Sen. Amy Klobuchar on holding voting rights town hall with Stacey Abrams

The Minnesota senator shares her takeaways on "The View" after holding a voting rights town hall in Georgia and leading a Senate Rules Committee field hearing for the first time in 20 years.
8:26 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Sen. Amy Klobuchar on holding voting rights town hall with Stacey Abrams
Thank you, great to see you, senator. You know, we were just actually discussing the politicization of the virus, masks, vaccine, in my view this has come from the right and certainly the disinformation in my view has come from places and outlets like Fox News. Right now you have 100% of both -- of Democrats in both chambers of congress that are vaccinated however in the house you only have 44.8% of house members, Republican house members that have been vaccinated, unfortunately. Marjorie Taylor Greene, congresswoman was suspended from Twitter on Monday because of the misinformation of covid-19 that she put out there. What is your answer to why has this been politicized and what can we do about it? Well, I think -- I listened to the discussion you guys had and I think every point was actually good in that our goal right now is to get everyone vaccinated in any way and message possible. Some people listen to dolly parton, some people are going to listen to Barack Obama. And we need to get the information out and the misinformation is hurting us in such a big way. Literally there are now I was listening to Meghan talk about her baby, there are babies on -- that are getting sick. There are young children, I was reading about Mississippi on ventilators and so getting people vaccinated, I've literally thought creatively myself, maybe we need billboards everywhere about the perjury that are dying that are not vaccinated and the percentage as you know is infinitesimal that are vaccinated. We are at a moment in time where we've got to be open to every new idea here and one of the best ideas is to stop the misinformation. Sean hannity gets a vaccine, that's great but let's get it out to all his people. Hospital workers, anything we can do to incentivize that, businesses, many of them are actually requiring people to get vaccines, universities are doing it, I think about it by bit that's what we have to do and at the same time the misinformation on the internet which is something I'm personally taking on is outrageous. These are the biggest, richest companies in the world that control these platforms and they've got to take this crap off and we are in a public health crisis, we still are. We've seen major improvements thanks to the vaccines, the ingenuity of people, the Biden administration getting this out, but this is holding us back. Two-thirds of the people that are not vaccinated believe something that they read on the internet. That's all the facts I need. That's from a Kaiser foundation report. So I'm going to introduce a bill to limit the misinformation on vaccines by saying, you guys are liable if you don't take it off your platforms. Senator, I agree. They're more likely to remove a breast-feeding shot than they are to remove some of this information which shows you how misguided it is. You spent the past few days in Georgia holding a town hall with Stacey Abrams and sharing the senate rules committee hearing in 20 years and heard from those directly about voter suppression what did you take away from yesterday's hearings? Voting is the fundamental right of all Americans and I know a little about this because my state has the highest voter turnout in the country and the one thing I've learned we've elected democratic governor, Republican governors and Jesse Ventura. When they're disenfranchised like they're doing with this law in Georgia and over 400 bills to disenfranchise voters and limit their freedoms have been introduced now, 28 are passed, Georgia is exhibit a is an outrage. It's not just denying voters water in line which is ridiculous when they were in line last time five, six hours and Stacey Abrams and I heard from them but limit the number of drop-off boxes or how you can do vote by mail and guess what, the runoffs that we require, that's the final election between the two candidates, we're going to take that time down. This is what the law says in Georgia to 28 days and you can't register to vote during that time period anymore. That's, you know, 29 days and you can't vote on weekends. That -- during the runoff. That is just a small part of the Georgia law and why we need basic federal rights in the for the people act of which is firmly grounded in the constitution to give people the right to vote and make it clear regardless of your zip code, you can vote. Okay. You know what, senator, any right thinking person knows that there needs to be federal regulations regarding voting at this point but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I wouldn't give up on it. It's going to come -- Yeah. It's going to come down to Manchin and Sinema. What are you going to do about that? Okay. Hi they heard these cats? Come on. I'm trying to imagine them as I'll put that out of my mind, okay, so here's what we got or joy. Here's what we've got. We have got many paths and the first is that we're negotiating with senator Manchin, you know, Stacey Abrams lent her support to that negotiated package with basic federal rights. That was a first hurdle. The second is the procedure and he's indicated a willingness to look at the standing filibuster would require our colleagues on the Republican side who have blocked the debate on this to stand there and be against voting rights day after day after day. We can limit the filibuster carveout as we call it to this kind of voting rights legislation, we also can pass a John Lewis bill which would do a big, big -- make a big change for America and that is starting in the house of representatives. We have an infrastructure package coming up that involves things like child care and housing and we could also include election infrastructure and tie that to the receipt of the money to mail-in ballots and same day registration and the like. So we have a justice department that's no longer bill Barr's justice department willing to have people in there like Vinita Gupta and Christian Clark that will take on these cases across the country. Many paths to push on voting rights from a federal level to stop these states including Texas which is much in the news right now from passing these bills. Senator klobuchar, Georgia's governor Brian Kemp called your hearing yesterday, quote, political theater. And Mitch Mcconnell said it was, quote, a silly stunt fueled by fake outrage. There have been polls from reuters and monmouth showing most dulls do favor strict voter identification laws and are concerned about election fraud. So is putting so much attention on this issue putting Democrats out of step with where voters stand on the matter? What do you think. Let's talk about what the bill is. The bill is actually supported by depending on the poll 60% to 70% of Americans to take the dark money, the hidden money out of politics, to hold the politicians to higher ethical standards and then as we just talked about to put into law basic voting standards that say things like you've got to have mail-in balloting so Americans can vote safely regardless of where they live. That you have to be able to have same day registration, all of these attempts including denying water to voters in long lines are tells to turn people away from the polls. And that's why I don't see this as partisan. I went through what happened in my state, Trevor potter, Meghan knows who he is, he was the head of the fec under George Bush, a Republican. He supports this bill so what this does, it puts into place some basic federal voting rights and, of course, they're going to attack our hearing. But the rules committee just sits in their beautiful committee room and hasn't gotten anything done on federal election reform for years so I thought why don't we listen to the people and hear from the voters including a veteran who didn't have to stand in line when he served but had to wait three hours in line when he had to vote.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"The Minnesota senator shares her takeaways on \"The View\" after holding a voting rights town hall in Georgia and leading a Senate Rules Committee field hearing for the first time in 20 years. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78950458","title":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar on holding voting rights town hall with Stacey Abrams","url":"/theview/video/sen-amy-klobuchar-holding-voting-rights-town-hall-78950458"}