College students start ‘Farmlink’ to prevent food waste and fight hunger

James Kanoff, co-founder of the not-for-profit grassroots movement “Farmlink,” explained how the company’s process works.
3:07 | 05/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College students start ‘Farmlink’ to prevent food waste and fight hunger
Four weeks ago a group of college students came together to help prevent food waste and fight hunger during the corona virus pandemic. They started a not for profit grassroots movement called farm link which is helping to link farmers to food banks in here to tell us all about it. Is one of the co founders 21 year old Stanford University student. James cannot james' face so much it's so impressive because not only are you finishing your last semester of your sophomore year rate now. You're managing to do all of this among finals so explain for us the process of farm link and how it works. So break out millions of pounds of food are going to waste on farms all across the country as they struggled to adapt to close schools hotels and restaurants. And at the same time you're seeing. Unprecedented demand that the bank miles long lines what Ormond does is we neck there's forms with surplus food banks and and we do that by raising money external to pay you know the wages of farm workers and truck drivers get who all Foreman and. That is amazing what inspired you while you're studying at school to start farm link. We just wanted to help our local food bank we we know we volunteer Darren you're seeing images that you know they were really struggling and they are asking if they could raise money. And searchers started we just one point one arm to them help out and then him we're able knew that realized that the need really would everywhere and we should try to do it much. Yet that is amazing in speaking about but how much food have you delivered thus far. So right now we're moving about Jordan 50000 pounds of food. We laugh we started about four weeks ago why our so what state do you provide partly services to right now. So far is working and over fifteen states army including California at New York. I tech say it's so really all around United States. That is amazing and I know so many people who are watching this are thinking how can I help how can I contribute to tell us how we can do that. Uniform went dot org you can see ways to get vaults you can you know find your local food banks Muir volunteer that you can give money you can. Your Q whatever you can like every bit counts. And I know that James this came out as a brain child of the corona virus but. Do you have hopes to continue this initiative beyond this race is what what's next for you and for this incredible organization. Absolutely you know the problem food waste isn't new 13 of all crude in the United States goes what is. So our goal right now is you know support ye. Food banks that are facing on Brett netted demand. But we hope you know that we can help. Tax the krona bars you know but the bank statement on the Frontline the food insecurity or note. Is long it's what we no longer than and you both are organization have been a lot. And so we wanna find ways you know that we can help but not when you're on the wind at 1020 years I'm want this is not a new problem and it's not going what. And you are helping to solve it in the best of ways James cannot thank you so much for all that you were dealing. Thank you so much for joining us an inspiring us all. That year.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"James Kanoff, co-founder of the not-for-profit grassroots movement “Farmlink,” explained how the company’s process works.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"70771158","title":"College students start ‘Farmlink’ to prevent food waste and fight hunger","url":"/Business/video/college-students-start-farmlink-prevent-food-waste-fight-70771158"}