Priyanka Chopra Jonas on why 'marriage feels so different'

The actress discusses her marriage to Nick Jonas and her new digital show, "If I Could Tell You Just One Thing."
9:07 | 03/19/19

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Transcript for Priyanka Chopra Jonas on why 'marriage feels so different'
Priyanka Chopra Jonas is finding inspiration from some of the most powerful and successful women on her new special, "If I could tell you just one thing." And she's also living the dream that millions of millennials had by taking Nick Jonas off the market in one of the most epic weddings of the century. Please welcome priyanka Chopra Jonas. ?????? ??? I'm a sucker for you ??? ??? I'm a sucker for I'm a sucker for you ??? ? Hello, ladies. Hello. You smell that good. You smell amazing. Doep know what that is? Mgt I think it's me trying to dilute what New York smells like. A bubble. You should have been here 30 years ago if you want to stink up New York. It used to stipg much worse. You got married. A beautiful wedding. Stay on topic. Song you just walked out to is "Sucker" by your husband, the Jonas brothers. You married Nick. You and Nick come from singing and dancing backgrounds, how did you end up collaborating on it? Jt it was actually just a dinner table conversation. We were talk about video girls and who should be in the video. The boys looked around the table and looked at us and we looked at each other and were like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. Our hot wives. Of course. I mean, look who we're married to. The conversation came from we shot it over two days in London in a castle where the favourite was shot. It was over $200 million of art and we're doing, like, . The best way to do it with your family. Let me ask you something. You're a successful person. In many, many ways. We were talking about failure. As a way to success. Is that -- does that ring for you? Yes, it does. I mean, I hate failure. Nobody likes it. I eat a tub of ice cream in bed every time a movie fail. You eat a tub of ice cream every night and look Luke that? Only when a movie fails. You have to indulge yourself. Failure teaches you. I was listening to your conversation earlier. My parents, both superoverachievers. But, like, I think I grew into wanting to being an overachiever. My parents, in fact, encouraged failing. They said, if you fail, there's always a plan "B" or "C." It's not do or die. Especially now, we live in an amazing time where we can monetize an idea. You can sit in the garage, have an idea, create an app, and be able to make a living. Substantially so. It's not that easy to do. Well, we have an option in the digital world today where we don't have the convention that will ways of creating opportunities for ourselves. We can be -- you know -- So why cheat? Yeah. Why cheat? Not even has a brain to create an app, that's why. Yeah. Well -- a lot of people have ideas. Ideas are the currency of the present. That's right. Oh, I like that. I was saying when you. Reporter: Here last may. You have been one of my favorite guest co-hosts because you're so brilliant. So smart. I had so much fun. You and Nick were not even up is it a gram official yet when you came here the last time, right? No. I don't think -- forget Instagram official. That happened after I got married to him. Before that, we were not even dating. Now you're married. This is a beautiful picture. What's the difference between you -- between premarried life and married life? Are you domestic? Is he cooking? Are you cooking? CHLT I can't cook. I told him that when I proposed. Listen, you're from a good southern home. You're used to your mom making you amazing food. Which se does. You're not marrying that girl. I cannot cook. I can make eggs. I'm better at making eggs at night for dinner. Why at night? Because I'm awake. In the morning, I'm still waking up. I haven't had my coffee. I'm a terrible, terrible wife this that sense. He was like, it's all right, babe. Neither can I. Which is perfect. But you don't hear that from guys. They're like, you're so good, baby. Like a cooking class. He was like, I can't either. He married a woman with a brilliant mind. That's important. It's so different after and before marriage. I never thought that being in a relationship, even if you're in a seriously committed relationship. Marriage feel so different. It's like the family you choose. It's a completely didn't thing. Let talk about your YouTube special. Yes. It's called "If I could tell you just one thing." I like that. You sit down with incredible people. Gymnast Simone Biles and rapper awkwafina. What did you learn? I'm at an interesting point of my life. I have never been someone who asks questions. Usually, I'm the one being asked the question. So it was cool the be able to sit with all these amazing achievers and pick their brains and have conversations. That made the show and the special so interesting to me. We did it around women's day. All three of these women have contributed so much into their own lives and the lives of people who looked up to them. Like dvf. Let watch a clip. I'm interested to see that, too. Your one piece of advice? All women can be the women they want to be. Life is always a series of ups and downs. Do you feel like a role model? Ment I want them to always know the real, raw Simone. Question got a hundred, bro. I swear if you told me there was a score, I would have done better. Right. So competitive. What is the one thing you learned? That's the name of the show. Tell us. Come on. I really learned that evolution is the name of the game. If we don't evolve as people. And we're not open to change. And we gt stuck saying this is who I am, this is what I believe in, then the world is going to leave you behind. And we're just going to keep complaining. I see that with most of the stropgest women that I have met. They're willing to be malleable and change according to -- Nothing stays the say. You have collaborated with a good friend of our family. Whitney Wolff herd. The creator of bumble. I dropped a lot of hits. Yeah. Clearly you're not a married woman. Why India. Why bring an app where women can make the first move over to mgt I was doing an event for bumble in the U.S. When, they were talking about what bumble stands for. And they've created a social networking site which is bumble bff. Bumble business. And the dating app. I loved the idea of empowering women to be able to, within the comforts of their homes and the safety of whatever your environment is, to take charge of your future. Not just your love life. But your opportunities. What is dating like in India? CHLT it's -- dating is -- I mean, look. There's urban India and rural and different states that think differently. Culturally, India is a very, very diverse country. Modern India is in an amazing precipice of change. Where women and men themselves are taking charge of their own lives. Especially women are coming out. Finding voices. Finding jobs. It's a really interesting tmp rat. Whether row date or don't. Whether you get married. You are married. It's important to be able to have a weapon or a tool that will help you take it forward. And I think bumble did that for India. We have more than a million subscriptions in a month. I can't change anything. ? You're a great spokes person for everything. Yeah. It's really wonderful having you stick out the all of us every time you're on the show. Congratulations to your marriage. Our thanks to priyanka Chopra Jonas. Her special premiers March 27th

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{"duration":"9:07","description":"The actress discusses her marriage to Nick Jonas and her new digital show, \"If I Could Tell You Just One Thing.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61787781","title":"Priyanka Chopra Jonas on why 'marriage feels so different'","url":"/theview/video/priyanka-chopra-jonas-marriage-feels-61787781"}