Evidence shows Jodi Arias was with Travis Alexander on his last day alive: Part 6

Police found a camera in Alexander's home that contained photos of him and Arias taken the day he was killed. Police said she called them after the murder probing for information.
7:50 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Evidence shows Jodi Arias was with Travis Alexander on his last day alive: Part 6
I was a really good friend of Travis'. What have you heard so far? I heard that he passed away and I heard there was a lot of blood. I heard that his friend found him or -- people were -- I'm sorry. Within hours of the body being discovered, Jodi calls the homicide detective to ask what was going on. Do you know when all this happened? I mean. I got a call last night, is there any word on -- Sometime between Thursday and last night. We're not sure yet. She asks questions, but she doesn't seem to be overly stressed or overly concerned. Maybe you can't talk about this, but was there -- was there like any kind of weapons used? Was there a gun? I can't say what type of weapon was used but, yeah, I'm guessing there was a weapon by the type of injuries that were left behind. She wanted to know how he died. And she was probing for information. It's almost like I was being interviewed by her. I heard that nobody's been able to get ahold of him for almost a week and that was about the last time I spoke to him too. And what did you guys talk about? It was brief. I was driving out to Utah. And he was like, "Are you gonna come out and see me?" And I was like, "No." She's explaining to him that she had been on a road trip to see this Ryan burns, her newest love interest in Utah and that she in fact broke up with Travis some time ago and hadn't seen him for months. I know people were saying that that she wasn't in town. But her name was coming up. She was an ex-girlfriend, and she wouldn't leave Travis alone. Some of his closest friends began mentioning your name as, you know, hey you need to call her because she probably knows what happened to him. Or she possibly had something to do with it. Oh gosh, no. Detective flores says, "Hey, people are saying that you guys had a fatal attraction." Jodi immediately denies ever being in Arizona or anywhere near Travis' house on the night he was killed. How would you describe your relationship with him? We dated for, like, five months. And we broke up and we continued to actually see each other. I kind of feel embarrassed talking about this, but it wasn't boyfriend and girlfriend, it was more like kind of buddies. So you guys were not, like, romantically together at any time? We were intimate but I wouldn't say romantic as far as the relationship goes. And you say intimate. Does that include a sexual relationship with him? Yeah, it does. Detective flores becomes increasingly intrigued by Jodi Arias. Here we have a former girlfriend of a man whose friends have said the ex-girlfriend's a woman scorned and angry. And now the former girlfriend's on the phone saying, "We're still having secret sex." Yeah, and if you could just keep it confidential for now because I know he's Mormon. It's seriously looked down upon in the church. Jodi basically talks herself right up to the top of the list of potential suspects. I contacted her and said, "Look, if you're ever in town, please get ahold of me. We're getting fingerprints and DNA from everybody who has been in the house." And she said, "Absolutely. I'm coming down for his memorial service." I just remember there being tons and tons of people. It was a great service. My siblings, a lot of my siblings, spoke. He just loved to be with his family and his friends and just bring joy to everybody's life. He truly loved life. The memorial service, I think, looking back on it, would have been something that he would have really liked. And they honored him in a very, very good way. She showed up at the memorial for Travis down in Arizona, as if she's some grieving widow. They look across the room, and there is Jodi Arias. He was murdered. They're all thinking, "She did it." His family members were there, some family members. And there's a part of me that wanted me to reach out to them. I don't think that they would have felt comfortable with me approaching them, as much as I wanted very much to express my condolences. While Jodi is in town and the investigation is ongoing, police are collecting evidence from everybody. Jodi volunteers to go down to the police station and be fingerprinted. She got her fingerprints done. I had a DNA sample from her, and that's all I needed. The detectives wanted Jodi's DNA because there was a bloody palm print at the murder scene. And they wanted to see, does it match Jodi Arias'? Well, until the forensics come back, there's a waiting game. What doesn't take long to analyze is the memory card in that camera found in the laundry room. That took just a matter of days. The computer forensic investigator, he's in the office just below me. He called me up and said, "You're not gonna believe what I just found." To their shocking surprise there are photographs on this digital camera that are date stamped from the day of the murder. He asked me, "Who's this girl? Because she was there the same day that he was killed." And I took one look at it, and I said, "Oh, my goodness. That's Jodi Arias. She lied to me. She was there." They find photos of both Travis and Jodi in sexually provocative positions. Photos of Travis in the shower looking directly at the camera. I believe that's the last photo that was taken of him before something happened. The camera apparently accidentally somehow fell and took a couple shots during the course of the killing. Unbelievable. One of the photos is of the back of Travis' head with blood running down his arm. And in the foreground is a leg and a foot wearing blue pants. It is one of the most astounding pieces of evidence in the history of jurisprudence. The idea that even as the homicide occurred the camera is continuing to click photographs. It's almost like having somebody videotape your murder. The photographs are a huge deal in the case but they are just one piece of the puzzle. They need the DNA to come back. It takes about a month for the blood in that palm print to come back. And what it shows is that the blood in that palm print is Jodi and Travis'. It's, like, oh, my goodness. We now have evidence that places Jodi physically at the scene with blood on her hand. Within a week, flores is in yreka, working with the siskiyou sheriff's department to pick Jodi up. Jodi Arias is taken into the interrogation room. And what she does there stuns the world. Who does that?

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"Police found a camera in Alexander's home that contained photos of him and Arias taken the day he was killed. Police said she called them after the murder probing for information.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68998939","title":"Evidence shows Jodi Arias was with Travis Alexander on his last day alive: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/evidence-shows-jodi-arias-travis-alexander-day-alive-68998939"}