Pulse attack survivors, first responders share memories on 1st anniversary of tragedy

The attack, which killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, was the largest mass shooting in modern American history.
21:47 | 06/12/17

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Transcript for Pulse attack survivors, first responders share memories on 1st anniversary of tragedy
Delivered don't want to go on record of lives. I. I. The weekend will begin in tragedy on Friday night. And would only get worse. Characters are inclined to that nightclub shooting or Christina me. Shot killed that night. 24 hours later another killer was waiting drive into Orlando from his home two hours away. Petty into the city and interstate four heavily armed. The target beautiful snake. Popular spot in the city's gay community. Inside he wants Latin. Our regular route you know having a good time rather vacant great mood me. In the club guillotine lettered two minutes after alcohol as they done us and there is a shot. I. An off duty police detective work insecurity at Paul's. Adam Gruber radio and it. Just aren't nice people without our daddy shot Arnold would now play three Charlie. What does that mean. Emergency assistance office when you do you five minutes ago the gunman went through the front door and opened fire on the dance floor loading and reloading his weapon. Less than ninety seconds after the signal 43 goes out back up units begin around. It. The studio is part of the eleven hours of police body including. Paramount. That shows the chaos and carnage of that horrible. It was just masking ourselves patrons who literally runner for their lives. The threat of moving. Inside police first responders tried to save the wounded and hunt down the killer. Including one officer from the bicycle patrol downtown grand cage. I heard via and mercy call. It's on to my bike and it is possible. These scenes come from the body cam worn off his decades as he arrived at the the Iraq War or. The Rand there with a an active shooter and have heavy body or did. What we've still wearing right now those. Of the life vest and that's that's. We'll. And I don't look here. But goes inside those were heightened terrified that the shooter would flood. I reported a cock I'm. Our entire number one boards lit up to you for calling in and saying they're trapped in us or calling in. You can hear all the cheated background. I mean when he CDC. The Clinton white paint me they got wired. I. I believe it's unclear what was happening inside the darkened club. Not knowing just how many shooters there were right when we were about to go and restore soldier shots. Behind them and them. It. There. And it. Meant an. End. And then. And prudent enough. There's more than a hundred. The bullets miss Jackie since the end they hit the two friends she was steady as one in very badge he had. Gunshot wound to Schatz. Leonard saw is injured he. Was non responsive bodies dead and wounded and I'm are. Images were blacked out by police as required by Florida law. Bodies body. People kind of kicking around some people are moving. Blood covered the whole floor. It casts option your tracks it so much taken touched on there's no shooting so. We. Coming up from room to room looking for this year. Those first few options that get there. Need to go to that seemed go to the building didn't choose chase after the shooter Oscar police training cause for officers to head straight to the active shoot. Yeah easily passed the victim anymore. A person reached up and ask for help. But at that point we didn't where the shooter was that it was the ten things the sadness. Or what was don't know and so. As much as I want to help them I could not help him all the pressure get to walk away from that yes. And. We continue down this southeast side stepping over bodies and then. As a Smart right passes two officers for shoot down a hallway. It's not applicable. Rebel group known as. They saw him they saw threaten engaged and then what happened this year he holed up inside bathroom inside the business. Oh yeah. Now the Orlando police swat team is in place. Led by major mark Canty. This kind of with recruited from. An active shooter to a local there to begin the hostage situation so did you decide just. Go in Quetta and though it was a decision that would later be criticized by sub. As it would take police some three hours in total control. And get all the wounded back to save. The chief John Mena in the command post that Geithner says it was the right. We're in their saving people from the dance floor from dressing rooms from the other bathroom in fact be. We took twenty people out of the park backwards and once we're inside there were no more gunshots until. Final song of the shooter was still inside corner and and then. And I'm mark and a happy life. Critter there sort of that you don't like it. And I petitioning. A half hour. After he first opens fire and the shooter calls in to the Orlando police department dispatch center. And pledge my allegiance to a couple. How could walk. Get on the equity. She rich past and repeat what he was saying. What I mean. It slipped. To a couple Butler. Is well. Look at. The dispatcher said you need to hear this call. Sargent Andy Brennan a train hostage negotiator was working an off duty di tale at a bar downtown that night. When he responded to the signal forties recall involves and headed to the dispatch center so I went and sure enough five minutes later this shooter calls it. Where he lacked. Where are planned camp. Yeah. The shooter hung up. He would again and again that chili so let's call and so we made our first call immediately from that dispatchers station. Hello there. Either Orlando police are speaking at least. You're speaking and there's an implicit in ancient. That included look at equipped. We want to confirm that we had in fact. The person that was inside and you can start to hear the serious tone in his voice. For the next 55 minutes Brennan will engage the shooter on the phone. List into his rants about ices and Syria. And US airstrike happened. Hell it. I understand that public is here here's why I'm here right. Now I'm with fuel and the police can you tell me what you know what's going. Truck. It instantly it. Our day. You pretty good people getting killed and it is. Packed so. Patched up. About. What should at least. In May not. Back at the scene officers are using the time to get as many victims out this pot. We're Maria. Yeah out of here what are in the shooter might try to hide a money that's holding you know. Who's the bad. Who's the death. The situation. And other you know who's all you do. These are not. Anybody endured anybody injured. Anybody hundred. Co conspirators are secondary threats as you're pulling out that there's concern that one of the that got absolutely so you have to be cognizant of that after the signature police people out. Yeah. Places that you think always fueled. Refining and people officer James highland arrived at his personal pick. Out which was quickly turned into a makeshift and as part. We inhabit ambulances or anything and he just sort. His job than. Mom used to school back to one. The hospital the Orlando regional medical center it was just a half mile down the road. Here we are patient and may be perpendicular. To the day you know they all had. Immediately life threatening injuries and that were hard decisions to make. The effort faces here multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen warned several to arm. In particular upstairs to stabilize and from his abdominal wounds. And next the residents to a review that is armaments. Totally out of anything for the rapid it is not pleading to he's an indictment are. Gotta go on that it's another case. But other victims remain trapped inside pause and they use their phones to call loved ones who then called 91 lot and pleaded for help. Margaret burns in the back room. They're now or daddy at bat for him to target leading talent but Lesnar here there's still under that are died. Yes but. The in the all of the all of it though. Ed. Spirit of that it is it is. Yet saw. Didn't pick orbit or. It Lou on essentially is that crisis site at a cellular phones and they were calling now. Talking to relatives. So. Sweden soon. Photographs. In all of the complicated. The operation itself but by the same Tokyo. Is about a real. Actual route. And actionable information. After this that's other officers were quickly able to identify a shooter like Traci its own 29 year old Omar much. An Afghan immigrants born in the United States a part time body who once it's on a career in law enforcement. But teen was an angry and troubled man with a history of violence and failure negotiator rent and kept calling the team's number. Hoping to keep him talking. 76 sense. Finally comments. Well I'll block. There before Orlando police it is. At some point you start column Omar yes if you introduce a level of familiarity. And there's less opportunity that this person. It is. Convicted person. But then the negotiator his words from the team that quickly changed that dynamic for everyone inside the night. The way. There's this the vehicle. Let's go people are gonna get it and that ignited it try to. OK I'm I understand I'll have battled hard and pound vehicle I don't see anybody get hurt. You hit it it is that he won't formal. A frantic search begins outside the club for the shooters car and once more the threat ask. Yeah yeah okay tablet that they. Understand in Iraq. Kelly and so what kind of best coffee. With a bullet resistant vest. Is that a bomb. And bring the weapons and yeah. There are portability. Somebody in wanted to bathrooms may have been explosive device strapped to him. You've got no involvement in I want to pagan. Single officer pulled back to save her editorial that you are generally. We victims still captains and the threat of massive explosive. Negotiator Brennan knew he was running out of time. Kelly what's going on now mark. Going it is. Straight. Are part that wants you to come outside and tell us that yourself so the message rings true from you. Not passing on him and don't. Let me just about side note wept and Coppola. Yet to hang out which one lives. That was the fourth and final call between Brennan and the shooter. Time is of the essence chief mean in his eyes his officers will have to stormed back bathrooms of the night. I was six years commandos. Here's in the book everyone almost hostages inside and close the remain. Remaining costs Liechtenstein lose your decision alone it was my decision. The swat team outside knows where the hostages are hiding and they helped them push a window air conditioner out of the way to create an escape opening. Content. Told. Someone knocked on her window. At the air conditioning window. Here. Could not created that. Yeah increased their connection. But before we do yes have to catch. Because if you let it drop you make any noise. The king was an order. They might shoot to lost killing. The push their machine in ketchup all you see all the hands which up and they grabbed it revenues were able to comic style. And for the first person they came out was the person that was injured in the Republican so's. Eight hostages run for their freedom. And and blocked a lot. Jackie Cynthia escaped after she and her friend Paula did in the arm by a bullet were hiding in the darkness by grabbed her arm. And he ran behind a couch I was there and I pull armies in my legs very close woods on her arm and just. Stating. There's maintenance in the news walking back and forth. Between rooms upstairs. But while the shooter went into another. That's when I was we should get up leave. He told police they had to get nothing runs but there others scoring was unconscious. I let go follows in an avenue ran over to Couri. Grabbed and do our children walked out waiting outside was Jackie's father and Orlando firefighter. I give a quick once over. Make sure she has all the body parts and she's okay because I know that she could be one of those who were killed or injured it was an until he was there and I knew that I kid. Kind of dissect collapse in his arms and I'd be okay using my safe place in that whole chaotic scene. Police decided to use an armored vehicle bearcats to bust open holes in the wolf and create an escape. Driven by officer rob would you. You can see. Every person we got out was a victory for us you know at that point we know that we need to get these people out of this building. So one by one they're coming out is holes and it's a great feeling seeing them come out. And. I don't know dug out. Look at the problem at the heart felt. When the story monitoring life they have nobody was going on. Was are concerned that by doing. The breach going through the wall. The gunman might open up on the other hostage and yes there was determined to try to save as many people's hands and the security people in the baton. We'll see users to Schwab. It was a risk ago. But it works and drew Mateen the shooter out into the open. Firing at the officers and the American. Such a Wall Street. Thirty seconds yes most often times. As it was us returned fire towards him. Okay. One bullet struck officer and I'll Connell. Rate in in the Kevlar helmet. Probably within an inch of losing his lives. He went down to the ground still it's on fire. And the other officers there returned Farr Jones announcement is that shouted in slower. He wouldn't. No doubt in my mind. Figures show look. In the helmet org and a between. They're writers are. And then the radio. Suspect down and it China cheer when it comes it's right there with the release soon ceiling genius that. The mental illness through don't have done their job. The worst mass shooting in American history head and and soon the horror of it all took hold what do you still senior think about what you saw them. Sound the cell phones ringing. Is looking down I conceived no phones lane and I mean multiples on just plain and pools of blood. Yeah. Knowing that some somebody's loved one trying to get a hold their loved ones. And they're not yeah definitely. Others toys thirty phones us consulate going. Me one star journalist options review going over there and it cost knows. Our people trying to reach slogans. Ish look to themselves. I think those plaques the most eerie thing. I can recognize concede that they had seen something ever seen before several of us comment today this gonna change the city forever. And probably change it we do for 49 people were killed that night men women straight and gay. And for the survivors. Memories and emotions now. Are still. Every one that's survived that in mind has survivor's guilt and it really did anyone the that. Kim and law relative. A lot of. Could've done this could have done that shouldn't initiative in. New. It was like one of the best thing. That turned into. The worst it.

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{"duration":"21:47","description":"The attack, which killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, was the largest mass shooting in modern American history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"47987588","title":"Pulse attack survivors, first responders share memories on 1st anniversary of tragedy","url":"/Blotter/video/pulse-attack-survivors-responders-share-memories-1st-anniversary-47987588"}