Jodi Arias arrested for murdering her ex-lover Travis Alexander: Part 7

Arias claimed she was on her way to Utah when police say Alexander was killed. After denying she was at Travis’ home, she admitted the woman in the photos taken that day looked like her.
9:15 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Jodi Arias arrested for murdering her ex-lover Travis Alexander: Part 7
We are Farmers. Bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum It's been about a month since Travis's murder and the cops have now gone to California. They are in Jodi's hometown and they're about to move in and arrest her. We knocked on her door with several deputies and placed her in handcuffs and told her she was under arrest for Travis' murder. It was almost an out of body kind of experience. It was like I was watching the whole thing unfold. I remember vividly her being walked towards me and she had handcuffs on. And she took one look at me and smiled and said, "Hello, detective flores. How are you doing?" I traveled all the way up here to talk to you because I believe you can help us. I would love to help you in any way that I can. They just wanted to know my whereabouts on the day he passed away. And to know a little bit about certain sequence of events. Obviously their number one goal here is to just get a confession. The investigator starts asking her questions, obviously about where she was during the time Travis was killed. She says she was on her way to Salt Lake City, Utah, to meet with a new love interest, Ryan burns. You took a trip and you decided to go to, instead of going over to Utah, you went straight out to the Los Angeles area. Which route did you take from I was supposed to get on the 15 and go all the way up. And I somehow got off the 15. Where did you end up? For a while I was lost. I don't know where Phoenix is, and Mesa, it's got to be over here. Yeah. I didn't go anywhere near there. The problem with Jodi Arias' story is that this road trip has her arriving in Utah a day late. And that's what detective flores keys in on. Where were you that day? This is what people are focusing on, is this trip that you took, because they're saying, "She left. She didn't arrive until Thursday." Wednesday, that's when Travis was killed. I did not go near his house. Jodi has a slew of excuses about how she had this very strange trip. Jodi says, oh, my phone died. I honestly got lost. It's bad timing. Darn, of all days. At the same time Travis was being stabbed dead, Jodi Arias claims to be lost, alone, and without a cell phone. Now, that's convenient. We tried to contact her maybe three or four times throughout that day, and every time we called it went straight to voicemail. She shows up looking quite different. Gone is her platinum blonde hair. It's suddenly dyed back brown. We watched a movie and spent some time together. The two start making out very passionately. This is within hours of Travis Alexander being slaughtered. We kissed a few times, we never had sex, but she certainly wasn't acting like she had something troubling her in any way. Maybe she just doesn't have the same ability of emotions that the rest of us do. I -- I don't -- I don't get it. Or she's doing a really good job of acting. As detective flores keys in on that missing day on Jodi's road trip, he keys in on something else. About a week before Travis' murder, a gun went missing from Jodi's grandparents' house. You misreported a gun stolen, 25 auto, which just happens to be the same caliber as the weapon used to kill him. A 25 auto was used to kill Travis? She's always articulate, soft-spoken, she seems sincere. I'm not guilty. I didn't hurt Travis. If I hurt Travis, if I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty. Detective, I'm not a murderer. I was thinking, "Wow, is she really telling the truth? Do I not have the right person?" If Travis were here today, he would tell you that it wasn't me. Very quickly I just snapped back into it and said, "No, I've got the right person. She's just a really good liar." Were you at Travis' house on Wednesday? Absolutely not. I was nowhere near Mesa. The detective is going on and on with Jodi and he's -- he's just not getting anywhere. And finally the detective decides he's gonna pull his card. Detective flores plays his ace. And his ace is those photos which place Jodi in Travis' bed a few hours before he was killed. What if I could show you proof you were there? Would that change your mind? I wasn't there. You guys had a sexual encounter, of which there is pictures. And I know you know there is pictures because I have them. And they're dated and time stamped. Are you sure it's me? I mean, 'cause I was not there. Jodi, it's you. The camera actually took a couple of photos by accident during the time that he was being killed. Really? Yeah, Jodi, really. Can you imagine what is going through her mind? She must have been thinking, how did I leave that camera in the washer? Gosh, I thought I covered all my steps. The first photo that detective flores pulls out is Jodi and all her naked glory. I covered the private areas of the picture because I didn't want her to be embarrassed. That's you. I wanted to cover you up because that's you, all of you. Hat looks like me. That is you. She looks at it. Looks up. Looks at it again and went, "That looks like me." It is you! This one I don't know if I should show you but it's just one of the photos that was taken by accident. It was very disturbing. It showed what looked like maybe it was Travis and what looked like a perpetrator of some -- of some sort. It's your foot, Jodi. That's Travis. This is his bathroom. That is not my foot. No matter how much evidence I would tell her about, she was not going to admit that she was even there. Your left palm print at the scene in blood. This one, you absolutely cannot, cannot explain that away. Could my palm print have already been there? When I touched it? No, Jodi. Jodi, this is over. This is absolutely over. Jodi, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence, evidence that proves that she was there at the time of the murder, Jodi is still in denial. This is a really trivial question, and it's going to reveal how shallow I am, but before they move me, can I clean myself up a bit? You're going to be taken the way you are. Thank goodness they had a camera going, because nobody would believe what happened next. She does this weird yoga-like back bend that's kind of sexual. Oh holy night She sings. The stars are brightly shining She even does a headstand in the interrogation room. Who does that? I noticed there was carpet on the floor. And I thought, "This might be the last time I see carpet. So I'm gonna do a headstand." There's no words, really, to describe that kind of thought process. Very, very odd behavior for someone accused of murder. You should've at least done your makeup, Jodi, gosh. She wanted to put makeup on prior to getting her booking photo done because she knew that her picture was gonna be on the internet, and it's gonna be on the news. Jodi is a narcissist. She wasn't about to have her mugshot taken without looking as pretty as possible. She smiled for the camera. That is Jodi Arias. Jodi returns to her jail cell. And the next day, she has an entirely different story. He held the gun to my head. I was so scared.

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{"duration":"9:15","description":"Arias claimed she was on her way to Utah when police say Alexander was killed. After denying she was at Travis’ home, she admitted the woman in the photos taken that day looked like her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68998940","title":"Jodi Arias arrested for murdering her ex-lover Travis Alexander: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/jodi-arias-arrested-murdering-lover-travis-alexander-part-68998940"}