Terry Crews on the success of his 30-year marriage: 'We made all the mistakes'

The host of "America's Got Talent" and illustrator of "Come Find Me" shares the three stages every man goes through in his life and career.
4:44 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for Terry Crews on the success of his 30-year marriage: 'We made all the mistakes'
You know, it was just announced that you are getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Yeah. Listen. I have to say, when I was dating my wife over 30 years ago -- Right. The first thing I told her is that we were going to play in the NFL and then move to L.A. And make movies, and to be on the walk of fame, my god. This is literally more than I could ever ask or think. It's one of those this where I'm livg in a dream. I'm scared to wake up, you know what I mean? Because all the things that I have ever dreamed have come true, and I'm just so thankful. I'm the most grateful man in Hollywood, period. Period. At the end, those dreams keep coming true. So you have to keep the dream going. When you put your name down there, you think, am I dead? Is it over? The thing about you from what I could gather is you were a self-made person. You were a football player, and then a talk show host, and you had to carve out your own career and make it yourself. How did you do that? Self-made -- it's kind of the image that everybody puts out there, but it was me and my wife together, you know what I mean? Of course. Behind every man. There were so many times when I was down and out, and I was, like, I give up. I quit. She was, like, baby, you said ufs going to do it. Now get your butt out there and do it. I was, like, okay. And all of a sudden, you make it happen. This is our journey. 100%, and to see what two people can do together, this is really a testament to that. Behind. Every successful man is a woman, they said. Big time. Okay. This kind of jumps the question, but when I was talking to the producer beforehand, the last time you were here, Rebecca was here and she was sitting in the front and it's just evident even just being a host and observing, you guys have a really incredible partnership and relationship, and the way you're talking about her is how I hope my husband someday will talk about me. What's the secret? 30 years, this kind of love and partnership? Let me tell you something. We made all the mistakes. First of all, you know, we have been through everything together. We grew up together. We have lost homes. We have lost children. We have been through -- we broke up. We have gotten back together, and it's one of those things when you start to realize what's really important because you have got to understand, every man at some time in his life is either a fool, a victim or a king. In the beginning, I was a fool. Ll be honest. It was one of those things where I didn't know what was important. I messed it all up, and then I became a victim. It's your fault. There were so many things I would blame her about, and then I realized -- the king stage is when you realize everything good and bad in your life is your responsibility. That's right. It's me. And I woke up. I have to tell you. There was a wakeup that happened to me. My job to really tell every man -- I'm guilty. When I look at a lot of things, guys are always trying to be, like, it's them, and -- you realize. It is you. Now you can correct it. Now, all healing, all regeneration of a marriage, of a life starts from you admitting your own faults. Yep. Guys, it's you. And then you move on together. Now we can heal. Now we can go. That appies to women also. I'm divorced and I remember taking the blame for my end and I could move on -- not so easy, but I moved on pretty fast, and if you don't take the responsibility, you are doomed to repeat it and repeat it. That's right. You are back for "America's got talent." Yes. I read you said that you love hosting because it brings pack the excitement you had when you were playing in the NFL. Yes. What do you mean by that? First of all, you don't play football for the money. It's too painful. I'm being honest with you. You play for the cheers. You play for the love. That crowd, excitement, that energy, and when I -- now -- that was a long time ago. I retired in '97, but when I get on that stage right now, and everybody who has ever performed live, you get it. That energy is so good, but it doesn't have concussions and my knees are okay. Explain that to my sons. I love the live reaction and the crowd energy. That's something I don't even get on a TV set every time. They give it to us every day. I know. This is what I love.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The host of \"America's Got Talent\" and illustrator of \"Come Find Me\" shares the three stages every man goes through in his life and career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63963674","title":"Terry Crews on the success of his 30-year marriage: 'We made all the mistakes'","url":"/theview/video/terry-crews-success-30-year-marriage-made-mistakes-63963674"}