Jodi Arias goes to trial for Travis Alexander’s murder, drawing media frenzy: Part 9

Prosecutors asserted Arias meticulously planned Alexander’s murder. They argued she turned off her cell phone so she could not be tracked and then stabbed him, slit his throat and shot him.
7:10 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Jodi Arias goes to trial for Travis Alexander’s murder, drawing media frenzy: Part 9
For people with hearing loss, visit Jodi Arias was locked up waiting for trial for more than four years. Jodi was largely a model prisoner. When she's behind bars, she wins a singing competition. O holy night An encore performance of "O holy night." O night divine O night Jodi needs the spotlight. And now she's locked up, she's got a captive audience. She would invite journalists. I guess I've seen better days, but that'll have to do. To come in and interview her. All of the evidence to me is very compelling, but none of it proves that I committed a murder. She wanted to control the narrative. So she was constantly courting the media. No jury is going to convict me. Why not? Because I'm innocent. And you can mark my words on that one. Shocking murder case under way now in downtown Phoenix. The trial was a circus. It was Arizona's version of the O.J. Simpson trial. This entire street is lined with satellite trucks. It's a real shock to people to think that a female could kill somebody in such a brutal fashion. Mic check again. One, two, three, four, five. The fascination of this murder trial is drawing crowds. That's right. People actually standing in long lines. The public was obsessed because this was a case that was drenched in sex. And lies, and sex, and religion, and sex. People quit their jobs to attend this trial. This is the time set for trial to begin. When Jodi Arias first came into the courtroom it was quite different from the image we had of her in photos with Travis. She had gone from blonde bombshell sexpot -- boom. Now she's walking into court looking like a librarian. What a makeover. Please be seated. They don't sell clairol hair dye in jail. So this is my natural hair color. My eyes deteriorated in here, my vision, so I got glasses. It just seemed like it was all a ploy to manipulate the jury. All right. This is the state of Arizona vs Jodi Ann Arias. Is the state ready? Juan Martinez, the prosecutor, was seeking the death penalty against Jodi. They wanted to see Jodi Arias face the same fate that Travis Alexander faced. And they felt they had plenty of evidence to back that up. This is not a case of whodunit. The person who done it sits in court today. It's the defendant, Jodi Ann Arias. In prosecutor Juan Martinez's version of events, she had carefully planned this murder of Travis as an act of rage from a woman's scorned. She had planned or thought about killing Travis Alexander before she actually killed him. Jodi was telling people that she was going to visit Ryan burns, who lives in Salt Lake City. That was her alibi. She was gonna drive down to L.A. First, and then from there she was gonna come and see me. The prosecution claimed that Jodi had stolen the gun that was taken from her grandparents' house. Police believe she then engaged in what became known as the killer road trip. She knew at the start of this trip that she was going to kill him. She dyed her hair. So that if anybody spotted her in the neighborhood, she wouldn't be that blonde that was seen a lot at Travis Alexander's home. She borrowed two gas cans from her ex-boyfriend and bought a third. That seems strange because why would she want to take gas cans on a trip. Last time anybody was in California, the place is dotted with gas stations. Her cell phone was conveniently off from the time she crossed over into Arizona. I tried to call her at 9:00 but her phone went straight to voicemail so I couldn't get through. She knew that we were going to track her phone. She knew and she did not want to leave a trail. It seemed that she thought of almost every little detail. It was clear that this was premeditated. She arrived at the house. She's having sex. They're taking the pictures. You know, she's just waiting for a moment to kill him. Back in 2013, ABC built an exact replica of Travis Alexander's bathroom and bedroom suite where the murder happened. The prosecution's theory is that it begins here. Dan Abrams gave me the prosecution's version of what happened. It appears that she's the one that's taking these photographs of him in the shower. And there's many poses of the water running down him. So she's taking photos of him, and asks for one final picture where he's looking directly into the camera. Looks straight into the camera. The final picture of him alive. He's in the shower. His defenses are down. He's very comfortable. At some point the prosecution says she gets a knife. And stabs him in the chest. He's stabbed and he still lives. And he staggers to the sink. Coughs up blood on the mirror. And in the same time she continues stabbing him according to the prosecution in the middle of his back. Mr. Alexander did not die calmly. He fought. He somehow continues to try to get away. Around right here he -- He falls. -- Goes down. And that's where the slitting ear to ear took place. That one was rapidly fatal. At this point she then decides to drag him back into the bathroom. By the time she was dragging him down, he didn't need that shot to the head. But she had a gun somewhere. She got that gun and she put a bullet right in his temple. She did everything she could to make sure that he was never going to leave that bedroom unless it was in a body bag. Now we want to hear what's the defense case going to be. How are they going to beat back all of this evidence? You may proceed. They had to kind of construct a whole alternate storyline to explain this behavior. Jodi was Travis' dirty little secret. Her mission was to murder by brother again by destroying his reputation. Miss Arias, come forward. You may take a seat, please. Jodi Arias had changed her story twice. Jodi Arias now had a third story. Did you kill Travis Alexander on June 4th, 2008? Yes, I did.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"Prosecutors asserted Arias meticulously planned Alexander’s murder. They argued she turned off her cell phone so she could not be tracked and then stabbed him, slit his throat and shot him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68998994","title":"Jodi Arias goes to trial for Travis Alexander’s murder, drawing media frenzy: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/jodi-arias-trial-travis-alexanders-murder-drawing-media-68998994"}