Heather Robinson discovers John Robinson is her biological mother's killer: Part 7

At 15 years old, Heather Robinson found out that “Uncle John” killed her mother Lisa Stasi. She said the discovery confirmed her “off-putting feeling” she had whenever Robinson was around her.
6:55 | 10/05/19

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Transcript for Heather Robinson discovers John Robinson is her biological mother's killer: Part 7
Robinson is a suspected serial killer who may have victims dating back to 1984. 19-year-old Lisa Staci and her 5-month-old daughter Tiffany, have been missing for more than 15 years. The body of Lisa Staci has never been found. Baby Tiffany stasi was purportedly adopted by a midwestern family in January of 1985, where she remains today. Oh, my gosh. Someone's alive. That's huge. Little baby Tiffany is okay. How did you connect John and me? That I may have been Lisa's daughter? That was after we recovered the bodies at linn county, we received a tip through the d.a.'s office from, apparently, one of your relatives. It said that your dad had adopted a kid back in the '80s. This is my adoptive father. How are you doing? I'm doing okay. Her adopted father tells her about that night when both of their lives changed forever. Got a phone call in the middle of the night. Saying that there's problems, that it might have something to do with Heather. The phone rang once, picked it up, I heard my dad so immediately I hit the mute button. That's when I heard that John had been arrested, and the only part I remember hearing was they believe that he may be connected to Heather's mother. And then I got off the phone and then they freaked out. I remember Freida running up and down the stairs, panicking. "How could he do this to us? We're gonna go to jail. This is horrible. Our lives are over." And that was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. The Chicago FBI went to the home, talked to them, received the timeframe and everything else. Recovered some adoption papers and information like that, that we would eventually look into. And so the FBI knocked at our door and we talked to them, we agreed to go to the FBI office when they needed us to, submit DNA samples and fingerprints, your fingerprints and your footprint, and we got all inked up. Officially, we didn't know until they compared her footprint with a footprint from the hospital records. We had a tentative I.D. After that, and then, of course, later on through DNA they were able to confirm that his was Tiffany. After that, Heather reads all she can online about John Robinson's arrest. So incredibly at the age of 15 she learns her mother was killed by a serial killer, and that serial killer is her uncle John, who took her and gave her to his own brother don. The idea of Tiffany being adopted out to Robinson's brother came as a bombshell to us. What kind of individual would kill a woman and then adopt her baby to a brother? You were just 15, and you find out this uncle is being called a serial killer. What's going through your mind? What's going through your heart? It was kind of confirmation. It was reassurance that I wasn't crazy, that that off-putting feeling, that horrible vibe and energy around him was very real, and I wasn't making it up in my head. When I was 14, 15, I know it was prior to him being arrested we had gone to Florida for one of his kids' weddings and then when we were there we were both on the dance floor, it started fine. That's when he pulled me against me started grinding on me, body flush, then asked me if I had sex, if it hurt, if it hurt, if I liked it. And then he's like, I know things are really rough between your mom and dad, I'll tell you what, you message me, don't tell anyone, I'll send you a plane ticket. We'll get things settled and situated for you and we will go from there. So you were considering going down to live with your uncle John? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was month before he got caught that I was going to start asking, can you just get me the plane ticket, I'll come down. Had he not been caught, and you had moved down to Kansas to be with him -- I'd be dead. I would be in that barrel. She's a teenager, and then she learns for the first time that basically her whole life was a lie. Must have just been tremendously hard for her to deal with. John actually created an entirely different history for you. You had a different name. You had a different birthday. Yeah. He had said I was born October 12th, 1984. I was actually born September 3rd. Just more punches to the gut. Yeah. The October birthday really hurt. I love Halloween and I loved having my birthday in October. My first time celebrating the September birthday would have been my sweet 16. I celebrated that locked in my room, crying in bed, wishing I was dead and that I had never been born. That was my sweet 16. Knowing what John did to Lisa and knowing that he adopted Tiffany out to his brother, I don't know how anyone would be able to understand John's mind. What satisfaction, what emotional response he might have to seeing Heather, year after year as she has. Heather grows up and John knowing, knowing full well what had happened, what he had done. I certainly can't fathom it. Are they legally the parents? Well it's our position that there was no legal adoption. In their mind they believe they legally adopted this little girl, but it was not a legal adoption. On the day he brought you there, I still remember that picture. Yeah. Every time I look at that picture I'm thinking, was it an hour before he killed your mom? Was it four hours before?

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"At 15 years old, Heather Robinson found out that “Uncle John” killed her mother Lisa Stasi. She said the discovery confirmed her “off-putting feeling” she had whenever Robinson was around her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66075179","title":"Heather Robinson discovers John Robinson is her biological mother's killer: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/heather-robinson-discovers-john-robinson-biological-mothers-killer-66075179"}