Why InStyle's Laura Brown says 'There's no better time to get into magazines'

InStyle Editor-In-Chief Laura Brown gives a tour of the office and shares what it takes to work at one of the biggest and most successful fashion media brands in the world.
20:09 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Why InStyle's Laura Brown says 'There's no better time to get into magazines'
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Answer things. In the office am quite just ask them. Us. Yours to the door you Haiti and signing up. I am in get and it says sometimes he Danny. Manning. Agassi getting and then. Yes trying to. It's. Here or high. A girl. Yes yes yes yes. I mean important. Right. And should take it easy. And bring it. Up yet and I do they gave. Them. There. Upper. And I actually human. Oh. There. A few weeks. It. Is not much. Much grace and you can't which when we got. He called and you decide. It's time Natalie. Us. And people out there who are trying to get a job it's. News. I. In turn my homeland my own job market and she stuck in my analyst quoted on the east and great write up and wash. My hair. And if his. Well these are the beauties of my early eighties even you piano. He wanted to use your cell us she patenting and. Fantastic. Do you guys know all the best up. He liked I bet you try your hair products. Thanks to its products ethnic and that's that's. That's. Which. And defense you know for the whole of the moon and it's. And I. It's a camera gotten. Yes. I'm Amy get. Home. Ain't so it's well. When indifferent and Vietnam then it's Eagles I would hate people bashing fashion. Ash hey passion that should feel it yet. People who have questions for Lauren let us know because I'm Annie and inherently. Well I think I can't variety critics who lives. Flat on my fiance yeah actually you know I hate is that I think there's nothing. Look Iverson could hear it. Well it's not a lot of the beauty is that he closet. It is it's. For magic unsightly penguins doing that. I don't you know how are yeah. It it can now also. That means is all else and ethnically everything in its files is. Polish area. Carl. Might it. And we keys. Is Mary and Sid. Did he. Here to get Sidney. These days. Fun. Among others really open eyes all of this in a way so when. We're doing stories on to do things that alone only items. Route photograph. It's funny Brown's not. For inside out she's been gone no minutes snacks she unlimited as well. Looking less gee I'm pitch and didn't unpunished. Stick with this and the irony here we have theory specific. And then all of this is mosques and city government could lead. Colossal amount of coverage in the magazine and other online gun. Times story today so it so we didn't we gotta keep this apparent rolling and a sudden movement. Pain do your research. Is one has to suffer yet no I am I think really kind and hear. This but on. It's great it is such. A thing it. I. It. It's for me. And Roger. I'm. That. Oh. And mid day. Now the next three. It's used well I I I wish anybody who needs it. We're very stay that. And happy birthday when he tried to pull your hair and thank you could living here he couldn't get. There. He bags make up acting on treatment. Why. Want. This very this is pretty cool most people do not happen in there and yet united he. All YouTube works for a number and I ports here aerial today yes. All likeness that you any women's magazine and fashion magazine has. And let's unreality of late can employ it in just take something her not. Everybody's pretty. It. You need. To. Calm them. And it's. And we actually be. And yes. It's cool to speak but timing come up. There. You know. While we grow back. In time. You know. Cash closet and passing. Movies don't have this happening right magazine at. I needed the union. Sports I don't know any yeah. It's not hurt me. Stop when he. Okay. Sure it can read news alerts. You voted the united seen them. Which you think that this. It in animals. And I'm Rick. It's as do I need agreed that the army realized. Our question yet clock OK so what's your favorite app. I'm I'm oncology at case. Favorite food. Spaghetti commodore what movie genre which your life are up to skate I'm. 1990. Ron Paul went at which Edward quokka. Well. Is an Australian marsupial that is so cute looks like it's time happen here and and that's always. Perfect Atwater. Q you okay. An hour okay. And I were clocked it. Including. You and you right now because he had on. Smaller issues we're just a mile to my issues and start shooting on September victory yet. Tara is quite surprised. And it's like. My. Yes luxury beauty and light yet. He. Or. Machine we did. We turn. I think him. There are out are you working on. Each issue coming on and advanced to keep them yet. We just to you've been sent huge and costly side with me. Went on sale. Months that we starting shooting. Finishing at one with the issue July I know we have shouldn't some things that an issue. Starting from. That make me so this. That this won't let you. Sounds like it stressful and you me. Why did I content. You have to deal with. It's. And I. It's just a team. And doing where she. What what's the number one thing that you look for people where work here. Having his business entity and some understand their language nine study that you might or just. You can enthusiasm. Ironing enthusiasm and meaning there please. And why they can't create. Cookies what they want. And I can just can tell it there were some. It's moments you know I mean and you don't. Reaffirms. Didn't hear me. Pour. If you getting in the door he may even turn me. That sound. Like this. Yeah enthusiasm is the coolest cats it's an ability. Many Wright as you know. I'm gonna. Yes I think usually that can't hear this I hit media where. Our. Do you wouldn't do I don't mind kept coming in here in borrowing ala devil wears Prada that's not real. We each yeah I didn't cut enough. I'm not admit that yeah and on. His fingers property. The office and here. Writes that she it's like oh OK we will go to our. Yeah okay. Well. Check yeah. There is. Shoes. She or choose good or that we shouldn't war. Every big magazine hook. So. Content. They had. So there and color bits of victory by her side. By. Market is more contemporary kind of market. Yes. Me. Think it. That's perfectly clear change. He your manager and where all honey. That's their that's. Besides. In general she thanked the general idea that you're re yeah there really tell how dare she didn't care. You don't hear him. I'm not somebody. Somebody holder. And a preview into ran into unveiled last. Managed. It took less grand but even though he's going to be she finish she. You're. I. Aren't. I yes. And I. He knows you. It's. Yeah what's the hardest part where it. Well not. And we're back through it. Advises people who are watching right now who want and hope to do this job that you're doing Sunday. Yeah. It's short. America. Yeah. And refuted it by because they think a lot of people are worried about that. When their mind but you really view I was taught that you like me. The camera you're happy. I'm constipation. And moxie. Yes union wasn't Jewish you know. Times news. Necessarily. Due to restraining wanted to. You know he'll RA it is three email. And that's on the line as pitch just. Some go through it at home or in. Britain are. Since two my team. It's and it's just in languages it's. What are they are so it FaceBook and house. I. Young. You. Hand. And I. Our eight. Wrapping up against he backdrop if he were best. Here yes three. Where cannon about eight where ten people listen to learn the white OK no more. And I'm the episode of note it. Truly live it lists people can I have read a post the link here on FaceBook live. If I did apple you can buy it Google sliced or. It might stick treatment easing is basically you can buy I don't garden eaten tiny yes yeah in the guardian. Laurie carries in her pocket of times. Court. Everything nice for joining us Steve Lindsey.

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{"duration":"20:09","description":"InStyle Editor-In-Chief Laura Brown gives a tour of the office and shares what it takes to work at one of the biggest and most successful fashion media brands in the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"46943991","title":"Why InStyle's Laura Brown says 'There's no better time to get into magazines'","url":"/Business/video/editor-chief-instyle-magazine-laura-brown-real-biz-46943991"}