FBI Investigates JPMorgan Chase Hack

Mega-bank is one of five companies breached by hackers with supposed Russian ties.
4:10 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Investigates JPMorgan Chase Hack
-- -- Hello everyone it's Thursday August 28 the markets in New -- are open and our big number today is five doesn't sound -- Let's put it this way that's the number of US banks hit by a massive hack attack. One of them JPMorgan Chase and the FBI is on this case. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York here with the details on this hacking story Yahoo! finance is Jeff -- Jeff what are you hearing about this. -- -- Nothing good it's not just the FBI the Secret Service it's just about every government agency you can mention -- thank -- that would be -- Some reportedly JPMorgan and as many as four other banks have been hacked. By what they think is a Russian malware type -- virus where they went and -- JPMorgan systems. And made poked around now are supposedly the hackers -- access to personal data. In your operation account information -- you have accounts there. They were able to get access thought that they didn't commit any crimes which is actually sort of -- here to me at least in the target Jason flat out stole your stuff and -- -- knew right away in this case. They just gathered information. No one really knows what's what yet and the reason we haven't -- -- -- -- added more exposure -- is because -- its -- actually occurred and so so following other details -- -- JPMorgan says that many layers of security and not to worry about of course were worried because this is terrifying idea. So what are did the banks telling their customers and JPMorgan says -- 15. Again JPMorgan says that you know what it's no problem we haven't seen any issues were where our securities on it basically that's all they can say we know that your personal accounts or are insured by the government up to 250000. For the most part your accounts and your own banks and people should check this at home. Your own banks are going to be covered entirely on a personal basis not necessarily -- small business basis. As a customer the best thing you do is check your accounts on a daily basis just make sure you don't stay in east range type of drops in the dollar amount there. But in terms what the banks are doing well they're trying to buckle up JPMorgan spent some 250 million dollars a year on cyber security. So they certainly are trying to be as safe as -- as delegate Cottam flat footed as an idea that -- my list. It's just a horrifying concept and again. Our enemies in terms of cyber attack are everywhere and it's a real problem -- -- -- -- -- coordinated organized crime. Whether it's an international type of attack we have all kinds of enemies we're not making a lot of friends along the way over the last few weeks. So what does -- tell you though that these -- up agencies the FBI's Secret Service are involved in an investigation like this. It tells me they're worried. It these are put the appropriate agencies with an average Secret Service as if they are in charge -- basically into if you have -- -- type of money and and they're supposed to be involved in this and addition to what -- obvious protection the president but. What it tells me that the government is concerned I'm sure at the highest -- -- -- -- in every other international spy group. Doing its own bidding on this and checking into it. It but it man here did -- the exposure that you have is just analyze every access point into a corporation supposedly this attack originated. From one person JPMorgan's. Laptop. And from the map that -- were able to get the malware and the systems are poking around the point they get somewhat close to the center of JPMorgan. That scary because we all have laptops in it's every corporation work for they're gonna have some point of egress -- and malware virus hacker however -- -- picture these. Cyber criminals lurking about can get access to your data. Yes we're much more mobile society and before you go -- another day of super highs on Wall Street. I'm -- -- -- -- super bored so far we've got we're down about four points on the S&P. Yesterday we -- the lowest volume I've seen in many many years it was so quiet you could hear -- Finish them off with the slightly vulgar analogy that I'm rethinking as a target it was quiet as -- and -- -- and I respect it's going to be quiet for the rest of the week. If backing from Yahoo! fine thanks for joining us. And of course you can keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. You've been watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York.

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{"id":25158999,"title":"FBI Investigates JPMorgan Chase Hack","duration":"4:10","description":"Mega-bank is one of five companies breached by hackers with supposed Russian ties. ","url":"/Business/video/fbi-investigates-jp-morgan-hack-25158999","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}