Havaianas, Brazil's Flip-Flop

At 50, Havaianas are doing better than ever.
2:50 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Havaianas, Brazil's Flip-Flop
They're colorful they're comfortable and they're very popular. If you ever walked the -- that he didn't Copacabana. It's hard to find it looks like that isn't made by -- by -- but -- big -- -- known. Trademark -- where common shares you own. -- Last year -- Diana celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Further stamping its status as presumed -- And here at the holly on this concept -- don't follow. Customers routinely see that the flip flops have that Brazilian beach feel when you flip the flip -- -- -- -- -- -- that Ukraine real. Walk through they can and that beats -- the bigger -- and a story is how the company started. Back in 1962. Coming in -- started with a humble goal. To produce flip flops for person's pork as time passed Brazil's beach culture started to embrace -- honest because of their comfort and their after ability. But he nearly 1990s. -- started to lose its competitive -- in the market in -- dramatic -- they were still -- -- you. But they branched out into each reindeer -- markets in the more populated cities in the hopes of reaching a wealthier clientele. Since 1994. -- -- out of several of many different types of styles including -- such as -- but if you're not a fan can come over here to the make your -- how many -- workshop. -- pick a style that's just right for you. They also started experimenting with colors and lots of colors. -- -- A former probably -- executive who's now -- media consultant for the company. Says the risk of venturing into higher in markets paid off because -- on -- -- dominates both markets and has an international brand. Here's the proof. In 2011. How Diana sold 210 million flip flops exporting to nearly eighty countries around the world. It's very important for children of the -- Brazil. An instrument of us does not -- thing for opinions doesn't Christmas despite. Success of reaching a more punch market Portillo was quick to say that having honest is still Brazil issue not Brazil's in leaked shoes. -- that ideology is reflected in its prices. The average -- costs around 26 hey guys for fifteen dollars making them affordable for every one. From the beaches of Rio and the international runways of Paris one thing remains certain. Wherever you when your holly on -- scope. Brazil will be there with you. Reporting from south -- Jack Healy for future.

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{"id":19563474,"title":"Havaianas, Brazil's Flip-Flop","duration":"2:50","description":"At 50, Havaianas are doing better than ever.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/havaianas-recognizable-flip-flop-brand-19563474","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}