Massage therapist claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her: Part 3

Juls Bindi says she was 29 years old when Weinstein allegedly groped her chest and exposed himself during a 2010 massage appointment.
6:02 | 10/14/17

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Transcript for Massage therapist claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her: Part 3
is made at home. Reporter: A quick-cut montage brings us to gfx the 2010 project runway fashion show in New York, where a giant of the entertainment industry surveys the merchandise from the front row. Harvey Weinstein is now a player in the fashion world and he's found success on TV with the fashion reality show "Project runway." That same year back in los Angeles, juls bindi, a massage therapist to the stars, says Weinstein arranged for a session in his suite at the montage hotel. He's like, "Oh my god, your massage is so good. It's like an art form that you're doing. He was like you should write about this. Reporter: This is an interesting wrinkle, bindi says Weinstein then starts texting her constantly about a book deal. Who would not be flattered to have the opportunity to be a published author. Reporter: But when Weinstein returned for a second massage, bindi says he wanted something more. He cut the massage short. And he gets up and he just says how big is my penis? I was like, "Excuse me?" Then he followed me into the bathroom, he shuts the door behind him. Reporter: Then bindi says he proceeds to pleasure himself. I'm like, "Please, this is not appropriate, I do not feel comfortable. No, this is not okay. He grabbed me, started groping on my chest. And I pushed him away. I was stunned what do you do in a situation like that? You have this guy who is overpowering you what can you do? He said do you want the book deal or not? Reporter: Emails show Weinstein's people following up with bindi about the book proposal. I get the book deal because I allowed this man to attack me without telling on him? That's not right. I didn't pursue it. And that's the way that many sexual harassers make these things go away. Is payments, sometimes I guess a book deal. Reporter: She considers pursuing legal action but says she's advised against going public if she isn't ready to face the fallout. I was terrified. I was scared. How can you not be scared of Harvey Weinstein? He could destroyer my career. Meanwhile, Weinstein's career is entering a new enchanted phase. The king's speech garners 12 Oscar nominations, winning four including best picture. The media dubbed Weinstein the comeback kid. In 2012 Weinstein's "The iron lady" snags an Oscar and a golden globe for Meryl Streep . I just want to thank my agent Kevin huvane, and god, Harvey Weinstein" .the documentary "Bully" gives Weinstein a chance to strut his social conscience. I always hated injustice. I might be tough but I hate injustice. And time magazine names him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. He was a figure in political circles. He was a figure to be reckoned with. Jennifer Lawrence. Harvey thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today. In 2013 the praises interrupted by this memorable dig. Listen to Seth Mcfarland as he announce that is year's Oscar nominees for best supporting actress. Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Mcfarland says that zinger came from a place of loathe and anger. Anger spawned by what Jessica Barth had told him. Yet another alleged story of sexual harassment for Harvey Weinstein right down to the hotel room. The champagne and the invitation to massage. When she tries to leave he then turns on her, lashes out, insults her and says she's too fat. So many alleged victims. So many years of silence. They're absolutely was a culture of silence and it required many, many actors to aid and abet. This was over and over again I was told was an open secret. The only way something like this stays quiet for so long is when there are a number of settlements with a confidentiality agreement. What Harvey Weinstein was really paying for was silence. As for Weinstein's colleagues at miramax and the company some accusers allegedly they abedded his misbehavior, attended initial meetings with Weinstein and leaving him alone with the woman. When you're acts as the honey pot and luring another woman into a room shouldn't you bear some of the responsibility? Are you not complicit in that? And when internal complaints about Weinstein's behavior made it to human resources they went nowhere. Multiple women talked about how ineffectful that hr was and they knew that if they went that that office they might be retaliated against. Dip to black. In 2015 the Weinstein company distributions a documentary called the hunting ground about sexual assault on college camp campus campuses. I trusted what he said. He will find himself in the crosshairs of the NYPD. One victim thinks she has a recording to prove it. You touched my breasts. I'm used to that. Stay with us. I can do this job in my sleep

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Juls Bindi says she was 29 years old when Weinstein allegedly groped her chest and exposed himself during a 2010 massage appointment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"50474356","title":"Massage therapist claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/massage-therapist-claims-weinstein-sexually-assaulted-part-50474356"}