Amazon, USPS Team Up for Sunday Delivery

The new delivery service is currently available in New York and Los Angeles.
2:04 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Amazon, USPS Team Up for Sunday Delivery
Post office been losing money for awhile now and now Amazon has worked -- -- the other they're gonna have seven days a week delivery. Also this is I was I was really surprised to see this a couple a coma for as I mean I know it's a limited service -- it up and in new York and LA but so my friends were already -- booking talked about social media. About the fact that they got a package yesterday -- -- -- From who for how to yeah. I mean it right so here -- your Amazon prime member and you get that two day free shipping news in order on Friday and have -- on your door. On Sunday again it's only in select markets are gonna -- -- -- you know Jeff -- OC tries things. They go well -- tends to call about a -- and I can't think about that might have -- where you -- something back but I'm sure it exists -- you they do a lot of things. But it's pretty amazing mean it is changing. Non store sales -- the parlance of the industry visas online sales so that is in this changing things. I wouldn't be caught dead in a mall which is probably nice bounce -- -- your next door but the truth of the matter is. I did find myself. In -- store and my kids -- look at -- just losing my mind to vote in new Adeline and ineptitude. And laughing -- pain. -- -- in an -- -- -- like for what we're going to do this again a lot of -- Cuba because you're -- for customers with that with it with with -- -- the check on the check and just horrendous. And I am being kind you not to mention. That publicly listed company that I was -- -- ploy don't don't drop anything we don't lose any -- about what that means that as retail 101 -- never make your customers wait to give you money right I was alive I was I -- I have a support group -- and that line was twenty of us there. In -- you know with kids and is like a million things in the line for the kids to grab them tell my four year old like you know why they put those there they put those there for you. To grant them. Right it's attract a -- and tell them don't fall for the track at four years old what are -- -- a reality -- we really haven't -- -- --

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{"id":20852296,"title":"Amazon, USPS Team Up for Sunday Delivery","duration":"2:04","description":"The new delivery service is currently available in New York and Los Angeles.","url":"/Business/video/amazon-usps-team-sunday-delivery-20852296","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}