The mystery of the bullet hole in Buttafuoco home solved: Part 10

Steven Sleeman revealed to “20/20” that he’d fired into Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s home the day before Thanksgiving, months before Amy Fisher shot her.
5:17 | 11/09/19

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Transcript for The mystery of the bullet hole in Buttafuoco home solved: Part 10
fisher's onetime accomplice? He confessed to us on camera that a full six months before Amy pulled the trigger, he had gone to the buttafuoco home. He saw Mary Jo in the window. He took aim, and he fired. The day before Thanksgiving, it was a Wednesday morning. I happened to be in my car and no one was in the house, had her lined up in my sights. And I put two shots through the window. There it is, there it is. He did that? That was an unknown. We had a bullet come through the window in, what, October, November? The day before Thanksgiving. We thought it was just like random kids in the neighborhood up to mischief. But we had the police here. Yeah, and you made a report and it went through that window right there. She was painting the kitchen -- I often -- We never knew who it was. No one ever made the connection 'cause they didn't find the gun. It was a long-scope .22 hunting rifle. I saw her shadow in the window. I didn't know if I hit her. I was just too scared. The bullet went through the front living room window and into the wall into the living room. And the only reason you weren't in the way of that bullet is because you went to the bathroom at that time. Yeah. That was a miracle, it would have hit you. What do you know. It came as a complete surprise to Mary Jo and Jessie, but 28 years later allowed them to finally put the puzzle together. If Sleeman had admitted this years ago, even though he had immunity, he could still be prosecuted, because part of the immunity agreement is that he's gonna tell the truth and the whole truth. The only thing protecting him now is the statute of limitations, which is expired. I think people should know what really went on, and I am very sorry for Mary Jo and her family because of Amy and I. This is all Amy fisher, she planned it. She had months in the making, she hired these people. Amy, look over here. Amy. And where's Amy fisher now you may be asking yourself? Well, she's got a ex-husband, and a few kids, and a tragic past behind her. Look, there she is. She is choosing to be a webcam girl. You know, doing her thing on the internet. A cam girl is someone that goes online and shows off all their glory for a nominal fee. I don't know whether to feel bad for her or just be amazed at how Up one human being can be. This is what she's doing on Tuesday night. She goes online and guys pay her money or girls and she has sex with herself. While Amy fisher is still doing her thing online, Joey says that he's finally getting help to put his own personal demons to rest. I wouldn't be here or be able to speak to you without havin' my coach, Robert, help me through all of my issues. And it was, like, 60 years of issues. I committed to listen to him as someone who was going to be a safe space for him to reveal whatever there was to reveal. If somebody was to say, "Hey, Joey buttafuoco, in five years, you're gonna have a life coach and your life's gonna be dramatically better," I would've said, "Great." You know, I'm not doing that. But I did. Now we're finally in control of our own movie. Mm-hmm. That nobody could ever expect maybe from a Joey buttafuoco. So here we are again. Joey is teaming up with reunion producer David krieff to try to turn buttafuoco into bucks. We came to writing a script for a movie about a very young Joey buttafuoco. I'm excited about it, Joe. The script is nice. I'm very excited about it. Nice. I'm proud of my dad for telling his story, and I hope he's not using it to justify why he made so many poor decisions. I just remember saying, I just don't understand why he does this. I don't get him. And my son said, "Mom, he's always gonna be the way he is. He's a sociopath." And I'm like, "Paul, no. What? You know, that's a Jeffrey Dahmer. That's a Ted Bundy. Your father's an idiot," I said, "But he's not a sociopath." And that night I went on my computer and I wrote "Traits of a sociopath." My eyes went, "Oh, my god." All of a sudden all of the years started to come into perspective for me. The beginning of my marriage, the middle of my marriage, and it all made some sort of sense. If you needed an angle to sell a book, couldn't you have done anything else except saying' your husband's a sociopath? I don't know. I just, I don't know what to say about that. I've just been fed B.S. By him my whole life. I know it, he knows it, the American people know it. I am never going to recover from this, my son is never gonna recover from this, and my daughter will never recover. We will live with it and we will adjust to it, but we will never get over it. Despite the fact this story just never seems to end, there is still one buttafuoco you haven't heard from, who refuses to stand in the spotlight.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Steven Sleeman revealed to “20/20” that he’d fired into Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s home the day before Thanksgiving, months before Amy Fisher shot her. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66865316","title":"The mystery of the bullet hole in Buttafuoco home solved: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/mystery-bullet-hole-buttafuoco-home-solved-part-10-66865316"}