The Neighborhood of the Future

Act 5: is a high-tech neighborhood watch for neighbors to connect and problem-solve.
6:23 | 09/21/13

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Transcript for The Neighborhood of the Future
-- -- Wednesday morning surveillance. Repackage it Cecil lost places and San Jose California. If you go FedEx guard. -- didn't get to gate opens. -- -- -- The -- threat of inside that package. Thermal underwear. Now wants this seconds later -- guy pulls up an abortion. For low incomes and those under bands have pretty brazen. -- somebody driving a seventy and Google reports its dealings thermal underwear from your -- yes that's -- different place. -- -- late replacement underwear arrives and thanked the same guy he pulls it. Cecil posted his video evidence when a new social network called next door dot -- We have -- video everybody started actively looking for that. A neighborhood manhunt triggered with the click of -- -- This incident with -- Cecil Stoughton thermal underwear. You you broke the case. Well like I guess I just followed -- to. The light into the -- service licensed -- the thermal underwear bandit is now facing. Part time. And this sleepy subdivision could be the blueprint for the neighborhood. Of our future bristling with cameras United Online -- -- -- feeling. Her under less scrutiny here in North Korea I mean a well -- again if there's a trade -- between you know keeping yourself safe and having a police state what you want to feel empowered. This next door to calm -- spreading like crabgrass currently pricing in nearly 20000. Neighborhoods. -- its membership by 500%. -- -- -- -- Think of next door dot -- like a hyper local Facebook's rigueur the local joint. Locals can access this site. You can't -- is that unlike Facebook's frivolity more local events and recommendations for dentists. Christians. I'm San Francisco posted -- of the recoup attacking his -- to -- favorite. Another guy in Alaska posted a video -- neighbors how some fire. And as we've seen in San Jose a lot of people use next door dot com. -- just -- that crime the police no longer. Are responding to burglar alarms Dave her readiness what they called elite of the local next door dot com he's eager to show up lots more surveillance video -- the site. This was neighbor's house 6 o'clock in the morning you can see there's two suspects and one right there and there's another one can into the -- over there. Aggies in the car in the cards again as in this gets posted on next door and everywhere in the neighborhood is we on the lookout for these guns and jaw dropping six. And here they are yapping and confident little soiree read -- Madison advertised of course in the events section. Next door -- column. Most folks here are loving -- includes -- civilians. I played music more information like things that are happening in neighborhoods that are. Yeah. I think we have a couple people that this move against whoever forever -- reluctant to join but they may be carrying on an extramarital affair often. Are there any aspects of -- -- you don't I think it's paranoia a little among some of the homeowners we don't like the worried but we like the preparations. Next door dot -- foundered and -- have totally and thinks he's gonna make our world. The best place we look at today we're almost 30% of Americans. Don't know a single they provide -- We ask yourself how did that happen. I'll tell you have happened people have retreated -- to watch TV and -- and on the Internet where more suspicious we assume our neighbors are weird. Ironically -- -- column wants to use the technology that drove us indoors to reverse that trend and these guys. -- -- -- -- Ultimately we think that next source for everything. Every neighborhood every single neighborhood. Next door to home wouldn't be the same without the -- video sharing. And its cameras like this little baby and the drop -- that sense. Death that's that's horrible things that desk. All the money shots -- and next door -- totally separate companies but it is true. There's a potentially slightly creepy aspect of this. That's progress you couldn't -- -- -- to be motion today to send you it. When it's triggered. You could watch life on your phone from anywhere in the world what's happening you -- tax Melissa from Seattle was vacationing in Idaho when. She got a -- from the camera in her garage. And this is what she sold. Life. The first thing -- is. When candidates and this really real that's real real -- in the scheme must -- in her garage and that's happening line. I immediately called my name and a neighbor who immediately called 911 police arrived and people ran -- dropping everything to make it. And let's say how many cameras cell -- They will say their servers are uploading more video everyday. -- huge -- This country's going to be bristling with the cameras recording. Everything that any of -- Everett I think it's ultimately a good thing because we put the video in control of each individual user. Ever wondered what your pets get up to and you're not. Now you can -- ever wondered who's dog is keeping if you -- yards. Now you can cast of the rust. Ever wonder why packages damaged. That's pretty good evidence right there you have these cameras -- coast all the time. This is our future we could all end up like these good people at San Jose -- Neighborhood --

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Act 5: is a high-tech neighborhood watch for neighbors to connect and problem-solve.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"20325700","title":"The Neighborhood of the Future","url":"/2020/video/neighborhood-future-20325700"}