Trump's UN speech met with laughter

"The View" co-hosts discuss reaction to the president's comments at the United Nations.
3:36 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Trump's UN speech met with laughter
something else because this was a huge Y -- so the new guyr the guy ithe white E spoke in front of world leaders at the united nationsesnd he got, well, a very different reaction thane es, Y, whehe S rallies. Take a look. My aion has in the history our country, America's -- so true. [ Laught I DI expect that reaction but that's okay. Eh. Soverybody lghed bec new -- He lo mortd. He wasn' mortified. He was Su I think he that everyone it. Ah. Hat everyeng to and think that people aren't gointo go -- Y silly, so silly, dummy. Applause ] E really believes -- I'm starting to thinkeeally belihe things. You're starting T think? I jt starting because they're so easily fchecked th to say this in front the united nations and I was speaking to friend mine who works there. She's neverthe history of general assembly heard ald leader Beed at. Said it's sort this WHE D means everything. Yeah, the problem is -- is that his skin is so thin Y C though .so lastime Obama made F of H at correspondents' dinner done evein overturn everything Obama has done.he's vdictive ma so I'm worried about what H T D just because he doesn't -- andlso Ty that's okay? Did we see at I D know. Yeah. Reporters as made of bei Lau at and here's Howe responded tothis. The her, whaid you some so that was T. F he said I didn't expect that respo and then he said I did it on purpose. Such liar. Heies everything. Think doesn't rze that actually people have F in their cameras. Yeah. He they'there, because early HD that's not what happen. Still T he was mortified. He's sti a human ING. You'itting up there and the problem this was ape that he give sprifi that event. Is is a campaign speech about paiotism and we're S beingen advanta of. Thorks settinbut R audience. When'repeaking to world leaders LE Justin eau, he said he's very dishonest and we tal about her allies. At T same time he Ted out the pde of Iran saying I'm sure he's an where he seems to praing at St of ruining relatns wh the -- They were lghthe brdocio. No president has er a G likeme. He's like king Kong. W be right ???

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss reaction to the president's comments at the United Nations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58099043","title":"Trump's UN speech met with laughter","url":"/theview/video/trumps-speech-met-laughter-58099043"}