Rep. Adam Kinzinger on the future of the GOP and Trump's role

The Republican congressman also tells “The View” that the GOP has given Rep. Liz Cheney a "massive platform" by ousting her from party leadership.
8:53 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for Rep. Adam Kinzinger on the future of the GOP and Trump's role
Are you in the Lo? This morning house Republicans elected Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney as conference chair. Stefanik went all in with her political crush on Donald Trump. Watch. I believe that voters determine the leader of the Republican party and president trump is the leader they look to. I support president trump. Voters support president trump. He's an important voice in our Republican party and we look forward to working with him. How can you be unified if you have some members who support the former president and some who don't? We're unified. Republican voters are unified in their support and desire to work with president trump. We're unified as Republicans. Here to give us his take on this morning's vote, the entire Cheney controversy and the future of the GOP is the voice of reason in the Republican party, Illinois congressman Adam kinzingerment. Welcome to the show. Thank you. You've been a vocal supporter of Liz Cheney. Now your former house Republicans have voted in Stefanik as her replacement. Do you agree that trump is the leader of the Republican party and the GOP is united behind him? Is that a fact? I guess I agree he's the leader because there's an absence of leaders right now. The thing that people forget is, yeah, the bias voter looks to president trump as a leader because nobody is stepping up to take the role from him. Kevin Mccarthy basically handed over his leadership proxy to president trump. Everybody has been quiet. That's where Liz has done such a great job of standing up saying, look, I'll tell you the truth. The truth is the election of Joe Biden was legitimate. That's our call to go out and win more people, but the election wasn't stolen. That's with a leadership is. Yes, I guess he is the leader of the party at the moment. I don't agree we're all unified behind him. When you believe in truth, truth cannot unify with lies. It's just -- they're in congruent. You can't say I'm unify and believe in truth, but I'll believe that January 6th never happened or the election was stolen. Dear, Adam, thank you for being a voice of reason and having principles and guts and putting truth before anything and country over anything. Thank you. You bet. Kicking out Liz Cheney was the GOP's transparent attempt to align with trump in hopes of winning back the house in 2022, but it's given her a massive platform and now she's making the media rounds, including on Fox News yesterday. Today she's on CNN insisting the election was not stolen. Could her removal backfire, especially with Republican women because of the way she was ousted? I certainly believe that. I believe that by basically deplatforming Liz they've given her a massive platform. She would tell the truth obviously when asked about it. As conference chair, she took in the needs of conference. Now she's out there independently saying what needs to be said, finding whatever media outlet she wants to go on, and I think telling the truth. I think they created their worst enemy in creating her in deplatforming her. I'll say this too, people look to us for honesty. They look to us for answers. When we go back to the past and go with a loser president that lost and lost the house and senate, that's not providing people any kind of a path to the future. Standing up and being sane in the Republican party, which I appreciate you saying, that's not anything heroic. That's what people expect of us. Unfortunately there's not many of us doing that at the moment. Congressman Kinzinger after Cheney was booted from her position, congresswoman Lauren boebert tweeted Liz Cheney is the GOP of the past. We are not going back. The Republican party used to be a big tent party, with plenty of room to disagree and room for people like Liz Cheney and you and me and Lauren boebert. Now it just keeps getting smaller and smaller and you even said it was like the titanic going down. So what can we do to save it? And does it make you question your own future in it when you see people punished for telling the truth? On a personal note, I've taken this very personally, I think because there's specific aggression about the fact that Liz Cheney is Dick Cheney's daughter and she's a legacy Republican. What do you think this means? Are they going to bloodlet every person who doesn't bend the knee? It may mean that some will try. We may have to go through some election cycles. Do I fear about my own future? Not really. Look, if I lose I lose. I've been doing this -- this is my 11th year. To myself and I know John McCain the same made a commitment that we're doing this for the country and for the right reason. No matter the cost -- if you ever take into account personal cost when you're making a decision in politics on the constitutionality of stuff, things like January 6th, then you lose your moral ability to praise the troops that are willing to fight for the country. If you're not willing to put your life on the line for a similar cause. Congressman, the GOP is now attempting to rewrite history when it comes to the insurrection at the capitol on January 6th. Andrew Clyde of Georgia said to call it an insurrection is a bold-faced lie and that it looked more like a, quote, normal tourist visit. We awe saw what happened. Body camera footage was released showing officer fanone being attacked by rioters. What was your reaction to that video and your colleagues lying? When I saw my colleagues speak, it's like it's the "1984" novel or something you see out of North Korea. I was there on January 6th. This was a real insurrection. This was people who thought they were doing trump's bidding at the behest of trump, not just on that day, but days leading up to that with the narrative of a stolen election. I've become good friends with Mike fanone. He's a man very disheartened now not because of his job and what he went through, but because the party that claims they support law enforcement is ignoring him. He's asked Kevin Mccarthy to talk to him. Kevin has yet to respond to that. What are you afraid of? January 6th was real. We have to take ownership of that, recognize what led to that so we don't do it again. This wasn't ten years ago. It was four months ago. The idea of let's move on, I agree let's move on after we figure out how we got here and how never to get to this position again. This week president Biden met with congressional leaders at the white house to discuss his more than $2 trillion infrastructure proposal saying both sides are making a genuine effort to compromise. That would be refreshing. Even Mitch Mcconnell said there - is a great chance of Democrats and Republicans coming together for a bipartisan deal on this one. Do you share that same optimism or do you think bipartisan on infrastructure is possible? I do. I've been calling for infrastructure for a long time. I hope it is. You may not end up getting vast majorities of both parties. As long as there's bipartisan, I think that would be great. You know, I worry a little bit about what we see in inflation right now, rising prices of goods. Now's the time to do infrastructure. Figure out how to pay for it in a way we can agree on. This would be a great story for the country to somewhat heal from a divisive time. It's not going to solve all our problems, but it at least shows the American people and the world that the government can work and maybe gives us a starting point to continue to move forward.

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{"duration":"8:53","description":"The Republican congressman also tells “The View” that the GOP has given Rep. Liz Cheney a \"massive platform\" by ousting her from party leadership.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77695117","title":"Rep. Adam Kinzinger on the future of the GOP and Trump's role","url":"/theview/video/rep-adam-kinzinger-future-gop-trumps-role-77695117"}