White House restores Jim Acosta's press pass

The co-hosts weigh in on a federal judge's ruling that restored Acosta's pass after it was suspended following a heated post-midterm press conference.
4:34 | 11/16/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House restores Jim Acosta's press pass
Right before we went on air a federal judge ordered that White House. Temporarily return Gemma Kostis press act. Yeah. Okay. How likely win their case. Everybody feel anything right back neck saying I don't know where Arab like why are you think I'm a trouble call on him. Now that he that's interest now in inches declare why does let you imagine what he'll say singled say they'll give a put down. But he won't qualify already been on a summit it was saying about of the fact that he trump even attacked Sean Hannity because Hannity throw softball questions at him. And he likes to fight he enjoys a fight that's why Pixar have again is upon us and let him keep his hand adrenaline going up you know what the First Amendment is alive and well now I mean that's the decision that they should've made in India still pending it to make a final decision but I think that gives you predict their contents and the direction going in. The White House how we you may not like the guy. Can't stand them but how are you surprised because what president with that said they were to rule against this Kelly passes did you take a fumble and and I and I think that's why you and you saw so many news outlets support CNN in support Jim because they're thinking. What if this happens to my White House correspondent. Comment and I and I think the judge it was pretty clear in asking the questions the judge really. Reviewed both sides both arguments but as I said the other day what was most surprising to me is that the White House sent out that doctor tape. And then says that shipment costs you know assault a single girl gas and that argument never comes up in front of that federal judge that was selected to gently argument because we all have an idea what assaults looks exactly assault was not. Look I got I got the might just hold up that's not assault what you ninety feet you know we also adding it is named him shouldn't heat and maybe he should sue the president oh god gives them their money aren't you. Remember happy birthday Oden who lawyers Griffin and me I think what we are seeing in this case is the constitution what the ways to post and we are seeing. Check. Well equal independent branches of government that a checked each other. And balance each other than which is where my Republican Party has failed abject Wii and congress then look the other way as Donald Trump has abused power. But you know man holds press angle romped. Be ma'am may be gonna be man Carlsbad. I what is sex. In a big area. Oh yeah. We Ares I knew what about senator Sanders I mean and her her part in it because she was the one that disseminated that Don no way I am at this out last her high. Pocket LSU will definitely heard. Mount and that the judge said you can't do that sure of and that's what's important that they can't continue to do and conduct business as they wish and I'm sure they well yeah but. You cannot you can't cope on the constitution now. You know the case that if that's the law the law says this is what you as a free. Press cracks in must it must be maintained. Yes there are lots of laws. And you have to you have to accept them like we have. Except the Second Amendment that is except get yelled as this is part of you know real interesting we always talk about due process here especially you will be what the judge found was when they took his press pass they violated the Fifth Amendment. Which is you know and and he was denied they figure was denied his right of due process that can't just do something now without going through that process I've taught to our legal analyst very telling us how it wasn't high school down a big world the real world you have to explain you're actually that yeah Iowa side back and looks like that in dictatorships. Like that she knew what went back again and governments where there is no democracy and why there is a strong man who decides and appoint what. You know who he wanted them what you want that's. Why with all the complaints today we still have we still the constitution and there's a reason for that it will that holds us together in times like this but that kind of brings us to the idea Politico how he's been appointed and it is he kind of pass Muster. And is that okay that's sort of a dictatorial rule is that there isn't completely well I'm he mentions Whitaker he mentioned smaller apparently yes in his mind and oh yes there's got to get what he wanted time together yet on what his people. But the bottom line is. One thing at a time one giant at a time knocked down one giant lie at a time yeah house. Knock it down my dad. You don't want to popping up again we don't want it would be were visiting this crap again.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The co-hosts weigh in on a federal judge's ruling that restored Acosta's pass after it was suspended following a heated post-midterm press conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59249259","title":"White House restores Jim Acosta's press pass","url":"/theview/video/white-house-restores-jim-acostas-press-pass-59249259"}