Robert Bardo is convicted of first-degree murder in Rebecca Schaeffer case: Part 9

During a recent phone call to ABC News, Bardo said he accepted "full responsibility" for her murder: "She should be here... I feel a lot of tremendous guilt."
5:17 | 04/13/19

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Transcript for Robert Bardo is convicted of first-degree murder in Rebecca Schaeffer case: Part 9
The best hope that the defense had was that a judge would look at this through a psychological prism as opposed to looking at it the way a jury might, which is to say, "He did Is there anything distorted, so distorted about his motivation that would compel me to say that he cannot premeditate and deliberate? The answer is no. With no witnesses or the murder weapon, Marcia Clark still won a first-degree murder conviction for Robert John Bardo. I find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder. My reaction was relief. The family was relieved, too. It's over, it's over. He'll be in there for the rest of his life, thank god. I'm sure it was a mixture of grief and sadness, and yet some satisfaction in justice. Will it give you some peace? I think it will. I was happy for the verdict. Okay, I won't have to deal with this. This guy is going to prison. Robert John Bardo was sentenced in December of 1991 to life in prison with no possibility of parole. He was going to go to prison, hopefully forever. During the trial, I watched him. Just a tortured kid. He hated his life, and I just calmly said to him, "You know, your cowardice is going to haunt you the rest of your life." So ABC news did reach out to Robert John Bardo, who continues to be incarcerated, and he responded to ABC news by phone. I accept full responsibility for what I've done. My thinking was so negative, and I was blaming others for things that were happening within me. But regaing Rebecca Schaeffer, she was irreplaceable. I think about her every day because she should be here. I realize what I've done, and I feel a lot of tremendous guilt. I've researched hundreds of celebrity stalking cases and consulted to many as well. And we've found that a person who stalks somebody they've never met before typically has major mental illness, meaning some sort of psychotic condition, a thought disorder. But on top of it, they also often have personality problems like narcissism. I read all the interviews that the schaeffers have done, and it helped me understand what I've done. And it's just so devastating. I guess I was insecure and frustrated, and I took that out on Rebecca. Despite having mental illness, okay, he's quite capable of knowing what he's doing. He clearly knew it was wrong and having what I refer to as a criminal presence of mind. I talked with professionals about this, about trying to explore the reasons why I did what I did. My warped thinking as far as taking in negative thoughts and putting blame on her. I think of all the things that she could have seen today, that she didn't get to live to see. And you know, it breaks my heart. Rebecca's father doesn't care about what Bardo feels or what he has to say. In fact, he won't even speak his name or talk about him. What those around her do care about, and what they've been fighting for since her death, is stronger and more effective gun control laws. We were all out of our minds with grief. It was, like, this is so horrible, we've got to make a difference. As a tribute, Pam Dawber gathered the cast of "My sister Sam" for a public service announcement. We are the cast of "My sister Sam." Now one of us is gone forever. Rebecca Schaeffer was only 21 years old when her life was taken by a single shot from a handgun. How did that lunatic get a gun? A lot of the polls show that people are concerned, like yourself, and yet this is a very emotional issue, a very controversial issue. Any ars on your part in getting involved and speaking out? Yeah, you're taking a chance, but I couldn't live with myself and say she was a wonderful girl, and we loved her and miss her and not try to affect it. I'm not saying people shouldn't have guns, but people have got to be screened. It was a very political stance. I testified in front of congress on behalf of saner gun laws. The availability of guns in the United States is a public health hazard. We shouldn't have the kind of weaponry that we do. There are hundreds of millions of handguns in the United States. We do not need to be a gun society. That gun issue is an ongoing debate, but stalking has now been clearly criminalized. And yet, 30 years later, many celebrities are still falling victim and have horrible stories to tell, like former "Dancing with the stars" winner SHAWN Johnson. He, in his state of delusion, thought that I was the mother of his unborn children. It was like I was watching a horror film. No his car, zip ties, duct tape. Weapon, gun, naive, we can only imagine.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"During a recent phone call to ABC News, Bardo said he accepted \"full responsibility\" for her murder: \"She should be here... I feel a lot of tremendous guilt.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62368687","title":"Robert Bardo is convicted of first-degree murder in Rebecca Schaeffer case: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/robert-bardo-convicted-degree-murder-rebecca-schaeffer-case-62368687"}