Rep. Dan Crenshaw on immigration: 'We have no effective control over our borders'

The congressman explains his views on the border crisis and President Trump's proposed fee on asylum seekers.
5:11 | 05/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Dan Crenshaw on immigration: 'We have no effective control over our borders'
Dan crenshaw. You've been very supportive of trump's immigration policy. Now he wants asylum seekers to pay a fee. You spent time in Columbia and Ecuador. You understand the dire circumstances these migrants are fleeing. Why do you support this idea? When I was growing up there, I had to have a Visa and it had to be renewed every so often. If it wasn't, I was illegally there. Every country has the right to manage who comes in and out of its borders. Right now it doesn't feel like the United States has that right. We had 103,000 people illegally cross our border just in March. Border patrol thinks they only catch one in three. You can triple that number. We have no effective control over our borders. On the fee part, those illegal immigrants are paying a fee to the Mexican drug cartels. They have to. They pay a few hundred dollars -- Aren't you bunching people together when you talk about many are seeking asylum. What happened to our country's promise of giving us your tired, weak and poor? Has it turns out 80% don't have a valid asylum claim? They learned they need to say they're claiming asylum and they need a child with them. Our laws are incentiviing child trafficking. That fact, what you're saying has been debunked. It's not been debunked. If you look at the homeland security numbers -- They come out from department of homeland security and kirstjen Nielsen. You're not providing facts that they're debunked you're just saying. Only 1% of the 31,000 of the ones you're referencing were not related in some way. You've gone on to a different subject about children with adults. I thought that's what you said. No. No matter what they're taking advantage of the asylum process. There is another problem of children coming across not with their parents. For one day I was there they had 14 kids being with adults that weren't there. What if it's a cousin? What if is it? Go ahead. I was curious. Do you think this has been exacerbated by the guy in the white house? I have to tell you we've always known there were people trying to find asylum. Somebody people do it and no one ever knows they don't have their Visas. Some people do it and they do it the right way. Haven't we set ourselves up for this? It seems to me when you start the conversation with "These people are" you set a precedent. For me if you're worried about the border, then you have to really sort of take a look at what we can do instead of making it about them and us. Here's what we do. We close the loopholes that we have and make sure people with valid asylum claims welcome back we need more judges and processing facilities so we can hold them. If they're found to not have a valid case they're sent back. If they have a valid catch they come in. No more catch and release. We have catch and release where they're released and told please come back at a later date. Trump wants to cut aid to the countries. Isn't that a more effective way to stop immigration, by helping these countries? There's a better way. You disagree with trump? There's a misnomer that we're trying to build our wall and then just wash our hands of it. That's never been the plan. I think we need a development story -- a development plan in these countries. Humanitarian aid didn't help them before. Taking away isn't going to change the process. I wouldn't take it away. Trump is using that as a negotiation strategy. We'll see if that occurs. Congressman, we have to go to a break. You're going to stay here for one more segment. You're a trooper.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The congressman explains his views on the border crisis and President Trump's proposed fee on asylum seekers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62857641","title":"Rep. Dan Crenshaw on immigration: 'We have no effective control over our borders'","url":"/theview/video/rep-dan-crenshaw-immigration-effective-control-borders-62857641"}