'Scandal' star Katie Lowes on new baby, final season of show

Lowes joined "The View" to discuss the newest addition to her family and what she wants to take home from the 'Scandal' set.
4:58 | 01/31/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Scandal' star Katie Lowes on new baby, final season of show
Man, after seven seasons of shocking, yell back at the TV twists and turns, "Scandal" is coming to an end. Oh. Ah. Gosh. It is a miracle that Katie Lowes has survived. I thought I was dead. I know. Most folks thought she was Fini until last week. So please welcome back the fabulous Katie Lowes. Katie! Hey, everybody. Hey, baby. Hi. I haven't seen you in ages. Ages. We sat next to each other at the white house correspondent dinner. Whoopi, that's what we did. There we are. That's right. Yes. I instagramed that because I was so excited to be sitting next to you. And then you watched me eat and thought ooh. No. I was like can I be your friend for life. Yeah. Nice to see you. But there's also another big change in your life. A few months ago you welcomed a baby boy. Yeah. I'm a mom. You're very first. I'm a mom. This is my first trip away from him. It's crazy. Yes. Just to see you guys. No. It's -- yes, I have a 4-month-old baby boy. He's home with his dad right now. Awe. He's on a nap. And I get to bring him to set all the time. I work in the best place. Like between Shonda rhimes and Kerry Washington it's just babies and kids and it's supported and encouraged. It's heaven. Heaven. You get to bring your baby to work. I do bring my baby to work. It's amazing. I bring my baby to work. He's onset. When he's not there everyone is like Albee is not here today. I'm like guys. It's wonderful. Speaking of pregnancies, in last week's episode of "Scandal" which was fan daysic you had intense physical scenes and I found out you were 38 weeks. I was. I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant there. Gave birth two weeks later. Wh Yeah. Yeah. I would shoot all of these scenes. Well, when they would call cut we would all look at my belly and be like it's just pretend. It's fake. Mommy is okay. Mommy is safe. Working in Shonda land is like there was an ob onset making sure I was doing everything correctly and safely. I had a pa assigned to me getting me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and water and making sure my feet were comfortable. It's the best place to work at 9 1/2 months pregnant and also great because you're not at home feeling uncomfortable. You're distracted begging for your life and being held at gunpoint which is super Normal day at work. "Scandal" has been going for 7 seasons and you guys are very close. You are just like a bunch of love. Honey, how are you dealing with the separation? I think we're in denial. Look at that. Guys, it's the best. They're lovely. We're in denial. We don't like to talk about. But the end is coming and I -- No. I know. We have a couple more episodes to shoot. I have no idea how it ends which is a good thing because if I had a glass of wine I would tell you all. I don't know how it ends. Maybe somebody will just wake up. And it will all have been a dream. What? Whoopi, I never even thought of that as an option. You're not an old person. There are people in the audience who understand why I say that. Right? No. Yes. Dallas. Dallas, yes. I have done shows that ended way before 7 seasons but I happen to sometimes take some things with me when I go. I may have Shirley's bag from community. I may have some key from the odd couple and maybe a wind chime from the mayor. But what have you possibly -- are you going to put in a bag and maybe take with you? I'm saying right now Olivia pope has the fiercest wardrobe. She does. She does. Like in the history of wardrobes. I would just like to put out there right now that I would like maybe like one of the fancy bags. Or like maybe a coat. I mean, I love everything. But c'mon. Any Quinn stuff? Look at this. Look at this this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look at this. No. I would love Quinn stuff but really I'm going to put out there for an Olivia pope -- I'm telling you ABC is not going to let you. I can tell you that for sure. What happens to it? It goes away? It goes away in archives. "Scandal" airs Thursdays Welcome to Ireland.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"Lowes joined \"The View\" to discuss the newest addition to her family and what she wants to take home from the 'Scandal' set.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52745259","title":"'Scandal' star Katie Lowes on new baby, final season of show","url":"/theview/video/scandal-star-katie-lowes-baby-final-season-show-52745259"}