Cronut creator stops by 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis interviews pastry chef extraordinaire Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the croissant doughnut.
26:19 | 08/04/17

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Transcript for Cronut creator stops by 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'
Hey everybody happy Friday it's Rebecca Jarvis is I'm the cheapest technology and economics correspondent here at ABC news that I really excited for this summer Friday because. We have. One of the best known chefs in the world to Albany I'll welcome things you can give our immune today thank you for coming and by the way we're coming to you from my new office here at ABC news I'm really excited about that but I'm. Most excited about talking to you about first of all your story because you have an incredible story you grew up outside a pair S that's right. Toppings you about your new restaurant which is coming to Alley suit but the crowd. Everybody knows the krona. You're the creator Democrat you're the guy who came up with then. Obviously don't want to be like one hit wonder that's associated with one thing which is why you've created a lot of other stuff too. But how did you initially conceived of the crowd at especially and this is why I'm into it. It was at a time Atkins was really bay people are saying no to pastries and cars and everything else and you figured out a way to get people line up around the block. For something that had a lot of those cars at. There's we think. Opened a bakery about. Five years ago. And it's time on a hot full employees and it was a dream of mine to open my own shop. And I always thought my stuff they'll be Obi creative Lou so people. My my sense of Christie's in what I can do with this it's. And today a a tip on changing the menu a chip on Inco avoiding new news beings and at the clinic was just one of them you know how to brook coming stopping by the decree snapping a photo. Putting on the blog and got star when Barrow. UN Val within just if Yasser yes and in. Extreme member came calling me and telling me that juts that would bound by that time I had no idea what you affectionately I played how before you. They are that and I should be ready yet she reread to make laws going to be immediate goes I Ocalan and if you want to moan. Caused by did three you have over a 150 people lining up outside a bakery. Coming for the comment and I feel only hot fall berets that this time. And would just thank. Five C some of us had a big tree and we we did everything we could to to keep up with with the demand and also through. To keep up would the creativity which is very important for me and he amounts. I could operation tequila creativity. And I myself that I'll keep on moving full audit and coming up when yet new ideas which are how of and a lot of them have been. A most outspoken the climate. And where to get to those I want to remind everybody was watching right now. You can post questions here on FaceBook my producer Taylor Dunn is watching and she has downloaded a special act hunter I found. That won't day. So basically when he heard banging noise in the background that means that we're aware that your questions are coming in and we will definitely asked that of Domonique. And and you were talking about. Obviously the krona but you have and I love what you said you said you didn't want your creativity. They are creation too cute like for you didn't want your creation to kill your creativity at feeling among so many people. People can understand. ID that. When you become known for 1 thing I am able to say like do that thing for exactly effect you know if you think about it it's like seniors. To have a popular song a long moments in this and song but this definitely Christina thought. Then they never. And there were move on something else that system for flew him. When you think about it I. Pastries you you've been named a top histories in the world this year this and many many years before as well. What. What new things might we be seeing for you from the world at pastries. Well what new things take cannot that you two day event identity that we don't walking on news beings in recent holidays so we've now Hobbs fewer vacations run the war. Number Sharpton took him to shut in Tokyo when you're on done. I left two locations in yolk we'll be opening soon in Los Angeles. And that our chefs. Trend to swear as well to keep on coming up with new ideas to keep on testing idea sell in. All Lockheed sent this what do a good night. Thirty to fifteen new it is it's been get dropped daily. Really it's what is it. Dave did big. Variety deserted every explode would have a minute to get that from odd. Have you ever had a dessert that you that you personally didn't like but that. Customers loved edit okay we've got to we've got a question Allen finished as there ever if you're trying to dessert. Something you created something one of earshot screen you didn't think it was gonna work and shocker everybody loves on this. This is one thing that I've present in the lives but people loves moorings. Hey why don't get that drive because there. Day that I crispy yes and it didn't exist tries just a picture for me and I don't people love it so I walk within a lot. I showed it even though I know I don't love it is sort of my. Is the most mug is one thing I don't allow that much but I always like come up with new ideas would do this Judy foot buffer of the victory that we do we do things with my aloud whether Runyon to meringue CC which is one of a future of their little. That almost thankful accuses of meringue. Was that with a different correlate differently euro's I added off. Making them I love seeing them better. That it agent yeah. I'm curious and the comets we have a question us or tape in question in the comments what do you think about where are you a fan. Great question your favorite pastry is my favorite history deed was probably craps. There's various simple saw. Out daily summing up my my mom was like Sharia horrible code for us. Slow but should do rerouted back side door if you haven't you. I don't warheads cook anything from its delighted visitors Wallace's body what pushed me to be need to check telling you that he working as a kid you know her was this a rarity on. And that I treat cramps will be there she could do. Collectively is we eat crap witness Allah Kalus if I would go that route with fruits bananas and at some BO is that when I was. An plastic cup and I. Well we like to economics if you you know it's it's hollow because. And I can and cannot view the way Adam won't expend too fast on mutual that we're mindful of our customers about business. Polity under court if you are very very high and they speak fission Nolan and the creativity very high as well. We opening off a mix up in Los Angeles which items you very excited about. We're gonna have a Big Three and a restaurant. There I saw I was said that you know like wearing who have induction by guess wont have effect. Anything on select two minutes to you talked to him about who we saw what we do to idiot like engaging and it is pending in the story of of but what we do but for restaurant who actually going to how them for like. Almost second two. It's rooted sense we'll meet you to spend more time without system honest to. We tell them but who what we do and two X parole into how to fend would like creativity with the serie a side as well. And I was myself France a chef. In Armenia my carry a so. Oh is enough cooking. I really respect her story at learning about it knowing that you're coming here and when for those of you don't know when you Wear a young kid basically just out of high school you. Put all of your money towards the car you could drive to care as he grabbed a family of humble means you put all your money toward the cars you contract Harris and work. There as a show that's right save what it was apprentice which was being McKay Ares to walk sixty analysis for us and we signaled a six days a week. And you know was making very middlemen money because it was going to school and learning at the same time. And I'd say if it would be less than 2000 dollar loss in three years that though as all my savings. And I. When to do my military service and South America and French Guiana. When it came back from water cowed the small. Small aspect cheapest junk everywhere if it feels like Gemma like forty Apollo authorities and I drove to parry is dailies just to from a job so driver on the city. Being completely lost not knowing what I was doing David Alicea a victory. Of pastry shop war Pug Macau a drop off my resume me. Since this hug that's parry is like without knowing anyone. Without knowing what it even I was I was going to do read I just wanted to the beach city to to them. On the best. You had a drinking and you really really hustled in obviously gave up a lot to get there. What what is and what has Benn now that you have a number of storefronts and a number of shops what's been the biggest surprise. Being both a chef but now it. Entrepreneur or founder as well. I think he's been how a lot of slight difference prizes of course I think I'm very. And fortunate to have to team that a house Runyan. The people that make us successful the people that wolf we hop. With me with Simone de and it seemed music is really everything for me it's that without these people who will only be able to do anything. Dubious surprised actually for me to meet these people and in my life. And I always the myself in you know and different life I will that never have a chance to meet to read them. That's really cool. When for the people out there we've got a question we'll go to our question this is. Here. It's. So for and ridiculous to a form yapping at Luke for us fall presidency before I anything else side street don't have that much fat. Promised billions to house I care about. They're presidency if there humble if there hoddle looking. If there are willing to two to learn and M and do things that they they might not know how to do. Have people that. But I'm not afraid to be challenged and that's the kind of person yet who has an agenda pro. Do you think that people who are more experienced tends to not be that personality type so on some levels hiring less experienced people may actually be. From your standpoint an advantage. Dimes you know sometimes when they stray from from school that I have that much experience. There's still. Humble enough to be there and and choose to to to do the things you want them to do it when they haven't been my experience. To have them I have habits not always that good one. But it's also been foreign to our people would experience in the kitchen so it's about a balance that another Fred of hiring people with. No experience of people and a half know what condition before I think there are if they're excited about walking flaws as the most important for me. Oh. Jog your specific question spring. I've never been to bonds for it. I have no plan for an maybe someday knows. It. Well the LK sports. And those act that you Sunday. Q and it. It. In addition form allowed some places being travel and and mad from culture as fed one of them. I always look at different from field from Soro. Autistic. Field. And diagrams that anyone of them I was what is your favorite instant. I have a few tell if you. Hello I compass. I left out select select. The sort of like is that ram like. Do you own make you on night yes DIY yeah I did just out Spencer went up to protect it at I love. A lot of things that I was there from I was looking on nailed painting and mean a few of the few weeks ago been looking out. Sorry. Tori craft and I think it's in sprang from me through December 2 different techniques and and using that will affect Porter will in the house where people do wooded. Its side is off a petition attacked attorney. Walk in the kitchen but I think take Caylee is being. Fall funds fashion inspiration form from. Now painting for example. Oh. The trumpet trumpet war went back to Porter will so there's a lot of things that they can inspire me. But also in a sometimes just going to the from a small kit it's just a good weapon if what what's your favorite place to travel team from a food stand where he loved to eat. Book lately. And in would have shops in in Tokyo Honda and those -- two of my favorite. Tokyo it is. If so there's so much this so much great food everywhere and if we single asefi is. Dedicated to the craft is from their sheriff is. The loving and leaving fall foe what to do is so. There's a lot of good for anywhere but long done so it also been vase I think there's a lot of you knew who young chef. I coming up when they own style and had been traveling and they area an of the phenomenon as well. What advice to you aspiring chefs who they know that cooking side like they loved the food. But they don't necessarily know the business site yet. But a thought for. Palace said that being a chef and being an entrepreneur of his business for us on this to a different skills to a different. Job and it takes sometimes two different facilities. Not Avery chef can dig Craig. Entrepreneur. And this dissimilar wrong side you know it depicts I think flicks community. And understanding. And their age it makes you walk completely different way makes you Fink a complete different way and we should leave. A complete different way as well when you shut your focus on the kitchen on the team on the part of it when you businessman you do you looking at the businessmen journal. You have to you're thank you make the right food for the Mike Zimmer and that. It's getting out the door fast enough so that you don't have a bunch of things that are going bad in the Kitchener you have to throw them out you're looking at ways you're looking at all of these quest. You'll also on cue the course. A few companies write a few people deal with him closely yet you customers' feedback right you are you know you look at the bottom line it says. You making it we single decision every day. To guide you business towards. Something better and I think it's fair it's allowed stress a lot of like wooly. Do you stress what you eat if you're stressed out. Attendees. At Aetna Aetna like Tobler are Snickers that is a high note epic and high end of matter in our everyday 800 every penny got it. I think cooking its. Is this veil autistic yes browse something more than job if it's a lifestyle. Is who believe don't. You know you don't like every day and think I have to go to Walt eligible or were they thinking. This is this is toy comes to what I do. It's not a matter of like putting sent a member of our us about it about like accomplishing something every day. And if it it is very artistic it is very high you have to be passionate and and necked diving to it. Something I think is so interesting you talked about it here. The the idea that you're always trying to pressure south to new places like it's one thing to make delicious. You doesn't that that's like step what you have to do delicious food but I try to take it to these other levels of how can I totally change it and make it. So different what what other things do you think in terms the world of food. If you're looking at examples of where food is really pushing the limits in the boundaries where else worries seen. Well I think it's to me what's what's important when you took you took about Christian if you are pushing yourself to to make new things is not just about this. It's about emotions. And it's about reaching out to people emotionally. There's a lot of things that live that we do that people love and is the reason why don't love it says is what I'm I'm looking. I'm looking after are making after like things that makes us unique by. Giving us an Russians need to perfect example is. What about miss atlas called the frozen smalls the president's yes. Desolate small cyst and an ice cream and credit with a trumpet Wafer and pushed inside the honey match Ronald. And facility cube with Syrian branch has been smoked with apple would with torched the much Ronald to order. That's for the torch must on to a silly it creates is this faith being kept myself on the outside when you buy into it. It's kind sheets chewy its call and in fact hold this idea from frivolous or effect. You've had flaws before but you've never had dias malls yes and it makes you feel a Fenway emotionally brings you back to what you well it's. I can't think exactly is pouring rain outside and only a small remember what camping trips that can't. But don't look forward to me it's amazing because I. I can tell I was born members and friends I came here about a bit over opinions ago for an by the smalls and I admit I. You let alone Israel is your personal and US yes and hire him one battle just gives out loud about it you know I mean camping trip to. No you know restaurant that OPEC had greeted friends at camp but you know I've read about it today. Mid something with it some being new. Yet still owed to being old effect emotional commission with people and even better like a boy to Japan to Tokyo in our show. And today is being. Is now about best setter and out outsold outsells the crime that and we sell like so many. And it's exciting because some French president who in turn America. Picking your an American classic. Making my math right my twist on it and they came to Japan and to see a different coach of the Japanese could show. Rudy loving their for the small smile. It's amazing to me because I generated a case that takes some me from from from place and bring it over. And people love it allowed the fact that its portable middle of the fight that I guess you all its tolls still love. If we ago they've been of the picture. And it's at all it's fascinating to me. There were questions. It. Well Carl Craig is one are. I could affect. All because that I. This system and convict him it was right meaning. It was maybe. 3 o'clock and morning. And it was of was in the kitchen like walking and this guy was pounding and though. They'll weapons will open at eight applaud. I was your time or hours Hamas that was viewed in beginning malice by the light is now that's as bad anymore. It's thought that gives. Today yes. Solely on asking what do you want it was a guy in and implement any and Hugo award for goaltending. Like elevated objects that collect litter and saw go back kitchen and back a few author that caused by. Like seven you like I would in the corner like please just the diet of that film got not to wince at eight open it. That please thank you look how my boarding pass from his would allow us this flight was like. 845. Bomb phone from at the airport in the US like please give me one minute what do you across the bug that. The show if he pulls that a box from his pocket and had to who waiting rage. It was good or was is is this is is your friend using Pope was so flyby can probe was and he told me dad she. She has been like his he wanted to try a crime that and he would not go by without the comments so you. That was the only time well administration. And I do have cornered the forward Karen. I grew by informed by California way of is ready ring and is on that and he proposed to his terrifying. And I hope I'm sure they're married now happily at the Sarah richter and maybe even found a way to have a crack at the wedding or something meant off that. Great story through scrutiny it passed feel pretty incredible. You have bad the creator. Many things that make people that passion that people would be ill. Like you said earlier an emotion. And an emotional connection to you. Yes it's if it's amazing to me I am I feel very fortunate to and all customers. To be so loyal and to be so understanding off of the craft and that. The story would building around old is this beautiful pastries. I would have a lot of Reich what was Olympic I'd be pretty. We've had like keep Opel closing in a crime line happened more than once. We always hide. The proposal again night two weeks ago. And we haven't at least thank seek salsa band since since weapon debate but he says the place where there's a lot of emotions. And it. At best picture you have people like meeting in a corner outline. Daley calling it a getting married. And days they're hot like and especially. This is Coppola and I'll move to England done. And imagine a product line that got married they came today of the waiting to have the cookie shot to get that hot shots a debate it. And there there's been married since then mandate they met while waiting in line waiting for the equipment so that's beautiful story. That is so. When you look back on all of that what's been the toughest lesson you've had to learn. The toughest who have found I think it's. For me was to. Just who. Not to listen to one. If very early on the had so many people want to give me advice on what I should do what I shouldn't do. What I will have to do estrogen beginning. I'm I was told well a French decree will not walking yet city. That I should do it should stick and tactics all me. That I should have pounds of sandwiches for lunch that. This is a bad neighborhood that. Pounds and pounds out like bad advice so I told myself that will not listen. To anyone and thus advised took a leave from people that was not asking for the high standing. Period edged just wanted to. Four foot eight swayze resume to get revised and neither was moody not asking for it. So I decided to Tikrit brown and a place where. I could see myself going face with you know electric and nice. Relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful pastries simple affordable. Friendly staff and place well worn to state to pay someone to come back. The place that was changing your place that was creating the phrase that was. I had a little meaning to me. And since the displays have created and I think that some you know it's that the most important for me the most challenging -- we need to be careful and protect myself from. Otis people that. There way clueless and I want to give advice. Wouldn't bet it's like you read my mind my number one question that I ask people is the worst advice. That they've received from and it sounds like for you go where its advice was not to do it. Exactly is so as to completed a it is OS too hard as a way thanks something challenging. And A we cannot change some things is that there's a way as I push by in his own way is. And us too difficult and you know up he gets me excited that I. What will anyone tell me it's impossible let me try well let me try my way let me show you that we can do it. Sometimes it's painful most of the times painful most of the times hotter than it but you know why did. The right thing to do is often taught us. Thank you so much your I'm blow away. By this conversation I was expecting to be talking mostly about products and they're independent brought so much wisdom and hearty conversation I really appreciate that you figure out hunting me debate you for being here reminds people who are watching right now. Where you're going to be in LA and where people can find you in the digital world as well so that they can find more information. Shows though going to be an NN. Quote it's beautiful edition gonna have a restaurant and bakery. And he can fight us on social me yet. On spectrum and to many council. We'll have a shop in and so on spring street and the shocking it was debates which system against the kitchen thank you so much as soon. To me you know it's best wishes and everything they ever would have a great weekend ahead remember you can find. More content right here on FaceBook we've got angry about the Staten Island that today with Randi Zuckerberg. So check that out we'll post it here as well on FaceBook and I hope to a have a free thinking have been has fallen.

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{"id":49041792,"title":"Cronut creator stops by 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'","duration":"26:19","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis interviews pastry chef extraordinaire Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the croissant doughnut.","url":"/Business/video/cronut-creator-stops-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-summer-49041792","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}