Robert Iger explains why he continues to take risks in career

The Disney CEO discusses his success and why he’s not afraid of failure.
3:56 | 09/23/19

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Transcript for Robert Iger explains why he continues to take risks in career
I'm if you started their career in 1974. In. As a studio. Supervisor yes I worked actually in this in the studio is no need time out wow. Can you Rell also the ranks an a BC then. Disney would come as CEO in 2005. Men. I you shocked mom. I am shop after I know you're talking about business why use real I use so called why you so surprised. Willis started. Out at the bottom and 150 dollar week employee. At ABC in 1974. Knowing that I really you know I wanted us to succeed I didn't know how much I want so excited. But having no idea where ultimately take me in the cure I am running one of them. Great companies in the world iconic brand the company that particularly in today's world serves people around the world in such important ways. Enlightening them manufacturing happens yeah. So so it's all kind of it's not a city and the surprise but it a really good one. Here you're actually you're a self made man I mean I really think that you'd like the poster child for something like that. Yes well lower middle class my father suffered from manic depression and so we had a hard time holding jobs. And because they set us sort of the bottom in here I am yes yeah I've answered by someone somewhere is the American dream and I I don't know that this would happen in another country for instance. And it's one of the reasons why I feel so patriotic to the opportunities that were forwarded me over time I think we're unique. To our country. And hard work. So under your leadership Disney has become one of the largest and most respected media companies in the world acquiring when he read this because I'll never remember this. Pixar Lucas film marvel just recently 20th Century Fox in the book you write about. Never being afraid to fail I was fascinated by it that you made all those decisions. Take risks even though you come from this family that sounds risky to begin let's. And guess what did you what did you take those risks I think. A few things first well I work for some incredible people who were bold and brave. And we're risk takers wrote arledge of ABC sports Michael Eisner work with Steve Jobs. So I've I've I've had great mentors who some showed me that way but I think if you look at. Our world today and how much disruption there isn't much change there is if you play it safe if some turn of the U tried to protect the status quo you don't get anywhere. I guess there's also fortune I wasn't born with a much of the feared gene so. I believe there what I was doing believed in myself I believed a lot of people have been involved with two so not taking a risk is a risk. I think the riskiest thing you can do today is either try to protect the status quo worn or not we're not taking risks us. Well one wrist that we didn't inventing was acquiring Twitter and I thought I fascinating in your book you write about backing out of the deal right before it happened IDs and even now that was something. It happened why did you decide when it was good fit for Disney. Well a lot of these deals that we've talked about ultimately come down to instinct somebody's instinct even was boards of directors and advisors and you get a lot of input. In the end is the CEO of a company you're the yes or no person and you've got to decide and as George mentioned with Pixar and with marvel and with storage Lucas film in 21 century fox. I believed in my instincts in the support that I was getting with them was consistent with that. In Twitter and and Twitter case I got cold feet. And I decided even after having basic approval to go forward with it. I didn't think it was a good fit for Disney I think Twitter and other social media interviews. I definitely do the world a lot of good in many respects but this huge responsibility that comes from managing goes into these into his role in the you've all talked about them are not. And I didn't think it was the responsible thing to do for the Walt Disney company. To assume those responsibilities.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"The Disney CEO discusses his success and why he’s not afraid of failure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65804721","title":"Robert Iger explains why he continues to take risks in career","url":"/theview/video/robert-iger-explains-continues-risks-career-65804721"}