inauguration. You know, and he had just beaten senator McCain for the presidency. So it was kind of I think a coming together of two adversaries. Well, do you remember when people could actually -- I know we got to go, but do you remember a time when you used to be able to win or lose graciously and you didn't put your opponent down? Yes. That is -- that photograph is America at her best. Our thanks to Pete Souza. "Shade: A tale of two presidents" is available now, and you all look like -- well, I suppose -- would you like to get a copy?

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"Souza joins \"The View\" to discuss his new book, \"Shade: A Tale Of Two Presidents.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58534400","title":"Pete Souza on what it would be like to work for Pres. Trump","url":"/theview/video/pete-souza-work-pres-trump-58534400"}