Sunny Hostin shares her story about being harassed on vacation

Hostin shares on "The View" that she was called the n-word while vacationing with friends.
4:31 | 07/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sunny Hostin shares her story about being harassed on vacation
Welcome back. Soarently the list keeps growing of things you canno do while black in America. Getting called, having cops called on you. Here are theatest editions. You cannot do in the pool while K, even if you have community card to get in cause you're paying rent to be the okay You cannotow the lawn while K, even if some paying you to do it and you like, 11 years old. And you cannoampaign door to doorhi, even if U're the elected repreate of your district. And the lady who called the cops -- voted for you. Oh, M god. I didn't know. IST true? That's what read. Could be true.could be not. It's crazy. You had one ofhese also. Yes, Y also C play charades while black on July 4. My -- spades. We alsre playing cards. My, um, Fam lirksi said, ve rented this house in predominantly -- With ahe ladies. In predominan african-aman community. It's the only place blacks were allow B beachfront property in T country. And, we W there celebrating.and some kids about 20 of them, ran innt of O home, and started yelling the "N" word a us. And I have a video. Of sort of the aftermath. When we realized they were targeting us do we have that?we ones yelling the "N" word? Oh, no there was someone else. I ad not. Do you kno who they are? Thereas about 30 people here a half an hour ago that just left. That's harassment. Thank you, thank you very . And those are your friends. No, my friends are up there. 30 people C and ditched because we didn't hav anything No, my mother and father are activists. We called the police. We filed a rt. They were yelli -- They said this isameric we are pats. This is our day. Things like that. Did you explain to them that mostican-americans were herebefore they were? Yes. Ause ] You know, I -- it was -- you know, the African-American community does have feeling, my friends, on Jth, because africanricans were not emancipated on July 4th. To B a safe haven. A place of pride. Nd out L theyargeted us specifically because that community. Hey came from outside. They came from Jersey, some them. Some from other P of long Island. His week he sat down and, W STA all --alking to him. And he saidss supposed to besafe. D, he it -- I'm sorry. But, then he startedki about the first time he was called the "N" word was on- he went to columbiaa football player. He on the football field and what happened. And -- Yeah. And I was just shocking. Thishis day and age -- It happens all the time. It happened to us in THA E. This is why we say topeople. People com Asay, well, you know, you thought that once Obama came -- I said, no, I never tho that. Because you --T doesn't -- cism doesn't work thatway. It is in pos. Places. Allou can do is face it when it hit you. Nd it'sery hurtful. Yeah, I mean. It seems T me that a lot O erbiage has been unleashed certain people. Yoow they are. You're not talking about old LE that grew in a different T in the deep U're talking about east co youngeople. That's the part ofit. It's all L. They broke M board. They were kind ofviolent. Oh, D. Here's what we'll tellyou. Oh. W are amans. Yeah. We are all here together. You can yell the "N" word a much as you want. MM Cause it's not going the ch the fact here. White people here.llow people a here. This is our country, my fds. You C yell as much asou wa. And, if you don't knoour homeworkou kind of look a little sd. 'Ll be back.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Hostin shares on \"The View\" that she was called the n-word while vacationing with friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56460092","title":"Sunny Hostin shares her story about being harassed on vacation","url":"/theview/video/sunny-hostin-shares-story-harassed-vacation-56460092"}