The Secrets to Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Veteran Christmas tree sellers give their tips to buying and caring for your tree for the holidays.
6:27 | 11/29/14

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Transcript for The Secrets to Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree
You know, it seems the minute the Thanksgiving dishes are washed, it's a race to find the perfect Christmas tree. How do you avoid getting a C Charlie brown tree? We talked with the experfets. Reporter: Nothing says Christmas more than trimming the tree but sometimes the quest to find that tree can be as deeply religious as the holiday itself. Dad, did you bring a saw? Reporter: Christmas classics have poked fun at this annual adventure. But it's not funny when the fir in question is destined for your living room. The stakes are too high. No one wants to get ripped off. With a Charlie brown disaster! The town of Redding, Pennsylvania went all bah humbug when this tree went up in the town square. Who picked that? Reporter: Wow, look at all these trees. So tonight listen to the pros of the pine. Wizards of the winter wonderland we are surrounded by trees. How many are on this property? I haven't actually counted them all believe it or not! Reporter: That would take a long time! There are over 100,000 trees on the property. Reporter: Jones is the 6th generation of his family of tree growers. Balsam fir, Fraser fir, Douglas fir. Reporter: And Jones says the most common question he hears is, "Where are the big ones?" But that's exactly where most people go wrong! Size matters. People pick out a tree that's just a little too big! Clark, do you think there's enough room for the angel? It's a common story, they get it home, the tree is all wrapped up they open it up and whoomp! Reporter: But for new yorkers, the forest actually comes to them. Every year starting this weekend hundreds of stands appear overnight like magic on the city streets. As a subculture of tree sellers descends on our sidewalks. We have to teach people a lot. Reporter: He's known simply as Francois. New yorkers know him by name. And most new yorkers buy trees from someone like him, coming to the city just for the season. He's definitely part of my holiday ritual. Is me and Francois last year. Its a yearly tradition in our Reporter: Francois is the focus of a new documentary called "Tree man." He sells trees 24/7 every day until Christmas, living out of a van parked on Broadway. When is the best time to buy? Tip number two. Don't delay. All the best trees will be gone. I always tell people early buyers are happy buyers. Reporter: And you wont believe how he figures out what to charge! Tip number three. Its not just the height. It's the weight. A heavy tree is a healthy tree it's as simple as that! With a heavy tree. That tree is just gouged with water its full of water. We don't sell dead trees! Reporter: Francois says his trees can cost as much as $350. Francois says the worst rip off in the tree biz is buying a cheap tree that isn't really fresh. Then there are damaged or malformed trees. Francois doesn't like to call them ugly he calls them "Mr. Personality." But whatever people buy, pets can pooh-pooh it all. Like on these videos posted on you tube. But Brooklyn tree seller Charles poekel has the answer. Tip number four, pet lovers love the blue spruce. The best tree for them would be the blue spruce because it has very sharp needles, so the cat, once they find out those needles are sharp, they want nothing to do with that tree anymore. Reporter: Poekel suggests spritzing the needles with water. But all tree men agree the most important secret for a healthy tree is tip number five, enough water in the stand. Just tap water is all you need to use. Reporter: There's a lot of tricks out there. Put aspirin in the water or sugar. No. Reporter: Doesn't work? No, just water. I think those are old wives tales, none of that would ever work. Reporter: You can avoid all of this, and buy an artificial tree. But at the Jones farm, they're all about a real experience. It's a workout. As I'm about to discover as I attempt to cut down my own family tree. I thought this was going to be a power saw! See the trunk? Mark, get set, go. I'm already exhausted. Maybe artificial is the way to go. You're doing good! Reporter: Oh, my gosh, I need a break. Remember, this is simple. This is a fun activity. Reporter: I'm starting to wonder. But then -- Its coming. Timber! Reporter: We have success! Look at that! Look at that time! As we load my trophy on the van. Let's see if she stays on the top of my roof! Jones reminds me the most important part of buying a tree is creating memories. And by the time I drive home, my kids help me set it up. Even though I messed up rule number one. It's too tall! This will be one tree my family will remember for quite some time.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"Veteran Christmas tree sellers give their tips to buying and caring for your tree for the holidays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27247627","title":"The Secrets to Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree","url":"/2020/video/secrets-finding-perfect-christmas-tree-27247627"}