How Complex Media Sees Future of Unique Content

Episode 113: Complex Media co-founders, Marc Ecko and Rich Antoniello shared what it takes to start a media company and what they see as the future of unique content on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.'
9:30 | 10/27/16

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Transcript for How Complex Media Sees Future of Unique Content
Believing in yourself is of the hardest thing to do mom can do for your wife can't do warriors bouts your significant other. That's the hardest thing I think we get a lot more shots and your response report. A. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mark you started out. 5000 dollar investment. And British to a billion dollar closing the up and says that summer Wikipedia the only thing I did a little reading before it got here I mean we start. It dumb relieved with nothing and made something out of it can put how you did so quick but even with the the fashion business you know as a solid 78 years in total. It kind of went kind of hit are sort of mastery and I would say the same with even complex. We'll break in in that we break and everything I'll meet you. I feel like you're turning into ethnic ahead one's height there. A complex started as a magazine. In 2000 to you. It started before we even before it came it was like oh. A bid CD-ROM. Magazine. Has been. Very cool let you but I would put it there was foreshadowing of record shattering congress early it was a little early by year. AOL's news tips on under the CD-ROM on the clothing. And it and so we did that relate to them and then with a that the costs and let's not gonna work. And then we thought of this paper thing. And then we go from paper to digital really led by rich is sort of charge so when you originally started who was your target what did you envision. In the positioning of the ethical business was very much about. Convergence culture of street Wear and graffiti and ski and there hadn't being in. A platform and media server that. Before the Internet really exploded. Yeah we were the one place where somebody can come and service more of their overall needs because we it was basically that we were an acrid air. Oklahoma for the articles and what was interest things are created the greatest opportunity in the world for us. As the Internet exploded disproportionately younger people use that more and it's it's it's the biggest discovery platform in the world. You're probably weeping for that social media that's an order to work plan do you like the idea that they hadn't spoke everybody you guys don't want. And we're just we're just all call for you guys sure there a point on we re not about throwing in the towel. We must ran out of money several times complex built inside the check on them to business and in 07 only when. We were going through major on relations and business in the and finance. Collapsed in bank credit and all those things that had been funding my retail operations suddenly. You know people were really up our back end. On saying what what this little line on this little magazine thing one start explaining that. We didn't have Condit asked her purse behind us that the point. To be able to leverage all of the the database that they had but we did have when pieces of million barrels of millions and millions of uses apparel. There were distributed all of the coolest stores. On a global basis. Drop a hang tag on there alert. Everybody to this magazines coming out and we got an out of thousands and hundreds of thousands subscribers. For pennies on the dollar from an acquisition perspective. Our story is like we just keep shedding our skin. What do you say to the person out there who is trying to become an influence are trying to build their own branded as digital realm become an influence would be first down advice I got were don't chase that that's a 2014. Type of thing you see the the backlash of influence for marketing from the the agency's clients not Atlantic it's not authentic there's no good at what the arguments and there's no differentiation. Yes dual these little one offs. And then. It's also tremendously authentic for an hash tag up with the boy and incompetence program photo how much value you really. That is the tactical thing people want were unique. Points of views they it it. They want for intimacy I think I think there's a lack of intimacy in the market now I think that the creek a lot of opportunity. You've just made a very important that. Delineation that was my point is not. Not don't try Indian influence there betraying create a brand and trying create a franchise those are those of the way and win right. Is it's not just the scale with the math followers or even platform you're on is who are you what are you the expert in. You just make they make I have the most likes from a sneaker store yesterday or from a club the night before. That that's so there aren't enough media value. What you really want to do is speak be creating serious differentiated content and knows the people you see that breakthrough. My advice would be in this pursuit. Of a colts are that is so individualistic. The one thing that you need to go out of your way to see. It is AA is the tension. Of honest critique. From someone other than the poisons your head it's not so much which you can do with it would. You don't do that sometimes make you better pass learning how to saying it wrong opera and and also learning how to. Not have so much pride in hubris in this sort of me me me culture steel sharpens steel. And a lot of these sort of mom and pop operations. That don't necessarily have the where with all of that the infrastructure. You gotta find that tension you gotta listen to from the audience. You can't just parrot what you've seen in the marketplace. You truly being differentiated. Most people. If you look at the real standouts in the real breakout spoke in business or in Brian's it's the people that take the step that one's. Aren't that have long term success they create that's creatively scary it is said of trade as they are scared airy place. In people most people don't want to play in that place because. It's a scary place but look it's scary into ways let's go to the investor community that like. Everybody likes to be like oh well you're the Gruber of this right close that might makes me feel comfortable right or you have creatives Wright who by the way supposedly and we laugh about the telethon are the most. Outgoing and chance takers are not been completely true here's what work either for me or for somebody else here's a derivative of that. Makes me feel comfortable and I can that I can take less risks and beer and be more successful how many of those big shots do you get. A lot. At one warning more weight doesn't and you have boxes and here amongst. Ari and it is it is it is it saddens me. That he you know it is that the C generation me you know young folks and even my peers. And even myself I have to look in the Mair and doing you've got shot. That is it by believing in yourself is the hardest thing to do mom can't do Korea. Write your wife can't do warriors bouts your significant other that's the hardest thing I think we get a lot more shots and gives them credit for. But I do think it's important to think here is. Is we of this massive audience 55 million monthly unique take on YouTube. They don't and program based on FaceBook being cat. There's no excuse for us not take Kris he shot all over the board. Discover channel complex media aren't fat cat. I live here renowned broking I'm in Austin it's my only at number nine you click into the little box and are right there. A top so we're see how it actually gets me. Business magnet. Well obviously went back actually the yeah but you're right thing to be back at what you do here. I'm the managing editor for said jets are basically. I'm taking all of the content that comes out from editorial so how nice to me on the back. I'd say you're taking one of those stories and turning it into discovery yes he it's as if that's what. Literally goes into the act we have to make the deal those working here we're and groceries and story the secret to different feeling pretty good job here Ireland this is like I'm getting me because he could. Patent I think. We have expect an online. However. You discovered in reading it. That's where. He thinks it's very pleased that there is one rage on whenever designer at hatch hockey that's. Oh yeah. And edition of doing so this is a sneak preview of complex media's check discovered page. How do you get this job John. A lucky.

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{"id":43104005,"title":"How Complex Media Sees Future of Unique Content","duration":"9:30","description":"Episode 113: Complex Media co-founders, Marc Ecko and Rich Antoniello shared what it takes to start a media company and what they see as the future of unique content on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.'","url":"/Business/video/complex-media-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-43104005","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}