Solution to prevent school shootings: Arming teachers?

"The View" co-hosts discuss possible solutions to prevent future school shootings.
5:48 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Solution to prevent school shootings: Arming teachers?
Megan you are about to say something when I come what I did I think I set a lot and if everyone monsters but now I just want to make sure that the best. Side is also represented at the table which is and by all means I don't you wanted to speak joint. Well I was gonna talk about the teachers percent of because I was a T check them. Believe you don't want me to have a gun yeah. As a teacher and my hands a teacher and I don't. And that their job is not to be gone we'll there's they're supposed sunny day teaching art show. Davis CNN wherever was both of those things that waksal was very interesting when of the teachers said. I don't wanna be responsible to have to shoot someone I mean it's it's band to get shot. But she should someone I mean I don't know if I could live with that actually I don't think I would say. But does a teacher their blazing gun owner who was apart yes and she said you know I'm I'm now reconsidering they ar fifteens. We've seen one about one of the biggest Republican donors I know how Hoffman you might remember that you raised hundreds of millions for the Republican Party. And he said I'm not giving any more money. To anybody who does not support any assault weapons ban and I think people need to say. Hitting New York where rain right now but I will say this thing about the teacher is a need to emphasize again president trump is talking about people with military experience who aren't comfortable. But he now then he went all I have to say how do I really training you really think Kevin bracken look at how many schools that aren't in this country so I was unit and military train people in every school I think it'll basically in guarded bikes. I did see any our military experience now can you tell the problem with alarming and hot and I talk about. Dicks first second when you're about facts get in fact that matter. Every undated. I just gave you it's everywhere I know. Stop stop out of OK she stopped and I just stopped take a breath. Yeah everybody just take a black. And wants to talk let's just take a breath because. Or monument is not all I and so we can hear you can't sort of his and can't talk on the same time I just wanna say something. That's OK yes. If we look at the facts if we look at the statistics every one that has done the studies in law enforcement at Harvard at all to think tanks. They have shown that more guns do not make people safe. Less guns make people sick they have shown. Back its wounds have. Gotten so readily accessible makes not only homicide more likely suicide is more likely. And shootings by accident is more likely so we have the president the United States advocating more guns teachers having guns. I wonder where are we as a country that we now no longer look at statistics we no longer look at studies we no longer look at that. We have done. Gotta say there is if you follow the money. More guns is more money for gun manufacturers. So it might see the FR AME film about the NRA I never really thought about it until recently the NRA and years ago on the show and we want to bring up the NRA people would say to break. Don't talk about them if they go last year it's scary. I think that that is different now I think that people are taking on the NRA and a lot of people in congress they somebody said this morning. If you can't take on the NRA you're in the wrong job. And I think at. I respect people who have guns I want slipped in the woods. People know the story I was trapped out somewhere in the middle of the woods with two backs down the baby my husband went to Tijuana to do his PH day. Don't ask why I. A lot of the ads move I want to have gotten I remember saying to friends. Why can't I get a gun just in case some widow of course I was reading in cold blood at the time that I look back about these strict guys coming in Kelly in the woods so I understand whining a gun that you don't have to use when you're trapped lawmen with babies in the what's. I don't understand why hunters and sportsmen need to use military style rifles that as computer. I don't I have so much respect for that because they think there's an impression with a lot of people. That there are they. Liberals want to completely removed the second amend entirely now and I think that is also a this summer that I'm glad they is cleared up specialists. Look at. As the freak of nature at the table. I just want to point out again. There is no reason why the NRA cannot work with these parents and students there is no reason because. When use okay. Listen we're looking at a lot of these school shootings. The kids are coming out of houses with a lot of dots so we want to find a way to work this out that's what people are trying to you. Less you can't have guns. But hey maybe there is too many and we need to take a look at it so we have to have the conversation. The NRA has to hear it. The have to hear. I think it's important. I think everybody at the Tate wants everybody to have. They are the thing they're best life but. My best live can't be can't outshine your best Latin and if your best live says I need your help book signing your how they're trying to figure out how. We have to find a way to do it and that's that's. That's that.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss possible solutions to prevent future school shootings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53280894","title":"Solution to prevent school shootings: Arming teachers?","url":"/theview/video/solution-prevent-school-shootings-arming-teachers-53280894"}