Romney predicts Trump will be 2024 GOP nominee

"The View" co-hosts react to Sen. Mitt Romney predicting the former president will be the GOP's nominee while some Republican pollsters say Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could be in the running.
6:47 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Romney predicts Trump will be 2024 GOP nominee
GOP is already looking ahead to two point 24 I mean this this was surprise it's me because of what's the point of running if you are do you know. Who do you know who the winners going to be now Mitt Romney is saying many of you know who decides to run again. He would definitely get the nomination but you just whacked out all these other people. And cool cool might consider running you know lend some Republican pollsters say Florida governor. Ron Desantis could be in the running because he's calling far ahead of the Florida Republicans like Marco Rubio I mean you know what. What is the point of all of this this is for us to talk about you know who. When you know who is facing a whole Lotta of the jail time possibly. In the future so. Why would they why would they say it's a done deal I don't understand what's your thought on this sunny and cannot detect each of you quickly. What what's your thought on a sunny. Why I'm just surprised that Desantis. The governor of Florida is doing so well in the polling because if you really look at the numbers. Florida has report at one point 88 million called in nineteen infections and over 30000. Deaths -- to the corona virus some of the worst numbers actually in the nation. Desantis opened up Florida. In April of 20/20. Really at the height of the corona virus infection and and I'm just surprised that he is doing so while he's hidden numbers. We don't really know that any of his numbers are are accurate he apparently had data scientist Rebecca Jones is was facing arrest in January 20/20 one because you refused. To skew the data in his favor and right now we know that he is actually you know playing politics with the vaccine and he's actually giving vaccines. To wealthy. People as opposed to giving vaccines. 22 in core zip codes and so. If that is is what the best that the Republicans have to offer. Might not mean that. That that really is is a scary thing I I I'm I'm I guess I shouldn't be shocked. But I but I really am I really am and I'd like to see somebody Sarah you read to me Cuomo directed at Desantis. Send do you think think you know they had. You know eight Desantis has a shot in that it's a done deal out of way some folks are sort of talking about it. I am not a pollsters it was a regular person watching I recognize that Desantis remains popular in his own estate and you need your own is eight to win on the national level but eat cake. Only have your home state and I think. Any name recognition that Desantis has nationally isn't always a good. Thing like a lot of us know that tap in but a lot of it is the negative coverage of how he's handled the virus is sunny mentioned so. Right now sitting here I I don't think he acted to be a long shot if he has a shot at all. The joins us and give you would chill when you hear Romney saying you know who. It's really that he's got the nomination. But show more like noise this on the north since feeling. You know the ticket but Romney saying that was very interesting to me I think he's giving a warning. To the Republican Party. That if you go in that direction and you follow trop this is a man who lost the White House and the senate for us. Who screwed up the Covert released I've been a relief for the entire year. Who was then again allies going to be in prison possibly. Or certainly on to lock in keys somewhere. This is who you are going to follow I think Romney is sending out the alarm that's when I think and I think that they should take heat. Welcome made him well what's your feelings about this Desantis running and and what Romney said. Well I think the interesting part of. Governor Desantis says that he's obviously his poll numbers in that we're cited recently by Politico. I he's arguably more popular than trump and floor added. Depending on which perspective you have he has done an in my opinion I think actually a very good job in Florida he has ended up acceding 13% of off cordons at least have one vaccination compared to. 14%. Of Californians I think you compare governors and I always think they governors tend to be about presidential candidate. Look at Gavin Newsom who is on the heels of being completely recalled in his state California is losing so many people in it state that are actually losing a congressional seat for the first time in in in California history. And in forty you have a massive amounts of New Yorkers going a Florida going. To Palm Beach and Miami in different places because they liked the way the states being Ryan I think the issue that Mitt Romney enjoyed just brought up about. Try being dangerous is truly a key did lose the senate he did lose Georgia he did lose. You know I obviously ultimately put the presidency and that question is who can bridge the divide between people like me and trump supporters. And I think that feeling that I feel right now in the reason why I think topics like this are compelling. Is because having your fingers on the ground to Wear the tenor of the Republican Party is going towards ultimately be who runs for president in 20/20 four. And I know for me it. Just I have sort of expected after trump lost for Democrats to be happy and keeping their arms up and and whining Republicans like me to be open to their side of the party and all I hear almost hourly if it's on social media or on TV as. The world coming to an and it's all Republicans fault screw traps to anyone that's been associated with the Republican Party in any capacity over the last fifty years there is no home for me on the lacked in any capacity whatsoever the fact that I watch Tucker Carlson show is probably just. Black seeming enough in the house of politics that I can't do anything and anyway and by the way there's a lot of Republicans in the country there were really opening to work opening to working with the other side and all I feel is anger and hate and an arguably. More vitriol that happened during the trump here is simply because you're associated for being a Republican so it's open season for someone like Ron Desantis you just can't isolate. Not chump Republicans like me going for 'cause I'm not going to be voting for a Democrat. Well I I wouldn't expect you to vote for a Democrat but I would expect that you know the difference between right or wrong you. You are Smart person and you know that when somebody says someone in key of this. Vaccine should my friends. Instead of saying. You know I want to make sure that everybody in my state gets it may be debts that's not the best thing you want to hear and it would be nice if it's somebody on the Republican side. Yeah say towards my constituents or was he friends. I don't know that's what I've read that he was giving it to his friends and people who. Gave him money if force is. Four is Ron.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to Sen. Mitt Romney predicting the former president will be the GOP's nominee while some Republican pollsters say Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could be in the running.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76090680","title":"Romney predicts Trump will be 2024 GOP nominee","url":"/theview/video/romney-predicts-trump-2024-gop-nominee-76090680"}