Stormy Daniels, attorney Michael Avenatti on Rudy Giuliani's comments

Daniels discusses Giuliani's disparaging comments about her appearance, and Avenatti discusses whether he's running for president.
5:13 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Stormy Daniels, attorney Michael Avenatti on Rudy Giuliani's comments
stormy, over the summer trump's lawyer, Rudy ia this to S about you. Let'e look athat. When you lk at stormy daels, uh, Donald trp an -- Let'ser. Look at hisee wives,right. Bewomen, classy N of gresubstance. Stormy Daniels, explain to M could bedamaged. She has no R going to sell your body fmoney, you just donreputati Ss Mr. MI values. To from wild ride." The whoelling you S does a mnic or a coal miner. You're sng your body for wo know right F won doesn't have anything to do with character. I'm sure there are times your job -- -- WHE you think abouthat S family ahas ho to. Have you thought at Melania aon and how they might have been impacted by all th I've thought about I cat what another woman might thinking ING. Been through a lot ly too. Your husband hasiled for divorce. Right. Tryino get Fu custody O Yo ughter. Where do thingtand now? We worked O th. Just visid me on E road aouple day ago and we had a great time in Boston. We've agree to work everything outot inub but in co He accused you of cheatg. Yeah. And I confrontem like, what does this mean and Saide didn't even know WHA was talking abon H put that in. Thinghen down. People of allegations when they go throughvorces. Hat I knownything about that. Butok, let me say this. Comments L wt we just saw from Rudy giulianiomments likethats from tucker Carlson and of these other pigs the that make these CNT belong the '50s -- Y S't say that. Pigs are the smartes animal T's right I'm going to tell no man should making comnts lik thatut a woman,pe, period UT they never watchedrn, these guys. I'm sure Rudy a tucker has never watchporn. That's ironic.rudy giulii and tucker Carls andtherst C her for being a star, criticize me for represng a pornstar, the arehe same guys that are probably bng upheir porn account five times a day. What hyit But they also back trump nts to grab women by their gea. So come on, the hoc I'm sure T has never watchedrn. Heat at least one. Even if they- know what, the thing is that becaushave Tse stereotypical ideas oft they E, theyind of bleed it out on people. But you know, everybs trying make a you ow. LE making a living. A lot ofrs are putting kids tgh cog to go and do other stuff that they are not table with. You know, you J C't- Y can'tveith your idea owhe. Just say I have a lot of friends in the business. Lly in Erica. This isn't ru you know. Ot yet. Not yet, exactly. Ow so What about the sketch? What Abt the sketch? You can ask. Ou reveal on T sw back in april,lege, of man who threatened you in png lostormy. Do yave any les about that? Let me answer that. We got a number of ads. E actually Narro it Dow to aumber O people that we're continuing to looat. We don wt to just come out anake such accusation until we know exa 100 who is. But this goes hand in hand with why we're T ts deposition of Michael coh donaldump,ecause it's our position that Michael Cohen likely ordered this M to intimidate her for all the reasons we'vey said, and want to ask Michael Cohen Abou that wheneake his be he'll tell you because he tck where nts to tel T truth. E're gng T find out if he's really interested in tellghe truth. St, are you going T endorse Michael avenatt T or have Y decide I haven't decide. I'm going to let him sweat it T a little longer. Tough ll if can'tet stormy -- I'm N runningyet, am I? Tell us. Iavenad determination. What's going T the deciding fact? I'm going to cone to round the cou andlk to people and see 'resupportive. If they are, then I'm goio do it look, we got a Lott in 2020. The Democrats can't get this Y nominate better be a fighter ahe better able to beat donal if they do that, they don't very business running. Than andmiael avenat. Stmy's memoir, "Full " will be ailable octobe2nd. D we of course will be right This is a cell.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Daniels discusses Giuliani's disparaging comments about her appearance, and Avenatti discusses whether he's running for president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57777469","title":"Stormy Daniels, attorney Michael Avenatti on Rudy Giuliani's comments","url":"/theview/video/stormy-daniels-attorney-michael-avenatti-rudy-giulianis-comments-57777469"}